Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 17th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 17th January 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 17th January 2013 Written Update

The episode starts of with nanhi looking at megha (whose in her room )and complaining to jiji regarding the fights in the house due to money, and talking about mohan(where she calls him a disgusting man). Jiji consoles her and tells her to take care of her work, and nanhi realizes that she had an job interview today and rushes for it, and jiji smiles seeing her run away.
Megha then tells jiji that she’s going to look for a place to take her kathak classes, jij wishes her all the best. As megha leaves, jiji says that the person whom these 2 pple hate the most, loves them a lot ( sirf jiji hi mohan ko samajthi hai)

Mohan is shown congratulating anu(of awaaz India) and anu thanks him and says that without him the channel is incomplete, and gives him an offer of being the editor in chief, as per his terms and conditions, but mohan declines the offer and says that he is a charity worker and help’s people, and has forgotten all about channel and dosent wont to work in it again

At the same time nanhi is shown coming into the channel office and argues with the receptionist, asking her how can the job opening be closed, showing the news paper ad, and says they she wants to talk to her boss!. But the receptionist refuses and tells her to come next month and try to which nanhi says thet she’s not a junior journalist and if her boss comes to know that navika has come, then she would definitely hire her. Another lady comes and says you are over confident, and comment on nanhis dressing style and asks her to dress in a stylish manner, at that time anupama comes there and nanhi ask’s who she is gets to know that she’s anupaama the channels owner.
On the other hand mohan is still talking to anupama and he says they he has broken all his relationship with journalism and has no reason to join again, and the day he gets the reason he will join back, btu anupama begs him to join the channel and says that the stakes are high and if the channel gets closed her carrer is over, and she can only trust him. To which mohan replies that please don flatter me and gives her a tip telling hire a person who has the fire inside them,(at this moment nanhi enters the washroom where anu is and locks the door) and who does anything to work with u, anything ( anupama sees nanhi and asks her what u want, she says I want to be a reporter in your channel, mohan is shown listinin to this convo and he tells anu to listen to her and cuts the call)

Nanhi tells that no one allowed her to meet anu, so she came here to meet her, and shows her resume, and on seeing it, anu asks for her surname, to which nanhi replies that whats with a surname and that’s she has done 18 sting operations and on being asked why she was thrown out, nanhi says that she left the job because she had to go against her morals and requests for a job. At this time the security come but anu gives her the job. Nanhi is super happy and calls megha and tells her that she got the job and she’s the reporter of awwaz India. Megha congratulates her and nanhi tells her to give the phone to jiji bua, but megha tells that she’s roaming around looking for schools, so that renu is at peace at home(when is this female at peace) and nanhi is about to scold renu abut megha warns her off, and tells her this is the last school and hopes something happens, and nanhi tells her not to worry as she has got her job, but megha tells that this is her back up plan if she leaves her this job also. At that moment megha sees a girl crying as her magic wand is broken, and says this to nanhi, to which she says take a chewing gum and stick it, but regrets saying this , FB is shown where nanhi’s wand is broken and mohan sticks it with the help of his gum. (sweet scene)

Megha cuts the call and walks past the crying child, but then turns back and helps her out (the same way mohan does) but sticking the wand with the chewing gum!!! The kids ask her whom she is, she says she is a kathak teacher and shows her dance, then mohan megha FB is shown, with be intehann playin in the bg, MM, megha chasing mohan with a bat and at the end of the song megha comes across addu’s report card which showes that he failed in all the subjects and is detained.

Principal is shown telling mohan that rhimjim is weak in her studies ,and she has o concentrate. Then rhiimjim and mohan act in front of the principal, and rhimjim says that children are similar to gods and how can anyone scold them, so the principal also accepts this and tells mohan not to scold her but to make her understand with love
Mohan tells rhimjim to go out and tells the principal that they were acting and he will teach her with love, and principal tells that he can understand as he’s a single parent and is doing a good job in bringing up rhimjim

Then FB is shown where mohan with addu is in the principal’s office were she complains that addu is failed in all the subjects and he even stole someone else’s colour pencils.
Addu says to mohan to save him and tell princi that he got the colour. He emotionally blackmails mohan and says that if his papa was there he would have saved him, and calls mohan papa and asks him to save him. But mohan says the truth and tells addu to apologies, and on coming out of the room, addu screams at mohan and says that he doesn’t love him, and his is his step-dad. Mohan get angry and slaps him. Nanhi sees all this happen.
Then nanhi is shown recording her video and crying, megha enter and says her y Is she recording this video and for whom, and 18th jan comes and goes every yea and y is she stuck in this date and y is she taking these videos. Nanhi replies that she wants to keep her pain and hurt alive and the day she meets mohan, she can question him
Megha tells that he is gone from our lives and tells her to forget that a person called mohan batnaker was there in their lives. Nanhi says that she cannot forget the man because of whom she lost her bro and megha lost her son.

On the other side as the clock strikes 12, mohan wishes rhimjim happy b’day and they cut cake and celebrate. She asks for her present and mohan ask her she has to search it herself. She happily runs around the house searching for the gift and comes across a box and opens it to find addus pic and asks who he is.

Mohan is shown searching the dustbin for a piece of paper, and guru gives it to him, and anu on the other hand tells nanhi about a boy named raghu who was lost 12 years back. Mohan is all set to go back, and guru stops him and tell him he will get nothing but hurt, but mohan is shown going back in the train.

Update Credit to: gunjan

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