Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 21st January 2013 Written Episode Update


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 21st January 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 21st January 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Mohan sitting in the train and reminiscing of the past.

Megha screams out Mohan’s name. Mohan asks Megha what the matter is. Megha tells that she can’t find Addu anywhere. Mohan tells her that he left Addu in the waiting room only. Megha tells that Addu isn’t there anymore. Mohan tells that why does the kid not understand. Megha snaps back at Mohan in anger that when will he understand. Mohan is taken aback a bit but tries to pacify Megha by saying that Addu has been playing such tricks the whole day, he will be here somewhere. Mohan remembers that Addu wanted to have a juice. They rush to the juice parlor but the vendor denies seeing Addu there. Mohan and Megha with Nanhi split to find Addu. Mohan searches the whole train and sees a kid wearing brown sweater and muffler. Mohan thinks its Addu but the kid turns out to be someone else. Mohan rushes out the train and Megha looks at Mohan with hope. Mohan is pained to break Megha’s hope as he rushes to other direction. Mohan informs the police at the railway station and requests them to make an announcement for Addu at the railway station. Megha and Nanhi keep searching when Megha suddenly doesn’t find Nanhi nearby for a moment, she screams and Nanhi comes to a frantic Megha who hugs her. Mohan falls down as he continues his frantic search flashbacking to Addu’s words that he will run away and then only Mohan will get a lesson. Mohan, Megha and Nanhi meet at a point. Megha looks disappointed with Mohan. Nanhi walks up to a devastated Mohan and asks him where her brother is, repeatedly with anger in her voice. Mohan tells Nanhi that he will definitely find Addu. Nanhi accuses Mohan of hating Addu and she curses herself that Addu kept on telling her that Spiderman was a bad man but she never believed him and on top of that admonished him. Nanhi accuses Mohan of being the sole reason that her brother is missing as he is a Step-Father.

A tear rolls out of Mohan’s eye as he reminisces the bitter past. Mohan wipes the lone tear out and again reflects upon the past.

Mohan and Megha sit in their room distraught by the day’s event.Two days after Addu went missing, Mohan hasn’t slowed down his efforts of searching Addu. Megha is in depression. Mohan goes with a plate full of food and tries to feed Megha but Megha denies. Mohan requests Megha to eat as she hasn’t eaten for 2 days now. Megha still refuses. Mohan is talking to the police informing that his son has been missing for 2 days. The police sneaks in a rude comment that Mohan is the step-father so that explains the situation. Mohan feels pinched. Megha also hears this and is also hurt. Mohan and Megha sit in their room. Mohan picks up Addu and Nanhi’s picture. Mohan is reminded of Addu of how he asked Mohan to cover up for him and how he blames him of hating him and comparing him with his own father and how Mohan slapped him. Mohan somehow hurts his palm from the uneven surface of the wooden frame. Megha reacts to this and comes and bandages Mohan’s hand. Mohan gets holds of Megha’s hands and gestures that he would never do something like that to Addu. Megha gestures that it has been 2 days and he is responsible. Mohan tells Megha that they can find Addu together. Megha tells that every time she sees him, she reminded of Addu’s face and how Mohan was never meant to be a good father. Mohan replies that he is leaving and will come back only when he has Addu by his side. Megha doesn’t stop him. Mohan leaves with his backpack whilst Megha is crying clutching to her kids photo. Mohan throws a last look towards Megha as he turns back to leave Juna Mohalla.

Mohan is in tears remembering the bitter memories.
Navika calls up Tannu to tell him to pick up Jij-Bua from the station. Tannu tells that he was busy so, Megha went to the station instead. Navika is worried that her mother will be disturbed as it is the same date that Addu was lost in the very same railway station. Megha walks into the station.

Dream Sequence of Mohan and Megha meeting each other without a single soul in the railway station is being shown with ‘Saiyaan’ from Agneepath.

Update Credit to: prachurya

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