Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 14th February 2013 Written Update

Dada warn’s navika that she will go to only those places where she is taken to, and only there she can switch on her camera and take pictures, other than those places she mustn’t use her camera any where else. And also adds that he doesn’t like anyone disobeying him. Then they walk away.
Navika then recalls her challenge to mohan, where he says that talented people show their talent and not just brag about it, and also dadaji’s warning. Navika then says that she will expose dadaji’s facce in front of the world, and peove to mohan that, she can be a part of project talaash.
Mohan in his office is discussing about project talaash with his staff. He says that jhanardhan

is the key to their project, he can give them many new leads. So he tells them to follow him up.
Dadaji is shown, spinning the wheel and singing, and navika shooting it, and suddenly his hands get stuck but the wheel keeps moving. Dadaji free’s his hand and tells the servants to bring in some food. Navika questions him that beera mentioned that he eats only once a day, and dadaji replies that he was asking the servants to bring food for beeraa, as he does not eat properly, and is always into social working and helping people that he forgets his hunger. Beera has a sheepish expression on his face. Navika thinks that both granddad and grand son are big nautanki’s, when the servant comes and tells that some poor people have come to meet dadaji. Dadaji asks him, to call them inside and give them food. He then walks out to meet the people and the others follow.
The people are shown praising daadji, with jay jay kar. He then gives blankets and money to them, Beera then tells navika that dadaji gives clothes and money to people every week. A man then bends down to touch dadaji and says that he is equal to god. Then a guy comes and tells to beera that things have arrived and beera walks off to look at it. Navika is curious to know about it and tries to follow when beeras sister block her way and tells her if she wants to visit any more places in the house. Navika asks her if she can go to the terrace, she says yes and navika walk off to the terrace. There she records, people carrying imported drinks into the house.
Tanu is on the phone with aarthi and renu is listening to the conversation. Simultaneously she has aarthis number and calls her and to know who she is.
Its lunch time and Rj sees mothers feeding their children and she feels bad. At that time megha sees RJ. All the mothers there are talking about healthy food, and they see RJ eating sandwhich and one mom says that its not healthy and asks her mother to call her and she will tell her whats healthy and whats not. RJ feels bad and goes from that place.
Guru is waititng in car. RJ sitting in the gardern and is irritated. At that time she sees a puppy and gives her lunch to it. Megha sees it and and smiles
Beera is shown talking to some goons. They have some fight in short. Navika records all this. Navika says that even if he tries to hide the truth, truth one day will come out.
RJ shown walking and megha says bye to her, at the same time guru is shown in the car, who is hiding himself for megha. Rj says she dosent want to talk to her, as she told her to go out form class. But megha tells that she was the one who threw the colour. But RJ walks from there.
Guru asks what her teacher was telling, to which RJ replies megha is not nice. Guru also agrees and tells her to tell her dad to movie from there, and calls mohan, and complains to him, telling their and name and asks him to remove them from school. Mohan is shocked and tells her that to reduce her anger, can he order pizza, to which RJ replies that pizza is not good for health and only roti with soya is good.Moahn looks disturbed hearing this.
Tommy shows a recording to navika where the goons take away the money and shawl which they gave earlier to the people, and seeing that navika says that dada is a shrewd man.
Beeras sister says that beera proved his trust by tying his eye, but what about navika, as she didn’t prove her trust. Beera says that he’s in love with her and nothing can happen now.
Tommy and navika are going to some place at that time beera comes and navika makes up an excuse. Beera says if everything is okay, and navika says okay. Beera says that dada, is a great man, and navika asks if he trusts everyone here blindly. To which beera says that he will show a small test of trust.
He mixes rat poison in sugarcane juice and gives it, to one of his servants to drink. And the guy id going to drink and navika is shocked.

Mohan, is shouting at anu saying that she is new and if dadaji catches her, then she’s dead. Navika is shown recording dadaji’s conversation, where he says about election, and suddenly something falls and he turns to navika’s side.

Update Credit to: gunjan

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