Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 18th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 18th January 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 18th January 2013 Written Update

Rimjhim Asks Mohan about Addu’s pic and Mohan rmbers abt how Addu had told him that he doesn’t want him around so he shall leave and how he had searched for him at the station.

-Mohan dodges and say he is my friends son and asks Rimjhim to go and check her gift and Guru asks Mohan as to why he chose to celebrate Rimjhims Bday on this date and that one fine day he shall have to tell the truth and Mohan is like i lostt my everything on this very date and day and Guru asks him to move on and so many years have passed since and no one has inquired abt him and Mohan says cannot forget whatever happened cause I am responsible for it

-Megs and Nanhi also rmber the day and its events and Megs also rmbers Nanhi’s harsh words to Mohan

-Mohan is all like its my fault that Addu isnt with us today and goes on to say how he cudnt be a father to Addu and Nanhi and there Megha gets and takes out a box and and Addu’s bat and rmbers Addu kissing it and wails and Nanhi comes and hugs her

In Bhopal Mohan is crying and Rimjhim comes and asks if he wants a gift. Mohan says he will get everything except a kathak teacher. Rimz aka Rimjhim crosses her fingers and says we’ll get that too. Mohan has FB of Nanhi doing the same.

Mohan at an orphanage and the lady there praising him for doing so much on this day every year. She asks if it is a special day. In Indore Megha and Nanhi doing pooja for Addu.Mohan plays football with kids and he asks a boy to pass the ball. When the boy turns around Mohan sees Addu and is lost in thoughts.In Khajrana mandir Megha and Nanhi talk about Nanhi’s new job.

In Bhopal Mohan asks for the day’s paper. Guru has a FB of tearing an article out of the paper. Mohan gets a call from Anu and he refuses the job. Mohan says no matter what happens he will not come back to Indore.

Guru gets the newspaper for Mohan. Mohan suddenly hears Spiderman and he’s lost in Nanhi’s memories. It is Rimz who comes asking for her Spiderman toy. Guru tries to signal to her to keep quiet. Mohan asks him for it.

Mohan notices that an article has been cut from the newspaper. Guru returns the toy to Rimz and Rimz asks why her Spiderman is so sad. Mohan asks Guru what was there in the newspaper that he tore it. Guru says he dropped something on Rimzs clothes and this newspaper was the closest thing arnd so he used t clean the stuff. Mohan asks Guru as to what he is hiding and searches the bin , so guru hands him the article abt the missing boy raghu who got lost at Indore rlway station but was found years later and asks Mohan to not chase old problems but Mohan leaves

=Anu asks nanhi to cover the same Raghu story and to get her and interview of the guy and his family

-Mohan on train to Indore despite Guru trying to stop him and he rmbers what happened with Addu that day on the train and how Addu had asked him for juice and said his mother wud get him that when Mohan refuses

Mohan says he is not his enemy and askss Addu not to move. Addu says on the pretext of going for holiday you are taking me to hostel. Mohan is shocked n tells Addu that the hostel idea is of his principal and says we are going on a holiday. Mohan says he has lived in a hostel and thus knows how it is. He says whatever happened to me I will never let that happen to you.

Mohan wonders why Addu hates him so much. Addu shouts at him and Mohan comes running. Mohan shouts at him and Addu says why are you so rude to me all the time. Addu says you want me to leave right, I will leave. Mohan says where will you go? Addu says he will go somewhere where no one can find him. Mohan says try it and I will find you anywhere. Meanwhile Mohan gets a call and he goes and Addu suddenly shouts Spiderman and Mohan thinks Addu is pulling a fast one on him.

-Megha and Nanhi come arrive and Mohan asks Nanhi if she too thinks he doesn’t love Addu. Nanhi has FB of Addu telling her that Mohan hates them, Mohan slapping Addu. Mohan tells her that he just scolded Addu coz he was threatening to leave. Megha comes and says Addu is not inside.

Precap: Mohan, Megha and Nanhi searching for Addu. Mohan tells Nanhi to not worry as he will find Addu soon. Nanhi says you hate Addu and starts hitting him

Update Credit to: RD

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