Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 14th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 14th May 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 14th May 2013 Written Update

Mohan tells Megha that Addu has come home. Everyone stares at Addu in disbelief. Megha slowly walks towards Addu having flashbacks of little Addu(Lakh duniya kahe playing in background) Megha holds Addu by his shoulders, touches his face, kisses forehead, holds & kisses his hand. Addu meanwhile looks absolutely clueless. Everyone is in tears and extremely happy. Addu nudges Megha away . Megha holds Mohan’s hand in happiness. Megha tries to tell Addu that she is his Mom. Addu is looks scared and Megha wonders why he isn’t saying anything. Megha asks him if he is scared looking at so many people. Megha tries to remind him that he used play Cricket right in that very room. But Addu does not respond. Megha continues trying to remind him

about his past. Mohan tells Megha about Addu’s condition and that he doesn’t remember anything. Megha is shocked and wonders if he doesn’t even remember his mother. Megha refuses to believe it and says Addu got a bouquet for her. Megha asks Addu if he got the bouquet for her. Addu puts the bouquet in Megha’s hand. Megha tells Mohan that Addu remembers everything. Megha says she will get water for him as he might be thirsty and wonders if he has eaten. Addu snatches the bouquet back from her. Megha leads Addu away and sits him down.

Megha goes into the kitchen and starts cooking. She is unable to herself. Mohan walks in and Megha asks him how come Addu is in such a state? Mohan tells her that they should have tried to save Addu from the kidnappers sooner. Mohan tells her how Addu tried to escape and how he has been in this state for many years. Mohan asks Megha if he shouldn’t have gotten him home. He tells her that the Doctor suggested Addu stay his own people. Megha tells him that he did nothing wrong in bringing Addu home and she says it is our Addu and that he will be fine soon.

Navi tries to remind Addu that she is his sister but Addu stays away. Beera brings Navi’s spectacles for her. Navi puts them on and tries to remind him again. Addu pushes the flowers away. Renu comes out all dressed up saying she has had a makeover. She notices Addu and asks who he is. Jiji tells her that it is Addu. Renu is happy. Renu goes to Addu and is happy to see him. Renu recounts how she and Addu used to be close years back. Renu tells Addu that she was really worried for him and kept looking for him. Addu pushes Renu away. Renu asks Jiji what happened to him. Jiji tells Renu that Addu doesn’t remember anything. Suddenly Addu holds Jiji’s hand. Jiji sits next to Addu and she cries. Addu keeps his head in Jiji’s lap and Jiji is overwhelmed.

RJ and Guru looking through a box. Guru reminds RJ that they are not in their house but in her DT’s house. RJ says she knows.

Munna’s grandmother feeding Munna and Ragini. Dadi thanks Ragini for looking after Munna all these years. Dadi tells Ragini that now Munna ought to have his own family and asks Munna if she should start looking for a girl.

Megha brings food for Addu. Jiji asks Addu if he will eat food. Megha feeds Addu who spits it out . Everyone is taken aback.

Munna tells Ragini that he has met his grandmother after so many years and asks her not to tell Dada anything. Ragini agrees.

Jiji tells everyone to move away as Addu will eat from her hands. Jiji tries to feed kheer to Addu. Addu eats the kheer and smiles. Everyone is happy.

Precap: Everyone in the living room and RJ asks Megha to cut the cake. Addu sitting in sofa looks at Mohan’s reflection in the mirror. Addu loses control and throws something at the mirror. Everyone is shocked. Mohan tells Megha has forgotten everything but he remembers his anger and hatred towards me. Megha asks him why he is saying that. Mohan tells her that it is the truth and the sooner they accept it the better.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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