Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 1st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 1st February 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 1st February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Mohan and Navika facing each other, Mohan is somewhat surprised and with attitude tells Navika that he never thought that they will meet so soon and it hasn’t been that long that he would not recognize, nanhi getting FB of her childhood with spiderman. She gets nervous and then at the very moment mohan says that you are the same person who did sting operation with pardafaash channel. The next scene shows Megha and Rimjhim where megha is holding Rim’s ghungroo and she is tring to snatch them from her. Megha tells her that these are to be respected and not played like the way Rim way doing. Rim says that her Papu din’t tell her anything like that and she’ll do what he tells her to do to which megha says that it seems your father has not told you many things. At the AI office Mohan tells Navi that that day you were not in a mood to apologize and today he is not in a mood to forgive. Navi says that so it was you who on phone with Patel and its no wonder that you behaved in that manner…. Mohan is agitated with her response and says that how can she generalize people like that to which Navi retorts that why did that report disturbed him so much, was it due to some personal guilt and Mohan blasts at Navika and tells her to get out of his office at that very moment Anu enters the cabin and tries to introduce Navi and tells her to apologise to Mohan but she says that she will not do so and gets out of the office and Mohan tells Anu that he does not want this girl to be in his team! At school Rim tells Megha that her Papu knows everything and can teach her everything too. And snatches her ghungroo from Megha and runs off.
At the office Mohan tells Anu that it was because of him that this girl lost her job at pardafaash and Anu tells him that ironically it is because of him that she got a job here in Awaaz India. She then narrates the time when Navi came begging for job to Anu and Mohan who was on phone with her at that time told her to hire this girl. She tells him that there is some kind of Karmic connection between the two and Mohan says its all nonsense.
Navi is at her desk and she is thinking about the whole thing and then she calls Megha and asks her what is happening at her end and she tells they are preparing for puja as it is her first class and then she tells Nanhi to give her some courage as it is her first day! At that very moment Mohan comes near Navi’s desk to ask for a list and Navika covers her phone. Megha asks what is happening and she says that there is lot of noise here. Then after lot of contemplation she asks Megha can she leave her job as she is not happy there to which Megha supports her and says that if she is not finding thing good then she should leave as she has already got a job.
Navika thinking about Renu while typing her resignation letter. Mohan comes out and asks Anu that everything should be perfect and on time. Navika finishes her letter and is about to write her name at the end but is called by Anu at that very moment. Mohan comes out and again asks for the list and starts using Navi’s computer to do his work but some how misses Megha’s pic in her computer which is there as a screen saver. Anu tells Navi to groom herself and then again asks her to apologise but she refuses and then Anu tells her that she can learn a lot from Mohan as he is one of the best and very experienced journalist. Moreover it was her mistake because of which Mohan lost his lead for the story. Navika tells Anupama that she cannot continue with the job to which Anu tells her to continue with her job as she needs it and if for nobody else, she should continue for her mother to which Navi wants to say something but stops.
Mohan at Navi’s desk sees her phone ringing, Megha is calling her. Soon Megha’s students come so she disconnects the phone and calls her students in. Mohan spots Navika’s resignation.
Megha tells her students that they will start with worshipping the ghungroo. Rimjhim come running to the dance class and asks whether it is Kathak classes and Megha says that it is and she is her new teacher. Megha asks Rim to come inside the class and then she tells about the ghungroo and how they are sacred for them and asks her students to tie them. They start dancing and Rim falls down and everybody laughs at her. Megha sternly tells everybody to stop and she starts teaching Rim, she again falls and students again make fun of her and Rim runs away from the class and Megha scolds other students and tells them that they should not make fun of others like that.
Navi comes back at her desk to find a printout of her letter signed by Mohan and she gets angry but says he has made her job easy and signs the letter and is about to leave that suddenly there is an announcement in the office and lights are dimmed. The AV report of missing people starts playing on the TV in the office and at the very same time Renu switches on the TV at home and Jiji too is watching AI. Megha is sitting in school cafeteria and watching Awaaz India. On the AI channel relatives of missing children share their experiences and so does the police. Anu’s voice in background says that what system has failed to deliver, Awaaz India would do and find the missing people from MP. Pictures of missing children flash on Tv with the last one being that of Addu and Anu’s voice in background says that it is Awaaz India’s project “Talaash” that will unite the missing children with their dear ones. Mohan, Megha, Jiji and Navika all are shown crying

Precap- BG voice says that would nanhi’s 12 years of hatred be dissolved with Mohan’s effort, would he be able to find Addu and in his search would he be able to meet Megha. Will the distance between all of them be lessened or will it increase with time….to know keep watching NBTNMKK at 9:30pm

Update Credit to: sakhisangni

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