Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 13th May 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 13th May 2013 Written Update

Megha wakes up finding Nanhi missing. She calls out for her and Nanhi asks her what happened? Megha notices the silhouette of a kid playing with a whistle. Megha thinks it is Addu and walks after him.

Mohan is sleeping next to Addu. Mohan wakes up and untangles his hand from Addu’s hand.

Megha comes out to see a collage of her, Nanhi and Addu pictures and the entire living room decorated. Megha is in tears when she notices a Happy Mother’s Day banner.

Munna gets all the stuff Mohan asked for. Mohan picks out a nail cutter and cuts Addu’s nails. Addu stirs in his sleep and Mohan stops himself. Munna comes and offers to help.

RJ in a cap wishes Megha, Happy Mother’s Day. Megha is really pleased and is in tears.

Jiji and Gruu come there along with Beera. RJ gives a thumbs up to Guru. Navi comes there and is displeased looking at all the decorations and asks what is all this. She asks RJ what kind of joke is this? She asks her why she is wearing clothes like Addu. Navi further chides Guru and Jiji for helping RJ without sparing a thought to what Megha would feel. Megha asks Navi to calm down and says she is happy that both her kids are with her on Mother’s Day. RJ is pleased. RJ comes and says I am your son as I am Kanha. Megha kisses RJ and hugs her(lakh duniya kahe playing in BG) Navi watches Megha-RJ is tears and Megha motions for Navi to comes to her. Megha hugs her as well. Megha, RJ & Navi hold onto each other in an embrace.

Mohan watches Munna cutting Addu’s nails. He imagines himself helping Addu shave, giving him new clothes(lakh duniya kahe playing inBG), setting his hair and Addu in turn setting his hair. Both look into the mirror laughing and messing up each other’s hair. Mohan breaks out of his dream and hears Addu laughing with Munna.

Navi in kitchen trying to cook parathas. Beera offers help and Navi shows her hands to Beera. Beera helps her knead the dough.

Renu praying that in front of the whole Mohalla and especially Megha he should keep her dignity intact. Renu says that Tanu is about to give me a surprise and nothing bad should happen.

Aarti asks Navi to make Radish parathas for Renu as she wants to impress Renu. Navi pleads with Beera who agrees to help her. Tanu says he got a gift for Renu and shows them a hand out for Cinderella Beauty Palour.

Tanu and Aarti put face mask on Renu and soak her feet in hot water, basically try to beautify her. They cover her eyes with cucumber and ask her not to move. TA romance and Renu thanks Tanu fo the awesome gift.

TA bring Megha and make her sit in the living room. Megha asks what else is left. Beera asks her to wait. RJ & Navi wheel out a cake and both wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. Navi calls out to Renu who refuses to come as she is indisposed. RJ calls Mohan asks him where he is. RJ reminds him that he has to get a gift for Megha. Mohan says he hasn’t forgotten and that he would get the best gift for her. RJ asks him to come soon. Navi is shown listening to the entire conversation. Addu is shown hyperventilating and Munna pacifying him with a hug. Munna points Mohan out to Addu who is terrified.

Munna brings Addu out and makes him sit in the car. Addu tries to hold onto Munna. Munna tells Mohan to take care of Addu. Mohan agrees and shakes hand with Munna. Mohan thanks Munna. Mohan leaves with Addu. Addu and Munna cry.

RJ tells Megha that Papu would be here soon. Navi says then Spiderman will be late as she must have asked for something random. Megha asks them not to fight over Mohan. Guru asks RJ when would she give the gift to Megha. RJ asks him to chill. Beera announces that he has seen Mohan’s car outside and he will here soon. Navi asks Megha to cut the cake with Mohan.

Mohan comes into the hall and asks Megha is she wants to see her gift. Mohan walks aside and Addu is shown wearing his old muffler with flowers in his hand. No one is able to recognize him. Megha gets up and looks at Addu from top to bottom. Mohan tells Megha that Addu has come home. Everyone is shocked and unable to believe what they are hearing. Megha looks at Addu once again and is in tears (everyone is spending too much time being shocked )

Precap: Megha kisses Addu’s hand and hugs him(lakh duniya kahe playing in BG) Addu gets scared and pushes Megha away. Mohan is taken aback.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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