Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 19th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 19th July 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 19th July 2013 Written Update

Megha, Navi and Addu have a happy reunion. Navi brings Mohan in and says now the family is complete. Mohan asks her if she has already forgotten her husband. Mohan calls Beera and says now the family si complete. Megha says it is still not complete as their is another kid who has to be united with her father.

RJ refuses to drink the glass of milk Guru gives her. Addu, Navi and Beera come there. Addu apologizes to Guru. Beera tells Addu that it is easy to break someone’s heart but to win back their heart is tough. Navi tells RJ that someone special has come to meet her. RJ says this is Addu Bhaiya.

Mohan pacing around Vyas house in worry.

Addu asks RJ how she is. RJ turns away. Addu says your mood is off because your

Papu is not your real Papu. Addu says adoptive father, step father are all tags. RJ says she is mad because all the stories her father told her about her mother were wrong. Addu says your father did it because he never wanted you to know that he is not real father as you were too young.

Mohan is worried and Megha asks her if he worried. Megha asks him not to worry as he is a magician and can set anything right.

Addu asks RJ is she loves her father. RJ says yes. Addu says your father must have been waiting for you to grow up to reveal everything to you. Addu says there is another information that she will be told but before that she would have to drink milkshake.

Guru comes and tells Mohan that Addu is talking to RJ. Guru says he hopes everything is set right soon.

Navi show’s MM’s wedding picture and tells RJ that her father and her Spiderman are the same person. RJ is taken aback. Addu tells RJ that she is grown up now so she would understand.

Jiji asks MM not to worry and to come inside.

RJ says it means Papu and DT are already married which means Addu is my brother, Navi says I am your sister and RJ says Beera is my Jiju. Navi brings a dress and asks Rj if she was going to wear that for her husbands wedding. RJ takes the dress and goes out shouting Mohan’s name. Navi is about to leave when Addu stops her. Addu says one relation has been set right and now it is time for another one to be set right. Addu says because of me there are misunderstandings between you. Addu tells Navi everything about Dada’s condition to freed Mohan.

Mohan is still pacing in the house when RJ comes and hugs. Mohan asks her if she is still mad. RJ says she should be even more mad. RJ says you both got married and no one told me. RJ says I made so many plans and even got a dress. Mohan apologizes and says this was the last lie. RJ forgives him and says she will never be angry at him again. RJ calls Megha, Ma. RJ talks to Mohan about their (MM’s) wedding. Mohan asks her to let it be. Addu comes there and asks Megah if their lives can be as happy as before. Megha says it would be happier than before. Megha says they are not happier than before.

Beera tells Navi that now she knows everything he should apologize to her. Navi says it is her mistake as she used to say a lot of big things. Navi says when he talked about leaving her she changed her mind easily. Beera says it was not her fault as he was responsible for everything. Navi says she wasn’t there for him when he needed her. Navi says now no problems no misunderstanding can part them.

Aarti praising Renu saying even if she leaves Renu can manage everything in the kitchen. Renu stops her and asks her to get to work and to make sure the tempering smell should come out as well. Tanu arrives with sweets and Aarti asks him to temper the lentils. Tanu tries to escape by saying that the lentils tempered by her taste better. Aarti tells Tanu something and Tanu is excited.

RJ and Mohan continue bantering. Navi comes there with Ragini. Megha is happy to see her. Navi says now Ragini will keep coming here. Megha says of course as she is your SIL. Navi says not just that, once Addu is settled Ragini and Addu can be married. Everyone is surprised and agrees. Tanu comes with sweets and says it is because of a good news. Tanu says someone new is coming to our house. Renu thinks Tanu has decided to dump Aarti. Renu says this time she will find an awesome girl for her son. Tanu says he is going to become a father. Everyone is happy and RJ says they should go for a picnic. Jiji agrees as everyone would be together. Addu and Mohan look at each other.

Mohan and Addy talking to each other. Addu asks Mohan if he is happy. Mohan says if his mother is happy then he is happy. Mohan asks him to look at his mother’s happiness and says he has never seen her so happy in 12 years. Mohan tells him that it is because of him (Addu). Addu reminds Mohan about the promise he made. Addu tells him that he has not pay the price they had set on Megha’s happiness. Addu says he would have to now fulfill his word.

Precap: Voiceover says this family has just started coming together and it had seemed that all relations are now together but…Addu reminds Mohan of his promise. Mohan says he remember his condition and he will fulfill it soon.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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