Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 15th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 15th July 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 15th July 2013 Written Update

Mohan is trying to plait RJ’s hair but she runs away. Navi stops her and asks her where she is going and RJ says why should she tell her. RJ says she has nothing to say anything to her. Navi says but she has to talk to her. Navi tells RJ that she will tell her the truth everything about her Papu and everything. Navi asks RJ to come with her. Navi tells Mohan that no one can explain her relation with you better than me. Navi tells Mohan that relations made from heart are strong and cannot break easily.

Cops asks Dada to come with them. Dada tries to threaten the cops saying if they are unable to prove his guilt then they would have hell to pay. Beera reminds Dada that his fight this is time is with him. Dada tells Beera that he is

a snake and asks him to remember that he can squash a snake as well. Beera says he will collect every possible proof from this house. Dada slaps Beera. Beera asks the cop to take Dada away. Another cop comes and asks they have caught everyone. Beera says another person is left and Ragini says Munna and he has left. Beera tells Ragini that he knows she helped Munna run and asks her to remember that the fight is not about relations but about truth.

Mohan arrives at Vyas house with RJ’s bag. Beera comes there and Mohan apologizes to him for not being able to meet him because of the press etc.. Beera tells Mohan about Dada’s arrest because of him. Beera tells Mohan that he was right about Dada. Beera tells Mohan that only Munna was not caught. Mohan is shocked. Beera tells Mohan that Munna was Dada;s right hand and was running the orphanage in Jhansi. Beera says the day Munna is caught everything will be solved. Megha praises Beera and says Munna deserves it. Mohan asks Beera if Police has proof against Munna. Beera says they have solid proof against Munna. Mohan leaves. Beera asks Megha why Mohan is so concerned about Munna. Megha tells Beera that Munna created so many problems for them yet Mohan is silent. Megha wonders what relation Mohan has with Munna that he is shielding him this way. Megha has FB of imploring Mohan to tell the truth. Megha says every time it came Munna , Mohan shielded and has FB of Munna at Navi’s wedding. Megha says there is only one person who can make Mohan so emotionally weak…Megha has FB of Munna and realizes that Munna might be Addu.

Mohan calls up Munna and tells him not to spoil his life in a bid for revenge. Mohan tells Beera that the police is after him. Munna tells Mohan that he must be happy now. Mohan tells Munna that he doesn’t understand anything and he doesn’t have time to explain. Mohan tells Munna that he can help him and asks him to meet him. Munna asks Mohan where they should meet. Mohan tells Munna a place. Mohan calls up his lawyer and tells him that he will send the details of a person and to keep his anticipatory bail papers ready.

Beera and Megha in an auto. Beera wonders to Megha as to why Mohan is doing so much for Munna. Megha says she wants to meet Mohan asap. Beera says I am sure Mohan is with Munna right now.

Mohan arrives home and finds Addu waiting for him. Mohan says it is good that he came here. Munna asks Mohan if he wants to save him when he couldn’t save him from a small punishment in school. Munna says you said if I make a mistake then I will continue doing that and I have come so far that I cannot go back. Mohan tells Munna that he is the victim as he himself was the kidnapped. Munna says there is nothing in it for him as the police is going to torture him the same way kidnappers did. Munna says he doesn’t want to face the same torture again.

Megha in an auto having FB’s.

Meanwhile Police surrounds Mohan’s house completely.

Munna is about to leave when Mohan stops him and tells him that he will never let anything happen to him and asks him to trust him. Munna says he doesn’t trust the police nor him. Munna says he is a step father and hence cannot be trusted. Munna walks out and Mohan stops him. Mohan tells him that the police is after him and will arrest him any moment. Mohan asks him to come back as if police arrests he too wouldn’t be able to save him. Suddenly the police announce Munna to surrender himself. Munna accuses Mohan of plotting against him. Mohan says he didn’t call the police. Munna starts the car and Mohan tries to run and asks him to stop as he will handle the police. Mohan falls down and the police start shooting. Beera comes there and helps Mohan get up. Munna is driving the car and Megha stands in front with her hands held out. Everyone runs after her. Munna continues driving and stops short of hitting her. The police come and surround Munna. Megha asks the police if they have come to catch him then to arrest him. Megha has FB of little Addu.

Precap: The cops tell Megha that she would have to come to the police station to identify Munna. Megha says she will come to the police station as she knows who he is. Megha says he is Tilakdhari Purushottam’s right hand man and involved in the kidnapping racket. Megha says he has another identity he is not Munna but my son Aditya Bhatnagar. Megha gives a hard slap to Addu.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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