Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 20th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with navika talking to Mohan on phone. Mohan says her to face the people who found her with confidence
and asks her to answer their questions calmly. They ask her what she is doing in Daddaji’s room. Mohan prompts her to
tell them that she was sending an email to tommy. Navi does so. He tells her to come out. Mohan asks her to ask the guys that are u doubting me?
Navi does so.She confronts one of them and says you doubt me? HE does not answer. Mohan tells her to go a bit near and ask
him the same question again. He looks down. Mohan says if he is looking down that means he is thinking.
Meanwhile Beera nd Ragini come and start asking Navi about her whereabouts. Mohan says her to answer

confidently looking into his eyes
that she was sending an email. She further adds that no one had barred me from using that machine moreover it didi not have
daddaji’s initials how was I supposed to know? And i wanted to send an important mail. It is regarding the telecast schedule of
Daddaji’s documentary. Two minutes delay would also be problem. Beera stares at her.
One of daddaji’s supporter says she has hidden something in her bag. Check her bag. Mohan tells her to
herself give hm the bag. She hanfs him the bag and says I think you should check it. Even Ragini says you should
check. Nanhi further adds that self respect is the most important I dont want you to feel that I have stolen something.
NAnhi is on the verge of crying and Beera stares at her. HE tells her to give her hand. NAnhi fives and he places the bag on her shoulder.
He says I have trusted you and I won’t check your bag. Mohan says her to leave from their immediately and cuts off the call.
Beera says now everyone go and sleep. NAnhi says I have to leave immediately. everyone shocked. Nanhi says my boss wants only me to work on the documentary.
So I have to go. One guy says smirking so now you want to leave early also … Beera is enraged and he slaps that guy hard and
asks him to go and check whether the doors are locked. Ragini also tries to tel sumthing .. Beera tells her off too and asks her to sleep.
HE tells her that I will drop you. Nanhi says it is not needed. I can go by a bus. He says who brought
you here then only I will tke you to Indore. nanhi satres at Beera all the time probably thinking about his blind trust on her that she is going to break.
Both of them leave on bike. Beera reminds her of her promise to meet at 7pm in that place. She sys yes. They are going and suddenly his bike fails.A bus comes
and Nanhi stops thet bus and gets in. Beera says her a bye. Beera thinks to himself about his bike that I trusted you and you gave up on me. HE
lights a matchstick and burns his bike away. Nanhi sees it and stares at beera.
Its morning and megha , Nanhi in the kitchen ,MEgha is making breakfast and she gives it to Navi. Nanhi gives a bite to megha. Nanhi asks megha that if a person
is unknowingly invoved in a wrong thing than is he equally responsible? Megha says the person does not know he is supporting
a wrong thing but does that anyway reduce the repercursion of the wrong deed. No, she says he is equally at mistake. Jiji comes and says she has not eaten
anything. Nnahi hugs her mum and says i missed you. MEgha says I am just worried about you.

Navika reaches office, She is discussing her sting with Anu when Mohan storms inside. HE yells at her what do you think you were trying to prove. You did not
think of your family not of anything and just walked off. Navika ssays I wanted to prove myself. That is what urged me to go there and stay till I completed my work. Now
dont take the credit of keeping me safe and getting me back to Indore safely. MOjan says what are u playing at? Now are you going to put that balame on me. NAvi
says I was just doing my job trying to prove myself. Mohan sys what are you expecting that people say slogans about you ..
that you are such a great reporter … Ms .. He stutters and asks her name.. Nanhi says Navika with a very straight face … he says yeah .. u want people to say that Ms. Navi .. and he
freezes looking at nanhi … Navika has a straight face.Episode ends.

PRECAP: Rimjhim is crying. Mohan calls up guru and says rim is goint to catch fever. whenever she cries a lot she gets fever.
PLease take care. for Rimjhim. Guru is petrified

Update Credit to: Susheta

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