Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 17th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 17th May 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 17th May 2013 Written Update

Scene starts with all the ladies harassing Addu by asking him questions. Addu loses it and starts throwing the handbags everywhere. Megha , Navi and Aarti try to bring him under control. Addu starts crying and Megha wipes his tears. They make him sit down and try to pacify him. Renu starts shouting and asks Megha to keep Addu locked in a room. Megha shouts at Renu who says Addu is this way from the start and why can’t she understand this. Navi tells Megha how everyone was questioning Addu and troubling him. Megha asks everyone not to ask anything to Addu and not to trouble him as the next time she would be the one answering. Navi turns around to see that Addu no longer there. Megha and Navi wonder where Addu must be. Navi and Megha start searching

for him in the house. They hear the man door opening and realize Addu must have left the house. Both start walking through Juna mohalla asking people if they have seen Addu. Beera also starts searching for Addu but is unable to find him.

Mohan addressing his team thanking them for their help. He tells them how 2 kids were found and returned to their respective families. Mohan says their next step would be to bust the kidnapping gang. Guru and RJ arrive their. Guru tells Mohan that whenever he finds those people their punishment should be harsh. RJ asks Mohan what her surprise was. Mohan gives RJ two tickets for an animated movie and tells RJ that DT’s house is nearby. RJ says DT must be busy with her Son so she doesn’t want to disturb her. Mohan tells her that her DT had called him after she left. Mohan tells RJ to give some time to Megha as Addu hasj ust been found.

Mohan gets a call from Megha who tells him that Addu has gone missing. Megha tells Mohan that she dosn’t want to lose Addu again. Mohan says he would come over right away.

Jiji, Megha, Nanhi, Beera continue looking for Addu everywhere. Tanu tells Megha that Addu couldn’t be found anywhere.

Jiji wondering where Addu could have gone.Renu says who will take Addu anyway. Mohan comes there. Megha arrives and says Addu could not be found. Renu taunts Megha says Addu is not a Prince. Jiji asks her to shut up. Tanu informs them that the police won’t file a missing person’s report. Mohan asks Megha to check the bedroom and he will check the terrace. Mohan has a FB of Addu hiding under the bed when he was scared. Mohan asks Megha to look under every bed. Megha finds Addu under a bed sitting and coloring

Jiji comes into the room and asks Megha what she is doing there and tells her that she has looked in the room. Jiji looks under the bed and is pleased to see ADdu. She tells everyone that has been found.

Megha calls out to Addu who pretends to sleep Megha sleeps on the floor and says if you go away even for a minute my heart stops beating. Megha tells Addu that I know you are not sleeping and asks him to come out. Addu turns and continues pretending. Megha asks him to stop playing such games and to come out like a good boy. Addu continues pretending. MEgha to pretends to sleep. Addu opens his eye and looks at MEgha. He gives her a big smile. Megha tells him how everyone was worried for him and asks him never to go away and leave them. Megha asks him to come out but Addu does not comes out. Megha gets up to leave when Addu starts using a crayon/color pencil on her slipper. Megha gives Addu her hand and brings him out. Everyone comes into the room. Addu wipes Megha’s tears. He rotates his closed fist, kisses it and opens it. HE touches Megha’s cheek and then touches his cheek. Megha smiles at him. Megha asks him to think of her at least as a friend. MEgha says if you get lost again I wont search for you. She asks him not to play such games. Addu holds his ears. Megha says you have made a mistake you will get punishment also. She asks him to call her Ma.

Megha asks Addu to call her Ma just once. She tries to make him say it. Addu manages to says “Amma” and everyone is happy. Megha hugs Addu and he calls her Amma again. Mohan tells Navi that MRs. Bhatnagar is great and that love is stong but her love has unusually strong. Mohan is about to leave when Megha notices him. Mohan smiles and leaves and Megha is sad.

Precap: Everyone playing cricket. Mohan catches the ball and Addu loses control yet again and charges at Mohan with a stick. Everyone stops him. Suddenly an ambulance from a mental hospital arrives. A man tells them that they are here to take the patient away. Renu asks them to take Addu away Police is there as well. The people try to move towards Addu but Mohan stands in the way.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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