Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 15th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 15th January 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 15th January 2013 Written Update

Rimjhim(Mohan’s daughter) complains that he has forgotten her. Mohan says that is not possible. Megha tells Nanhi that she is not concerned about her job but about her. Nanhi says he(Mohan) should have been the one concerned.

Nanhi at a temple asking God why he fulfilled her wish. She says I asked for happiness for my Mother, but by sending Spiderman into our lives you’ve only made us suffer. She says I’ve only seen sadness in my mother’s eyes. Nanhi says she hates Mohan Bhatnagar.

Mohan shouting at someone on the phone about the whole step father sting operation . He says they would have to issue a public apology. Rimjhim snatches the phone from Mohan and says this their time. She says Guru will come and steal our “together” time. Guru says he has more rights on Mohan than her. Rimjhim asks Mohan what a step father is? Mohan asks her where she heard this word from? Mohan says that step father is also a type of father. Rimjhim asks if Mohan is her step father. Mohan says he is just her father. Mohan says a father is a father and every father does everything possible to make his kids happy. He asks her if he is a good father and Rimjhim says he is the best. Guru comes with milk and says that her kathak teacher is here. Mohan asks if her new teacher is good. Guru tells Mohan that she is just like you

Megha ironing and thinking about Nanhi’s sting operation on Step Fathers. Tanu comes and give watermelon to Nanhi. Nanhi pays him money and thanks him for helping her. Tanu asks if Chachi(Megha) is still mad and Nanhi says yes. Renu comes and asks Tanu why one of her handbags is missing. Tanu realizes that he gave the bag away to a girl. He gives the money that Nanhi gave him to her. Renu praises him and says only you and your father bring money into the house. Renu further says that his grandparents are in Ujjain in some ashram.

Rimhim’s dance teacher runs away saying she cannot teach her anymore.

Nanhi talks to Megha about the sting operation. The news channel shows the Editor apologizing to everyone saying he fired the news reporter. Nanhi gets mad and starts spitting watermelon seeds on the TV. Nanhi and Renu get into a fight. Jiji and Megha break them up. Nanhi is mad that the guy lied about her being fired. Renu says both mother and daughter are the same. She says you still want to become like your Spiderman(reporter)?Nanhi says she did not become a reporter because of Mohan but because of … and Megha stops her. Renu says you shouldn’t hate someone so much that you eventually become like them.

Rimjhim and Mohan on the bed laughing. Rimjhim asks him to wear the ghungroo and dance with her. Mohan refuses and says we’ll make Guru wear. Rimjhim gets mad. Mohan gives and wears the ghungroo and dances with her. Guru comes them and thinks himself “who will say they are not real father and daughter”.

Rimjhim refuses to drink milk and asks Mohan to plait her hair. Mohan agrees and he has FB of Nanhi teaching him how to plait hair. Rimjhim asks for another teacher. Mohan says it is impossible and he asks her join acting classes. Rimjhim refuses and says can we continue the story. Mohan says what do you want to know? Rimjhim says I want to know about Mummy’s hair. Mohan has FB of him removing undoing Megha’s hair in front of the mirror.

On the other side Megha unties her ahir and Nanhi tries to talk to her but she doesn’t respond. Mohan tells Rimjhim that when she(Megha) used to get mad she was tough to handle. Nanhi gives medicine to Megha and Megha says whatever happened to us does not mean it will happen to someone else. Megha says hating someone means you still havent forgotten him. She asks Nanhi to let go and not to suffer anymore. Megha says you left your job because of this hatred. Nanhi says I’ve just reassured myself how much I hate him. She says I curse him and feel relieved unlike you who has closed the window that looked out to his house. Megha has FB of Mohan leaving with his bag.

Mohan realises Rimjhim is sleeping, he covers her up and leaves. He finds Guru standing outside. Mohan standing in the balcony and Guru gives him coffee. Guru says if you want to tell stories to Rimjhim then tell her about good people. Mohan says what is bad(Megha &Nanhi) about them? Guru says ask your heart and all the hurt inside you? Mohan asks him not to start. Guru says I’ve seen you suffering and you would have died had you not found this orphan kid(Rimjhim). Guru tells Mohan that whatever you are today is because of that girl. She gave you a purpose in life.He says they are no longer in our lives. Is it necessary to remember them? Mohan says it is not necessary at all. He says to remember and to forget is for people who are separated.

Nanhi in front of a camcorder and saying she hates Mohan Bhatnagar. She says don’t ever come in front of me. She throws a stone at Mohan’s window. Nanhi says she can never forget that night. FB of Addu telling Nanhi that “Spiderman hates us as we are his step children”. Nanhi looks at a photo and says wish I had listened to what Addu had said that night none of this would’ve happened. She continues her rant on hating Spiderman.

Mohan says to himself “Nanhi this was not the truth then and it is not the truth today as well”. Mohan says otherwise I wouldn’t have loved you so much. Nanhi says I hate you Spiderman. Mohan has a flash of a train station, Megha wakes up from her sleep. Combined shots of Megha, Mohan and Nanhi wiping their tears.

Precap: Nanhi looks at a calender with 18th Jan as the date. Megha at a police station and the inspector tells her that as soon as we get some information we’ll let you know. Megha leaves. Mohan calls the inspector at the same time and asks him for some information. The inspector assures him that if he gets any information he will pass it on to him(Mohan) first. Just then Megha walks back into the police station.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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