Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 20th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 20th May 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 20th May 2013 Written Update

Megha tells Mohan that very soon Addu will start liking you. Mohan says I just want to be friends with him. Megha assures him that they will become friends. Mohan says it has been 12 years since he was lost and now he doesn’t remember anything.

Renu buying vegetables when one lady asks her what happened to her family. Everyone is shown dressed in cricket gear Renu wonders what is happening. Mohan asks her to join in. Renu says to cure a mad person everyone has become mad. Mohan asks her not to say the mad word again or he will become mad.

Navi bowling and Beera batting. Jiji doing commentary and Addu hears it. The games continues. Beera continues hitting Navi for sixes. Navi says Addu bowls well. Beera says I have faced the sister

let the brother come I will face him as well. Addu gets up from his room and looks out.Jiji announces that to everyone and Mohan decides to hide as Addu is coming out. Navi sledges Beera saying she will get him out. Beera keeps playing well and Addu keeps watching. Beera hits the ball and it goes to where Addu is. Beera asks him to pass the ball. Everyone gathers to see what he does. Megha to puts her hand out asking for the ball. Addu disappears and everyone is disappointed thinking he is not going to come out.

Beera hits the ball and it lands at Vyas house door near Addu’s feat (Lakh duniya kahe playing in BG) Addu picks up the ball and starts bouncing it and is very happy. Jiji introduces him as themost special player of their team Aditya Bhatnagar. Megha puts her hand out to Addu and he puts his hand in her hand. Everyone cheers for him. Mohan is watching all this from behind the car.

Megha puts a cap on Addu’s head and everyone claps for him. Jiji announces that Addu is going to bowl now as he is Kapil Dev of Juna Mohalla. Megha asks him to take wickets and Navi asks him to take Beera’s wicket in the first ball itself. Addu is about to ball when the ball falls backwards and hits Renu. Renu gets mad and asks why Addu is after him. Renu takes the ball and refuses to return it. Tanu manages to get the ball back and hands it over to Addu again. Addu bowls and Beera gets bowled. Beera praises Addu and Navi silently thanks him for getting out on prupose. Megha hugs Addu. Aarti comes and tells MEgha that they should play together. Megha is about to leave when Addu stops her and says “Na”. Megha says she will be in his team.

Navi is batting and Addu bowls to her. Navi hits the ball and goes up in the air and Mohan catches it. Addu is overjoyed. Suddenly Addu realizes that it is Mohan. Mohan throws the ball at Addu who doesn’t take it. Addu picks out a stump and charges towards Mohan. Everyone runs after him trying to stop him.Beera manages to the stump out of his hand. Everyone tries to calm him. Addu starts throwing stuff at Mohan. A lady in the street calls police and says there is a mad person in our street. Renu grabs the phone and tells them that there is a mad person in our street trying to kill people and asks them to come soon. Everyone around starts shouting when Mohan shouts back at them saying if they can’t see that Addu is scared.

Suddenly police arrives with an ambulance from a mental instituiton. Everyone is surprised to see them. Renu tells the Police that she had called them and asks them to take Addu away along with Mohan. Jiji shouts at Renu who in turns asks Jiji keep silent. Renu says enough of drama in the house before he kills someone and so that we can be at peace. Everyone in the street asks the police to take Addu away.

Precap: Mohan is telling everyone in the street that Addu needs his family to recover and you want him to be taken away? Mohan tells them that Police is standing there to take Addu away so will you let them take him away. Suddenly Addu runs to Mohan and hugs him. Mohan is shocked and a tear rolls down his eye. Megha is happy.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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