Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 21st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 21st May 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 21st May 2013 Written Update

Jiji tells the policeman that Addu is their kid. A man(shopkeeper) says he damaged so many things. Jiji says they will pay him. But everyone continues asking for Addu to be taken away. Megha shouts and says she will not allow anyone to take Addu. Police asks Megha to move away. Mohan says why should she move away when she is Addu’s mother. The policeman says many people complained about Addu being a threat. Mohan shows his Awaz India ID card and says he is the EID of Awaz India and that Addu is his son. Renu starts complaining and Megha & Jiji shout at her and asks her not to cross her limits. Renu tries to instigate and encourage the crowd to support her. Mohan asks them to speak up. A man is about to say something when Beera grabs

him and warns him not to act smart.

Mohan tells everyone Addu is their son and he needs their support to recover. Mohan asks them if they want to separate a son from his mother. Megha pleads saying not to Addu from her. Beera asks a lady if her son was in the same condition would she have let someone take her son away. Mohan asks everyone if they still want to separate Addu from his family. Mohan turns to see a boy shaking hands with Addu. No one speaks a word and the policeman says if no one has an issue with Addu then they don’t either. Navi thanks Mohan and says he is the best. Addu watches Navi-Mohan and starts walking towards Mohan. Addu hugs Mohan(Meri adhorri kahani playing in BG) Mohan is shocked and in tears. Megha is happy and Mohan hugs Addu back. Megha & Navi walks to them. They share a group hug. Everyone is happy.

Navi and Aarti are thankful that Mohan-Addu became friends. Navi is happy that no one gave up and has FB of Beera helping them with Addu. Navi says we make mistakes in understanding people. Aarti agrees and gives Beera example. Aarti says she disliked Beera initially but now she realizes she was wrong. Tanu walks in with a bouquet of flowers and Aarti thinks it is for her. Tanu informs them than the flowers are for Beera sent by some girl. Navi wonders who it could be and asks Tanu if he is kidding. Tanu says no a girl became Beera’s fan after watching him play cricket. Beera looks at the flowers. Navi is about to leave when Beera hands her the bouquet and asks her to read what the card says. The card says “you are irresistible”. Beera asks Navi to translate it. Navi translates and walks away. Beera stops her and asks if she is jealous(Ishaqzaade playing in BG) Beera says I know there is something you are hiding. Beera says after all I am “Irrustable”

Anu announces to everyone in the office that because of PT two kids were reunited with their families. Anu announces that to celebrate their achievement a kid has come to celebrate with them. She welcome Addu. Everyone claps for Addu. Mohan tells everyone that they have a lot of hard work to do as they have many lost kids to find. Mohan thanks them for their work because of which he found his son.

Dada and his cronies watch a telecast of Awaz India which says the success of PT lies with the fact that their Editor got his son back. Dada asks where Munna is. Munna is shown watching the news with happiness.

Mohan brings Addu into his room. Addu looks around the room(Abhi mujhe mein kahin playing in the BG) Addu swivels Mohan’s chair and is happy.

RJ is shown looking bored when Megha comes with a game for her and asks if they can play. RJ is overjoyed.

Addu sits in Mohan’s chair and is drawing. Mohan is sitting and working.

RJ is pleased that she has won. But she grabs her Scooby toy and turns away from Megha.

Mohan has a chocolate and Addu looks at him with yearning. Mohan gives him the chocolate. Mohan wants the pen in return but Addu manages to grab the chocolate as well as the pen.

Megha gives chocolate to RJ. RJ is overjoyed and hugs Megha.

Addu shows Mohan the picture he is drawing and Mohan gives him a thumbs up. Addu is not able to open the wrapper. Mohan opens it, takes a piece of chocolate and pops into his mouth Mohan then gives the chocolate to Addu

RJ asks Megha why doesn’t she along with Addu come and stay with them. RJ adds Navi’s name and says even though Navi is rude she will tolerate her for Megha.

Munna calls Mohan and says he is happy to see that Addu is now friends with him. Mohan tells Munna that it is all because of him. Mohan says that his work is not yet over as he still has to find the kidnappers. Mohan asks Munna if he remembers anything about the kidnappers. Meanwhile Addu looks at a pinboard where he notices the picture of a girl. Addu starts to look uncomfortable/unhappy.

Precap: Beera thanking some Sweety on the phone saying the food was excellent. Navi tells Beera that he is hurrying and making a mistake. Beera says in love there are no mistakes. Navi puts on a pair of earrings and Beera looks at her.

Update Credit to: neelimaSJ

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