Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 15th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 15th February 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 15th February 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Beera asking one of his men to drink the pesticide mixed buttermilk. Navika stops him and tells him that she was joking. Navika stops that man. Beera makes her sit away and asks the man to drink buttermilk. Before he could drink it Beera stops him from drinking it. The man says I will drink the pesticide instead. Beera says I turst you completely and asks him to go. Beera says this is how Daddaji trusts me. Navika says it is not his trust on you, but you are afraid of him. She further says I trust myself completely. Mohan discussing with Anu about project talaash and how determined he is about it. Megha is on phone with Navika. Jiji asks her if she is into some risky project. Navika says nothing to worry and a asks

Megha about the annal day preparations and about Rimjhim. She says Rimjhim threw colors on her class mates and on her. Navika says, she is just like me. Megha says she reminds me of Addu. Jiji looks on. Rimjhim is drawing and recalls the days events and decides to take a complete lunch box from the next day. Megha tells navika donno why but she is attracted to her. Probably she has some issues in her family. Her mom does not look after her. Navika says not every mom is as good as you. Jiji asks Navika to praise her too at times . Navika says you are the best! Rimjhim comes looking for Guru. Guru hides his hand which he burnt while cooking. Rimjhim notices this and applies medicine on his wounds. Guru says you must be hungry. She says I am hungry but its an off day for you from kitchen. We will order a pizza. Guru is touched and hugs her. Some goons barge into AI office and threaten the staff to stop Project Talaash or else they will burn the office down. Mohan walks towards them with an angry look. Mohan tells the goon to burn the office if he wants to. Project Talash wont stop and hands im a lighter to burn the office. The goon is flustered. He laughs and says I came here just to warn not to burn the office. He walks away, Mohan holds him back and says do it right away. He asks the security guard to lock the door and dares the goon to burn the office by igniting the lighter. The goon gets scared and runs away. Everyone appluads Mohan’s brave act. Mohan says if we are threatedned it means we are in the right path. Navika is looking at the footages that she has recorded. Tommy asks her to be careful. Beera is dangerous. He also says that Beera is in love with her. Navika says its nothing but attraction. Tommy says you are going to break his confidence real soon. Navika says I dont care because I cannot let a person like Daddaji become an MLA. Beera knocks at the door. Tommy is scared that Beera will really not be happy with Tommy in her room and hides. Beera comes in and says he heard a guy talking. Navika says that is Tommy is hid himself fearing you. Beera gets him outside and tells Navika that her lunch is ready. And takes Tommy away from there. One of Mohan’s reporter brings him a letter that he found from Janardhan’s post box. His house was found locked. Mohan reads the letter which threatens Janardhan to stay away from Indore for a while and it is signed by Shekhar Sharma from Rewa. He asks his reporters to find out if there is any body by the name of Shekhar Sharma who stays in Rewa. Anu says I can find it right away and calls Navika and asks her to find out about Shekhar Sharma from Rewa. Mohan asks who this new connection is. She says your favourite reporter Navika. And that she has gone there to do a sting operation on Daddaji. Mohan is shocked that Anu sent a novice like her to do this sting. Navika is recording Daddaji’s conversation where he asks his associates to make sure that he wins the election by hook or by crook. He does not care what it takes to win the election. Mohan says if Navika is caught by Daddaji while doing this operation then she will be killed, how could Anu let her go there. Anu says she is confident about her best reporter and that she will be safe. Anu also goes on to ask why is Mohan so concerned about her. Mohan says I am concerned for her family. Anu says you should have thought this before not selecting her in your team. Mohan recalls Navika’s claims that she is a very good reporter who is a perfect fit for this project. Daddaji’s associate says you have invited press people to your ashram. Daddaji says I have portrayed myself as a very holy, simple nice man. She will never get to know how I am in reality. His associate adds that media people are fools. Navika drops something while recording this. Daddaji hears the noise and asks his men to find out what happend.

Update Credit to: ZRizvi

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