Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 19th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 19th February 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 19th February 2013 Written Update

Megha notices RJ and praises her tiffin box. RJ returns the tiffin to Megha and says my Mom is the best and whatever she makes is the best for me. Megha says I wanted to make you happy as your mother is busy. RJ says my mom is not busy, she has time for me. RJ says I used to like bringing small tiffin. RJ says if my mom comes to know she won’t like it. RJ leave. Guru (who is watching all this)cries and apologizes to Megha in his mind for making RJ say all that to keep Mohan away from her.

Beera and Navi talking. Beera says after your documentary Dadaji will get MLA ticket and I will get praised. Beera says when we meet in Rabri center I will give you a surprise. He extracts a promise from her for the same. Navi asks Beera

to allow Tommy to take pictures of the haveli as he needs to go back to Indore to telecast the documentary. Beera agrees.

Dadaji talking to Sharmaji. He tells Sharma that soon he would get a MLA ticket and to maintain a clean image they need to disperse all the money in from their various accounts. Dada says the computer has details of all his illegal deeds and that it needs to be transfered to some safe place. . Sharma says that he will do it the next day. Dada tells Sharma that it is his responsibility to make sure no one comes inside the room till then.

Navi and Ragini preparing to sleep. Navi asks Ragini where Beera is and Ragini tells her that they are making preparations as Dada will get MLA ticket the following day

Item number going on outside. Navi leaves her room. Beera dancing with some girl on Challa. Beera imagines dancing with Navi.

Navi watches everyone including Dada drinking and dancing with guns in their hands.. She records all that in the camcorder.

Ragini i wakes up to find Navi missing.

Megha sleeping in her room dreams about Navi running around someplace and shouting out “Mummy”. Megha wakes up with tears in her eyes.

Navi in Dadaji’s room accessing his computer. The computer asks for a password. Navi gets a call from Megha asking her to come back. Navi says she is fine and will come after her work is done. Megha asks her to return or she will call her boss. Navi is worried and asks Megha not to take tension. Megha says if something happens to you will he (editor) come to help you? Navi asks her to tie a knot for her. Navi disconnects the call. Megha is still worried.

Mohan is restless having FB of Anu telling him to not have challenged Navi if was worried for her safety. RJ asks him if he is stressed and asks him to share his problems with her? Mohan says he doesn’t understand women. He says why do women have to do whatever they feel like and not listen to others? RJ says I don’t know the answer to it and instead of moping you should do something about it.

Navi in Dada’s room trying different passwords. She hears Ragini calling out to her.

Ragini tells Beera that Navi is missing from her room. Beera asks her to check the bathroom. Ragini says I always knew she is a fraud. Beera and his friends start looking for Navi.

Navi finally manages to crack the password (Tilakdhari). She copies all the data onto a CD. Everyone still looking for Navi. Suddenly Navi’s phone starts ringing and the goons hear it. It is Mohan who has called Navi and asks her to get out of there. Navi asks him not to worry about her. Mohan says it is a very dangerous place and to get out of there. Navi hears people and says someone is coming. Mohan is worried. Suddenly the goons come in and look at Navi sitting in front of the computer. Navi gets up from the chair.

Precap: Ragini asks what Navi was doing in Dada’s room? The goons ask Beera to ask Navi what she hid in her bag. Ragini agrees with them and asks Beera to check. Navi hands her handbag to Beera.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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