Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 16th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 16th January 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 16th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts in indore. At vyas home.

Megha and nanhi are asleep. Both thinking about their fight. Nanhi plays wd her fingers and guesses whether megha will forgive her. Dn megha says maan jayegi. Mummy maan jayegi. Den megha again says ke nanhi mujhe teri parwah hai kisi aur ki nahi. Tujhe journalist banna hai na kisi maqsad se toh baar baar job chodne se kya woh pura hoga? . . Nanhi itna gussa mat kiya kar. Nuksan kiska hua? Nanhi replies nuksan mera nai us pardafash channel ka hi hai!Wink {ENG:Megha says your anger is costing you high!! plese dont lose you temper. It ‘s your loss after all. NAnhi says it’s not my loss. it’s that pardafash channels loss!!} Den megha playfully says u knw what renu bhabhi ladki dhundh rai hai tanu ke liye . .Tu kahe toh tere liye bhi…{Renu is searching a bride for Tanu. Should I ask her to search a groom for u???} . nanhi exclaims nai
.{ No!!!} . Whatever be it marrying a guy of her choice! . . No . LOL. And den megha starts tickling nanhi . . Both laugh!LOLLOL
LOLIt’s morning . . Megha has a bad dream! . . She recollects addu and sweats . . nanhi cums and trys to wake up megha ! Megha sees nanhi and wipes off her face meanwhile nanhi changes the calendar to 18th jan.Ouch

Meanwhile in bhopal rhmjhim, mohan and guru are in a car to drop rimjhim to school. Rim is playing wd the ghungru’s. Mohan gets a call for a job as a journalist bt in indore. Mohan declines. Rim complains was picking up the phone more imp than me?Sleepy Couldn’t do it later? Mohan says that phn num was unknown so pickd up. Rim says will you leave me and go away to indore? Mohan says sawaal hi nahi! . .Impossible!!! Big smile He exclaims tu kitni possessive hai mere bare me!!!Wink Dey drop rim. Guru says acha kiya wpas na kehkar. Mohan says woh ek hi toh sheher hai jaha mai wapas jana chahta hu!Smile

Megha goes to the police station to enquire . police man says there has been no development in that case. please keep ur hopes up. megha leaves. Just then mohan calls and Megha stops. Mhan also asks about the follow up. Ploice guy says it will be informed to uou sir. He also requests him to keep mum about he calling up and asking , ploice guy says I havent pened my mouth these many years. Why would I say now… Megha comes back. Apparently she forgets her purse there she picks it up and leaves. The police man comments … our job is strange.. we get to see many facets of relationships. They share the same pain but yet they are so far off from each other!!!Cry

Nanhi searches for a job. Tanu cals her up and tels her to cum up soon as there is a girl who is a victim of dowry. They plan a sting opn. Renu turns out to be that woman. At vyas hme renu yells at nanhi. What do you knw abt marriages.Dead Whose own mother’s 2nd marriage also didnt nt work.DeadCry Gayab hogaya woh! Jiji cums. She yells at renu. Tells her that he has gne to come bck. ClapStarRenu says its been twelve years. He has nt retrnd yet and u expect hm to cum bk nw?ShockedCry Megha goes to her rum strts muvn thngs and finds aditya’s buk. . . .

FLASHBACK:Megha sees addu’s buk. It has lots of mistakes. She yels at him and tels him to eat and stop the game. She snatches away the video game frm addu. Addu shouts that only 4th level is left. Mohan supports him and tells megha to allow him to play. Then megha shouts at mohan as to why he bought that game for him, he says addu always bothers me. I have work to do. i cant afford to get disturbed!! … he says video game nahi lau to beta gussa ke pyar nahi karte and game lau to mummy gussa!!! .. kisis ko meri parwaah nahi hai!! … megha u worry only about Addu!! .. megha says yes!! Coz he is my son!!! ,..Confused Mohan gives a sad lookCry. Flashback ends. Megha wipes her tears .

Precap: Nanhi and megha again are having an argument about Mohan. megha asks her to forget mohan whereas nanhi yells I will never forget. He took away my brother from me and your son from you!! .. Rim discovers Addu’s pic and asks Mohan who it is!!! .. Mohan blames himself again for the 18th jan incident.

Update Credit to: Susheta

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