Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 13th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 13th February 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 13th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Nanhi sitting on Beer’s bike. Beera comments girls don’t know how to sit on bikes. Be careful madam. Nanhi smirks and sits
on the bike. Beera starts the bike and they both ride. On the way he tells Nanhi about kali billi(Nanhi). tells her to pray that hope that girl does not cross
our path today… Meanwhile nanhi curses him in her mind as Beera saya her a witch. Nanhi says that her cameraman tommy is in the bus only. Beera abruptly stops
the bike and calls up one of his men(Tannu). He asks about a certain Tommy.. Tannu feels it is a dog and searches. Beera tells him it is a person, he searches Tommy
and then as Beera tells him he asks tommy whether he likes nanhi(Rabdi).. Tommy exclaims

yes thinking tannu is tokn about sweet! …Beera instructs them to bother him.
Beera asks her if she will have some snacks. They stop at a tea stall. Beera brings tea for her. They tslk about trust. Beera explains her that we will go to all the indus
tries and child homes that daddaji has created for the benefits of the poor. She says thanks. Beera says it is all about trust. He says I trut you. Nanhi questions him.
They again start for their journey. HE asks her for her scarf and he ties it up on his eyes. he asks nanhi to just instruct him properly.
Nanhi is petrified but tells him appropriate directions to avoid any kind of accidents. HE stops the bike and Nanhi gets down and yells at him of ehat he was thinking while he
did that insane thing. Beera says that is how my trust is, I trust blindly.

Meanwhile Mohan is in office. HE gets a call from Rimjhims school. He silently prays that it is not a complaint call. The principal says that we want you to be the
chief guest at our annual function. Mohan says that there are more credible people in Indore, why me?? The principal says that there are many but the donation that u have given makes
you the most eligible one. It matters a lot for our school. Mohan aceepts it. He walks towards the office and sees Nanhi’s desk empty.
he says what holiday … you report or dont nways your going to get paid and walks away!

Megha is in her dance class. Rimjhim and all the students are present. Megha says for the annual function we are going to perform a special dance. Now we need help of your
mother’s. Whose mother’s will be able to help us out with the set and costume creation? Ever student puts up their hand except Rimjhim. All the students smirk and laugh at
rimjhim sying that Her mom does not love her and she does not have time for her. Rimjhim is enraged and she throws off colours on the two girls. One of the girl syas she will
complain about her to her mom ans she will give her nice scolding. Rimjhim again tries to colour on the kid and Megha just comes in between and she endsup throwing the colour on Megha.
Megha orders her to leave the class. She wipes of the colour stains on the girls dresses and tels them not to irritate Rimjhim and comments that the girl is so short tempered.
Mohan messages Megha that he has been invited as the chief guest and he has accepted. He ssys I will be even more happy if my daughter is able to perform at the event.
Megha says i will be happy if the weakest student of my class performs and dances well. He says he wants to fulfill every dream of hers and wants to keep her happy always.
Megha says dont worry it is always good that happens with good people. Mohan remembers he had once said this to Megha after he had saved from Prateik. HE smiles to homself.
Meanwhile nanhi and Beera reach Reva. Thet are welcomed by His sister Ragini. She praises her brother. Nanhi thinks like brother like sister as she syas that in style no mone
can beat my brother. Nanhi comments that if someone spares the bike ride while showing style then it will be better. Beera says What rabdi ji you are still angry about
that. She enquires about Tommy and he is actually sitting and have a lot of food. Nanhi says him tp stop eating and do some work. Beera asks how is Rabdi? She says good but
her brains are empty. Beera says you will talk like dis about your sister in law?… Ragini says for ypur girlfriend you will quarrel with your sister and
both hug each other.

Beera speaks about daddaji … He walks on bare feet , eats less as many are starving. Meanwhile daddaji says her a namaste and nanhi greets him back. She spots a gun in daddaji
‘s pocket. They record it. Daddaji says what is the purpose of this.. Nanhi says I want to show the world ur real face.. Daddji has an immediate doubt on her. He syas Beera that
I can see in her eyes. It is something else. Beera syas yes indeed it is something different. She likes me!!!

Precap:Nanhi and tommy are moving all around and shooting away. Ragini says you shoed your trust in her but did you check her trust in you??

Update Credit to: Susheta

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