Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 15th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 15th May 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 15th May 2013 Written Update

Navi hugs Mohan(who is sitting on the stairs) Navi thanks him for bringing Addu home and fulfilling his promise. Mohan says but not how everyone wanted and thought. Mohan says we would have to take good care of for the rest of his life. Navi tries to assure him that Addu is with his own people and will recover soon. Navi ties the end of her stole/dupatta. Mohan and Nanhi do their chin touching thing.

Jiji gives water to Addu. Addu looks at the collage of his and Nanhi’s pictures. He gets up and walks towards the collage and sits down. Megha is about to go to him when Jiji stops her, asking her to give Addu some time. Navi goes to Addu and tries to show their old pictures to him. Addu pushes Navi away. Navi tries to tell him that she

is Nanhi. Navi tries telling him about Megha being his mother. RJ comes there with Addu’s favorite book “Huckleberry Finn”. Addu is happy looking at it and so is everyone else looking at Addu. RJ tells Addu that the world’s best mom aka Yashoda maiyya loves you the most and tells him that he is the luckiest person. RJ says something to Navi(which is muted) MM look at each other.

Navi imitates Megha and RJ imitates Addu trying to cheer Addu up (Lukha chupi playing in BG) Addu smiles and Megha is pleased looking at him. Megha has FB’s of Addu as a kid and Navi-RJ enacting the same scene.Addu claps out laughing. RJ asks Megha to cut the cake and Addu spots Mohan’s reflection in the mirror. Addu throws something at the mirror. Addu looks at Mohan and lunges at him. Mohan asks Nanhi to get medicines for Addu. Meanwhile Guru gives some water to Addu and Jiji pacifies him. Mohan says till the time I look at him he will remain agitated and asks Megha to go to him. Mohan walks away from there.

Mohan stands outside the room not knowing what to do and has FB of little Addu. Megah comes there and puts her hand on Mohan’s shoulder. Mohan says Addu forgot everything but he still remembers how much he hates me. Megha asks him why he thinks that way. Mohan says because it is the truth and the sooner we accept it the better. Megha says but you got him here. Mohan says everything will be fine and it doesn’t matter that he hates me but what matters is that he is back. Megha asks what would we do now. Mohan says life is testing us a little more then we will accept it. Mohan asks Megha to go to Addu as he needs her. Mohan says he is going home. Renu asks him stop and says the moment you spot a problem you try to run away

Renu says you have bought him but who will take care of that mental boy. Megha says she will take care of him and he will stay here and will become alright. Megha says I don’t like it when some one calls my son mental. Renu says I am only worried for you. Mohan taunts her and says when Megha gets down to taking care of people everything becomes alright. Renu tells Megha to do whatever she wants and taunts Mohan saying I wanna see how much you help her. Mohan tells Megha that Renu would never change and asks her not to take Renu seriously. RJ and Guru come there and say good bye to Megha. Mohan leaves with them. Mohan turns back motions Megha not to cry

Precap: Beera is spraying Addu with water and Navi watches this wondering whether she should fight with him or be nice to him. Beera and Navi get into a water fight chasing each other around.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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