Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 16th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 16th July 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 16th July 2013 Written Update

Megha asks the cops to arrest Munna. Munna gets out of the car. Megha looks at him sadly. Mohan comes there and asks the police to stop. Mohan asks Megha what she is doing.

Navi tells RJ that she is going to tell her an interesting story which cannot be found in any book. Navi says it is about a girl whose real father was lost and that girl was me. Navi tells RJ if she is not interested then she would stop. RJ stops her. Navi brings a picture and tells RJ that when she was small her real Papa went to God. Navi says she and Addu were sad and so was their mother as they thought there was no happiness in life until he came. Navi recounts various things about Mohan(FB of Mohan shown) Navi says he(Mohan) could do anything and bring smile

to anyone’s first. Navi says he was not my real father but was more than my real father. Navi says I know he loves me the most. RJ asks if she has met her father and if he came to the wedding. Navi is speechless and doesn’t know what to say.

Megha tells Mohan that she has been listening to him all this while. Munna has been doing wrong and they have kept silent. Megha says no wshe won’t remain silent. The cops says they would need someone to identify Munna. Megha walks towards Munna and says she will identify. Megha says he is the same person who is involved in the kidnapping racket and tries to kidnap me and kill my husband. Megha says he is the right hand man of Dada. Megha says he has another identity which no one knows but I know. Megha says he is not Munna, slaps him and says he is my son Aditya Bhatnagar.

Munna, Mohan and Beera are shocked. Megha says she might have delayed in recognizing him as a mother’s heart can never accept that her son would turn out like this. Megha says she said who that unfortunate mother is who gave birth to him but she didn’t know it was her only. Megha says she had imagined that when she would meet him she would have tears of joy but now it is only of unhappiness. Megha says she didn’t recognise him as he is longer her Addu and he is like a curse who has come back. Mohan tells Megha that he is our Addu. Megha says this is not their Addu but a criminal who kidnaps children. Megha says our Addu was lost 12 years back and will come back. Megha says for such people she has no love. Megha asks the cops to take Addu away and to make sure the case on him is strong and if need be she will stand as a witness. Cops take Munna away. Megha is crying while Mohan looks hurt. Mohan says he is going to the Police Station. Megha looks at Mohan in astonishment. Mohan leaves.

Navi brings juice for RJ and a hand puppet. Navi makes the hand puppet ask RJ to drink the juice. RJ is still lost. Navi asks her if she can make the hand puppet (Dodo) sit next to her. RJ agrees. Navi gets another picture and shows it to RJ. It is Mohan’s picture and RJ is excited to see it. RJ says he is my father and he looks so young and handsome. RJ suddenly realizes what she said and tells Navi that she shouldn’t think that she would start talking to Mohan again.

Megha comes into her room and looks at Nanhi & Addu picture. Kaun mera kya tu laage playing in BG. Megha has various FB’s of little Addu and Nanhi.

Meanwhile Navi is trying to make RJ happy by showing her various books. RJ doesn’t budge.

Megha still lost in her FB and keeps crying.

Munna at the Police Station. A cop tells him that since he has been running around now it is time for him to go into lockup. Mohan comes there and asks the cop to stop. Mohan introduces a lawyer as Munna’s lawyer. The lawyer tells the cops that he has Munna’s anticipatory bail. Munna asks Mohan what this new drama. Mohan asks him to shut up and asks him to trust him. Munna says he doesn’t trust him one bit as he is here because of him and he has seen how he has made his mother go against him. Mohan says you are here because of your actions and says Megha hates you because of how have you become. Mohan says in spite of everything he is here to bail him out as he didn’t want him to suffer the same way he did for the past 12 years.

Jiji comes there and asks Megha why she is weeping. Megha says she met Addu today. Jiji asks Megah why she is crying. Megha says our Addu is not our Addu anymore. Megha tells Jiji does she know who their Addu is.

Munna asks Mohan if he didn’t call the cops. Mohan says he did not and that he is with him. Mohan says if he wanted he would have revealed everything to Megha at the time of Navi’s wedding but he wanted to return Megha’s old Addu back to him.

Precap: Mohan in the car with Munna. Munna says he wants to return home to his mother and sister but he has a condition. Munna asks Mohan if he can fulfill that condition. Mohan tells him to just ask. Mohan arrives at Vyas house and Megha opens the door. Mohan tells Megha that he is fulfilling the promise he made 12 years back. Mohan tells Megha that Addu is back home after 12 years

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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