Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 16th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 16th May 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 16th May 2013 Written Update

Renu is taunting Aarti to put over priced tags on handbags. Renu calls her friend and tells her that Megha’s son has been found and is back home. Renu tells her friend that Addu’s screw is loose. Renu’s friend calls him mad and Renu says she used the same word but she was scolded. Renu informs her friend that it would be bizarre when people come for the Bag exhibition and see Addu. Aarti asks Renu if the exhibition for Bags or Addu.

Navi gives Addu’s favorite elephant toy to him but Addu doesn’t take it. Navi tries to remind him of old days but Addu doesn’t remember anything. Navi holds up a pillow tries to remind him of their pillow fights and Addu gets scared. Megha sings a lullaby(soja chanda raja soja) and puts Addu to


RJ and Mohan talking. RJ wonders if Megha would remember her Kanha now that Addu is back. Mohan asks her if she forgets her DT when other teachers teach her. RJ says no and Mohan says it is the same. Mohan asks her to sleep or else Megha will be mad for real. Mohan gets a call from Megha who tells him that she called to inform him that Addu is ok now as he slept off. Mohan says even RJ has slept. Mohan tells her that RJ was confused but now she is fine. Megha says Addu is also fine. Mohan asks Megha if she is ok. Megha says she is fine. Megha says the moment Addu becomes alright Navi, Addu and Me will come to you. Megha asks him if this dream of theirs would become real. Mohan says it surely would.

Next day morning Megha wakes up to find Addu missing. NAvi says he might be outside. Megha goes outside looking for him. Megha finds him sleeping on Jiji’s lap and is relieved. Jiji tells Megha that Addu came into the room at midnight and has been asleep since then. Megha says it is good that Addu has started recognizing people starting from you.

Megha takes Addu to brush his teeth. Megha says you might not remember me and asks him to think of her as mother like if not real mother. Megha teaches Addu how to brush. navi brings hots water for Addu to bathe.Renu taunts Megha about the house being turned into a hospital. Megha asks Addu to wash his hands. Addu puts his hand in the bucket of hot water and screams out. Everyone rushes to Addu and Megha scolds him. Beera says Addu is brave and volunteers to bathe him in his own style.

Beera hoses Addu down and Addu enjoys it. Navi watches this from behind. Addu screams and Navi shouts out Addu’s name. Beera turns around to see Navi. Ishaqzade playing in BG. Beera hoses Navi down who in turn throws water at Beera. They get into a water fight. Navi is about to throw some more water at Beera when they both see Addu laughing aned enjoying himself. Navi and Beera smile at each other. Navi tells Beera that she doesn’t know if she should fight with him or thank him. Navi says you and Spidey never gave up perhaps thats why Addu is with us

Megha praying when Mohan comes there. Megha gives prasad to Mohan who takes it and wipes his hand. Mohan says he knew she would be here. Megha says she came to give thanks for returning their son and asks Mohan to come home. Mohan refuses saying Addu might get worked up. Mohan asks Megha not to worry as he would be back and that he has another work to do. Mohan says he has a lot of work to do to unearth other lost kids and return them to their parents.Megha asks him not to give up and Mohan asks her never to give up on him. Mohan asks Megha how Addu is. Megha says he is fine and has gotten on well with Jiji. Megha says he doesn’t recognize her or Navi. Mohan says it is odd because he saw Megha and Navi’s name on the walls of Addu’s room in the asylum. He says Addu ought to remember them. Megha says he might get better with time.

Renu’s bag exhibition on and Aarti is promoting the bags. Aarti calls upon Renu to talk more about the handbags. Renu comes dressed in a kimono trying to market the handbags. All the ladies notice Addu and go to talk to him. They gang up on Addu and ask him how he is and where he was. Navi comes and gives it back to them good and asks them to buy bags. Renu asks Navi to get her box from her cupboard and says she will look after Addu. The women turn their attention towards Addu again and ask him if MB found him. Another lady asks him if it is the same MB who left his mother years back.

Precap: Megha shouts at all the ladies asking them to leave Addu alone and not to ask him questions about where he was and what he was up to. Megha says if they ask questions then she would be the one answering them. Megha calls up Mohan and says that Addu is missing. Megha, Navi and Beera searching for Addu in Juna Mohalla.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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