Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 14th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 14th January 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 14th January 2013 Written Update

Nanhi(8 years old) tells that she promised to come back so she is back again. She tells that every love story starts with love but her mother’s love story started with her prayer. Flashbacks of season 1 where Nanhi prays to God to bring happiness back in her Mother’s life after her Father’s death. Nanhi then says that God sent Spiderman into their lives with a flashback of Mohan’s entry. Nanhi told that Spiderman seemed a bit mad but then she came to know that he was extremely sweet. They show flashbacks of Mohan helping Nanhi out for the first time. Nanhi then narrates the story of Mohan and Megha of how they hated each other with the flashbacks of season 1 and how they fell in love. Nanhi tells that problems also came in Meghan’s lives, showing Renuka’s and Mohan’s mother’s interferences in their lives. Nanhi then tells that as Spiderman says that love is like a Lion and problems are like Jackals who run away seeing Lion, so overcoming all the obstacles in their path, Spiderman and her mother got married and Spiderman became her father. Nanhi finally ties a knot and wishes that Meghan’s love always stays like that and her Mother remains happy forever.

12 years later’.

A marriage is shown to be taking place ‘Harjeet Weds Harjeet’. The father of the bride tells the guards to see that no uninvited guests get in. A guy dressed up as a servant informs a grown up Nanhi who is disguised as an old woman present near the bride. Nanhi assures the bride that her step father will have to pay the price for his actions. It is shown that the groom is a very old man. Father of the bride talks with his own son and tells that his step-daughter gave him a big profit by him gaining a license to open a liquor shop. Nanhi takes the groom for a spin and records the groom’s confession of how he bought out the bride’s step father and got to marry a young girl. Nanhi exposes the truth of the step-father as she is the reporter of “parda phaas” channel.

Renu is shown choosing prospective brides for her son. Megha is shown teaching Kathak to children. The priest who had come with the photos of prospective bride asks Renu about what her son does. Renu lies that her son is in a very profitable business. The priest asks for details as he would have to give the details to the girl’s family. Just then, Renu exclaims that her son is on the Television. Nanhi’s sting operation is being shown and the guy dressed as a servant is actually Renu’s son ‘Tanu’ who is giving his statement as the eye witness. Renu is irritated that Nanhi again took his son for a ride. Nanhi tells on the TV that step-fathers will always be step-fathers no matter what they say or how they seem to be and they destroy lives of their step-children. Megha is disturbed listening to this. Renu increases the volume to make fun of Megha’s misery. Megha dances away to drive her tensions, which leads to applause from her students. Jeeji comes to the rescue and asks Renu to lower the volume and dismisses the class on Megha’s behalf. Megha tries a number but Jeeji tells her to calm down her own mind first. Megha tells that her calls are never answered at the first try.

They show Mohan playing soccer with some kids at a NGO organization named ‘NAME’ whose motto is ‘We are a Family’. Alongwith playing the soccer, Mohan is conversing with the head of the ‘Parda Phaas’ channel complaining that he takes personal offence on what his channel’s reporter told about Step-Fathers and he demands a public apology from the reporter. The Channel Head tries to pacify Mohan by telling that the reporter didn’t mean to insult anyone. Mohan tells that he would accept nothing but an apology from the reporter. A boy trips Mohan and he falls down on his face. Mohan then gets up and the camera pans on Mohan’s face. Mohan gets a call in another line and tells the Head of the channel to hold on, and switches over talks to the other caller. The callers asks Mohan to bring a ‘Ghungroo’(a jewellery tied on the feet of Kathak dancers). Mohan replies that he will surely bring one and tells that he loves her and tells that he was late in picking up the call only because he had some important work. Mohan switches over to the other line. Nanhi who is sitting near the Head shouts to the phone that she won’t apologize. Mohan tells that he will sue the channel if she does not. Nanhi tells that she won’t and that she is quitting the job. Mohan is angered and tells that if he doesn’t get an apology then his channel will suffer the consequences and disconnects. Mohan then calls out to the kids playing football and sprays water at them with hose-pipe.

Tanu is shown to be flirting with a random girl in Nanhi’s office. Nanhi tells Tanu to come with her and that she has left this place and given her resignation. The Channel Head comes after her and tells her that she owes an apology and it’s important for the Channel as the Trustee of ‘NAME’ Charitable Trust is a big sponsor. Nanhi tells that she couldn’t care less about it as she is a reporter and she was told to be honest and fearless. The Channel Head tells her that, Nanhi was the one who became personal with the Step-Father remarks. Nanhi gets very angry and tells that she takes it personally as she has suffered from the hands of a Step-Father and she knows how it feels as she is leading such a life now.

Mohan is shown sporting power glasses and a black jacket. Mohan drives to home. As Mohan reaches home, Megha walks to open the door. Mohan fixes his hair as Megha opens the door. Mohan tells that she should not complain that he is late because he was late as he was buying the ‘Ghungroos’ she asked for and shows them. Megha smiles and asks that why the other line is always busy. Mohan replies that she guessed it right, he is having an affair. Megha is shown smiling. Mohan stretches out is hands and beckons for a hug. Now, it is shown in split screen that Megha goes and hugs Nanhi whereas another small girl hugs Mohan (So actually, Mohan was talking to the small girl and Megha was talking to Nanhi at their respective homes). Nanhi tells Megha that she really resigned from her job. The small girl takes Mohan’s glasses and puts them on.

Precap: Nanhi is at the Temple and tells that she asked for her Mother’s happiness and thought that Spiderman came to her life to fulfill that but her Mother has been anything but happy, and that is why she hates ‘Mohan Bhatnagar’. Flashbacks of Megha and Mohan in pensive moods are shown.

Update Credit to: prachurya

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