Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 18th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 18th July 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 18th July 2013 Written Update

Mohan tells Megha that she is right, Addu did commit a lot of mistakes. Mohan says he only has one thing to say, he says he has always felt that he(Addu) left because of me, got kidnapped because of me and the guilt doesn’t go no matter what. Mohan says Addu never got a fair chance. Mohan asks her to give Addu a chance, if not for anything then for him. An emotional Addu comes into the room with Navi and looks at Megha with tears in his eyes. Addu kneels in front of Megha and holds her hand but Megha pulls her hand away. Addu puts his head on Megha’s lap and Megha is about to put her hand on his head but stops herself. Addu says he knows he made a lot of mistakes and even became Munna. Addu says had he not done that then he wouldn’t

have been able to stand in front of her. Addu says I was a little boy for whom his family was everything and then suddenly I put in a different situation and circumstance. Addu says he had to face a lot of hardships to survive he had to steal food to survive. Megha asks Addu if that is why he does the same to other kids. Megha says by kidnapping kids he has created many more Addu’s. Navi tries to tell Megha that Addu did make mistakes but he is apologizing. Navi tells Megha that he is their Addu. Addu says sorry to Megha. Megha asks Addu if he wants her pardon and if he has it in him to repent. Megha asks him if he has the guts. Megha gets up to leave but Addu holds the end of her saree. Addu says he agrees. Addu says he will repent for his mistakes and wait for her pardon. Addu says he will only return when all this sins are washed away and when she is proud to call him her son. Addu walks away and Mohan follows him.

Addu is leaving the house when Mohan stops him. Mohan says he is proud of him for what he said inside. Mohan asks him where would he go and what would he do. Addu says he doesn’t know. Mohan says it will take time for him to get onto the right path and till the time Megha accept him he will help him. Mohan says wherever you go, whatever you do… Mohan asks Addu if he trusts him. Mohan holds his hand out and Addu takes is.

Mohan and Addu at the police station. Mohan talks to the top cop about the kidnapping racket. Mohan tells the cop that now an important part of the kidnapping racket would help them. Mohan introduces Addu and tells the cop that he was kidnapped and was involved with them. Mohan asks the cops to be kind to Addu while filing a charge sheet. The cop agrees.

Navi reporting on behalf of Awaz India telling the viewers how because of Aditya Vyas 4 factories of Dada has been raided and a few men have been arrested. Beera reports from the place where cops busted the kidnappers. Mohan is interviewed by Navi.

RJ and Megha are watching TV and Megha points out Mohan to RJ. But RJ is not ready to watch it. Megha tells RJ that her father is doing a good thing by uniting little kids with their parents. RJ says one day her real parents will come and take her away. RJ says how will she be able to live without them. Megha says she will not allow anyone to take her away. RJ says she is scared. Megha hugs her and thinks that all this is happening because of Addu and how can she forgive him.

Navi continues reporting and calls Addu(addressing him as the hero of the operation) to the camera. Navi hands the mike to him. Addu says he is not a hero but he is ashamed that he was apart of that gang. Addu says he kidnapped so many kids and that has done so many wrong things. Addu says he got inspiration to the right things from his mother. Addu says he got his strength from his mother Megha Bhatnagar. Addu says “MOm if you are watching this then please forgive me”. Megha and RJ watching this. RJ is excited to know the real Addu. RJ asks Megha why she is unhappy. Meghs says no mother likes it when her child does something wrong. RJ tells Megha that she should be happy that Addu is now doing the right things by working with Mohan.

A lot of kids are reunited with their parents. Beera tells Mohan that the police has filed charge sheet against Dada. Mohan tells Addu that it is now up to him. Mohan asks him to stand as a strong witness. Megha comes there and watches a mother thank Addu for helping her find her son.

Megha walks into the room and looks at Addu with tears. Megha says she saw how all of them united so many kids with their families. Megha says they will get a lot of blessings. Addu tells Megha that at least some of my sins have been washed right? Addu says he knows he has made a lot of mistakes but asks her to forgive him. Megha hugs Addu and cries.

Precap: Navi, Megha, Mohan and Addu standing together and Navi says now the family is complete. Mohan asks her if she has forgotten her husband. Mohan brings Beera and says now the family is complete. Megha says there is another kid(referring to RJ) in this family. Megha tells Addu that he would have to unite her with her father.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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