Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 1st May 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 1st May 2013 Written Update

Navi has various FB’s of Beera and is confused on what to think about him. Megha comes there and asks her if she is ok. Navi says the same old fight between heart and mind. Megha assures her that whatever decision she takes would be correct.

Beera steps out of Vyas house and is walking through Juna Mohalla. Navi comes and stops him. Beera is happy and sends a silent prayer heavenwards. Navi comes and stops him(Titanic pose) She doesn’t allow him to walk past. Navi says she won’t let him go from her house. Beera asks why she is so kind to him ? Beera walks towards Navi and grabs his bag back. Beera asks her if all her doubts are cleared and asks her to accept that she was wrong. Beera says you must have confessed to yourself now confess

to me that your character certificate of me was wrong. Navi says she is a journalist and works by instinct. She says she values him for whatever he has done in respect of Addu. Beera asks Navi if she is in love with him. Navi tells him that the door is open and asks him to come back.

TA romancing and happy that they got a room for themselves. Renu comes in and TA are surprised to see Beera. Renu asks TA to vacate the room and get back to the old room. Renu tells them that she won’t let Beera go anywhere. Beera says he had decided to leave but someone close to me stopped me. Renu says now we won’t let you go and Beera says he won’t leave.

Megha in her room wonders if she should call Mohan. She is about to call,decides otherwise and cuts the call. She calls him anyway. Mohan is working on his laptop and picks up the call. Megha asks him if he wanted to say something. Mohan says no. Megha says I felt you wanted to say something that’s why I called. Mohan says ok and they cut the call. Mohan calls Megha. Mohan asks if she wanted to say something. Megha says no. Both are amused. Mohan wonders why they are behaving like children. Mohan asks her if she is busy. Megha says she is done with all her work. Mohan says I done with the biggest task which is to put RJ to sleep . Mohan says she looks very cute sleeping. Megha says all kids look cute while sleeping and some adults too. Mohan says really and asks her what else she feels. Megha says she feels he ought to sleep soon. Both say bye and put the phone down.

Next day morning Renu opens the main door and is hit by the newspaper. She hurls abuses the newspaper guy and Beera comes there and asks if he she should take the newspaper guy to task. Renu asks him to live peacefully and to read the newspaper. Navi comes there and tries to snatch the newspaper from Beera. Both try to pull and Navi falls on Beera(aasman tu mera playing BG) Suddenly Megha calls Navi. Beera says as a tenant he too has some rights. Renu comes and asks Navi to let Beera be. Megha serves tea and Beera praises the tea. Navi asks if he is done with the paper and they argue again. Megha grabs the paper and says I will read it. Megha reads the newspaper and is pleased to see a missing ad on Addu. Megha leaves. Navi too reads the ad and realizes that Mohan put the add. Beera comes slurping and saying what an excellent ad to post. Navi praises Spiderman and Beera says he is the same.

Megha is shown leaving somewhere and everyone wonders where she has gone. Jiji says she must have gone to the school. Renu says I am sure she has gone to meet Mohan. Jiji says even if she has gone to meet Mohan then what is wrong after all he is her husband. Jiji asks Renu to be happy.

Mohan and RJ waiting outside teacher’s classroom. Mohan is really nervous. Teacher gives Mohan RJ’s report card. RJ has passed in all subjects. Mohan is unhappy about her marks in Science. Rj says I am after all your daughter. Rj asks how much he scored in Science. Mohan refuses to divulge. Megha comes there and RJ insists in knowing Mohan’s marks and says he must have been a topper. Mohan says I was top but from bottom as he only scored 49% Mohan asks her not to slack in her studies. Megha says every parent want their kid to excel and do well. RJ promises that she will do well.

The teachers tells Mohan that she wants to talk to him about RJ’s studies as there is a big concern. Megha says she has seen RJ’s reports and says she will make sure that she gets RJ’s maths and science on track during vacations. The teacher is pleased and leaves. RJ and Mohan thank Megha. RJ asks Megha if she can thank DT on behalf of him. Mohan agrees. RJ says thanks. Mohan asks RJ to thank Megha once again. RJ does that. Megha says I ought to thank him for fulfilling all his responsibilities so well. RJ says she has to leave as her friend is waiting for her. RJ kisses Megha and asks Mohan if she ought to do it on behalf of him as well. MM are shocked. RJ leaves. Mohan says he did what he did because of responsibility but because of love. Megha says what she did is also out of love.

Precap: Munna is talking to someone on the phone who tells him that a person got fits. Munna in some hospital like place and nurse tells him that the boy(the same boy from earlier episodes) was reading newspaper as normal and he got fits. Munna goes into a room and their is boy who is shouting and hurling things around. Munna tries to bring him under control. Ragini is shown listening and watching everything.


Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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