Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 21st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 21st February 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 21st February 2013 Written Update

Mohan his stunned to hear Navika’s name. Navi says you have problem with my name, now you;ll say it is a common name. Navi says let me tell you there were 3 Navika’s in my class. Navi asks Mohan if he knows any Navika. Mohan says yes but she was very sweet and sensible not like you. A tear rolls down Navi’s eyes

RJ arrives at school and Guru tells her that he has a surprise for her. Guru gives her a big tiffin and asks her to share the food with everyone in her class. RJ thanks him. Guru tells her to ask whatever she wants from him and her father and not from any stranger.

Megha is writing out a card to RJ. A few girls come and asks RJ is her servant came to leave her instead of your mother. The girls say her mother

doesn’t have time for her and doesn’t take care of her. RJ throws her bag and fights with the girls. RJ shouts and says don’t ever talk anything about my mother. RJ tells Guru that she wants to go home.

Megha hears kids crying. Megha asks them what happened? A teacher tells Megha about the fight. Megha asks where RJ is? The teacher says she went home.

Mohan showing Sharma’s photo to other journalists and says this photo was taken by journalist Navika. He says they have to get all information about him. Anu comes and says needs to borrow his team.

RJ crying and Guru thinks of calling Mohan. The door bell rings and it is Megha. Guru looks through the peephole and gets worried seeing Megha. A maid comes and asks why he is not opening the door? Guru asks the maid to open the door and say that there is no one at home. Guru rushes and grabs all the pictures off the shelf and asks the maid to open the door. Maid opens the door and asks about RJ. Megha says can I come in? Maid lets her in. Megha says she wants to meet Rj’s mother. Maid says she is not at home. Megha says she is leaving. She turns back and says she will wait till RJ’s mother gets home. Megha says she will meet RJ and asks where RJ is.

Anu praising Navika for the sting operation on Dadaji. Mohan watches this.

Megha goes to RJ’s room and the maid tells her that RJ has fever as she was angry. Megha walks up to RJ and puts her hand on a jacket. Megha feels something. Maid tells Megha that the jacket belongs to RJ’s father and she keeps it near when he is away. There is a picture of Mohan and RJ on the wall right behind Megha Megha looks at a baby picture of RJ.

Mohan calls Guru and Guru tells him that he got RJ back as she fought with some girls. Mohan says is she angry? Mohan says she gets fever when she is angry. Mohan asks him to take care of RJ till he gets home. Guru tries to stop him but Mohan puts the phone down.

Megha places the card and a chocolate next to RJ. Megha touches RJ’s forehead and realizes she has fever. She asks the maid to get cold water. Megha applies cold compress to RJ’s head. Guru is watching all this. Guru thinks that RJ has fever and he cannot even go inside. Guru calls up Mohan and says RJ is fine and asks him not to come home. Mohan says he is on his way. Megha tells the maid that the fever is coming down. RJ murmurs “Papu Papu”. Megha asks the maid for medicines. Maid asks her to come with her. Guru rushes into the room and takes down the picture.

Megha and maid come inside the room. Megha asks for RJ’s mothers number so that she can inform about her health. Maid says RJ’s father is her mother. The maid says she doesn’t know anything about RJ’s mother. Megha asks are you hiding something from me? Megha asks her to tell everything clearly. The maid tells Megha that RJ doesn’t have a mother and maybe she hasn’t seen her mother ever. Megha has FB of RJ talking about her mother. Megha is in tears.

Guru is worried when Mohan arrives home. Mohan asks how RJ is?

Precap: Beera is chanting Dadaji’s name. Dadaji’s and his cronies arrive at party office. They show Awaz India sting on Dada. Navi is shown asking people to chose their candidate after thinking. Mohan watches the sting and says “Well done Navika”.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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