Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 13th August 2013 Written Episode Update


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 13th August 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 13th August 2013 Written Update
RJ and Vasu continue messing around with the vada pao. Megha looks at them and imagines Mohan-RJ. Megha imagines Mohan asking her to wipe her tears away. Vasu tells Megha to wipe her tears as it doesn’t look good on her face. Megha is surprised. Vasu reminds Megha about the pao she is holding and asks her to eat up. Megha eats and starts hiccuping. Vasu offers Megha a glass of water. Megha has a FB of Mohan getting hiccups and Megha teasing him and their banter. Megha breaks out of her FB. Vasu motions for her to accept the glass of water. Megha takes the glass.

Aai comes into the room and RJ is scared. RJ hugs Vasu and says this aunt y(Aai) is not good. Vasu tells RJ that Aai is the best and one she comes to know her she would

love her as well. Aai apologizes to Megha for everything she said. Vasu asks her not to apologize. Aai invites Megha home for lunch and she says she will cook herself. Aai asks her to come out of love even if it is for tea. Ruku asks her to remember how to respect elders as Aai herself is calling her. Aai tells Megha to come as she would be waiting.

Uncle tries to get information out of Ruku’s father. Uncle says it is good that the confusion over Mohan-Vasu is resolved. Uncle asks RF where Megha is from. RF tells him that Megha is from Indore.

Megha checks RJ’s temperature and tells her that she longer has fever. RJ tells Megha that it is because of Papu that her fever is gone. Ruku is getting stuff down when Megha helps her. Ruku gifts a box to RJ and tells her that her father got it for her from Bangladesh. RJ opens the box and it has a plastic lizard.

Bala and Vasu playing carom. Bala sings “batameez dil” and Vasu is irritated. Bala brings a mirror for Vasu and says that his face & fate have changed. Vasu asks what has changed. Bala advises Vasu to get married and move to Dubai. Vasu tries to twist Bala’s hand and Ruku asks Vasu to break his hand. Ruku tells Vasu that he is lucky he got a girl like her. Ruku tells Mohan that she made peace with Megha and RJ. Ruku says she is relieved that there is nothing between him and Megha. Vasu asks her who told her that there is nothing between him and Megha. Vasu laughs and walks away.

Ruku follows Vasu and tells him that it hurts when he makes fun of her love. Ruku asks him if he doesn’t love her. Vasu tells her that he doesn’t love anyone. Ruku asks him to wait and grabs a bottle of kerosene and douses herself with it. Ruku asks Vasu if he doesn’t love her. Vasu says no. Ruku shouts at the shopkeeper to give her a match box. Vasu says he will help her. Ruku tells Vasu that she is not kidding and he says he is not kidding either. Vasu thinks that he would have to scare Ruku else she would never understand. Vasu lights up a match and Ruku dares him. Vasu spots Megha and drops the match. Ruku thinks that Vasu dropped the match because he loves her. Ruku tells him that she got all her answers. Ruku tells Vasu that he is in love. Vasu keeps looking at Megha. Ruku hugs Vasu. Megha walks away. Vasu pushes Ruku away.

Uncle is playing chess when Megha arrives. Megha keeps knocking on the door but he doesn’t hear. Aai comes and scolds Uncle and welcomes Megha into the house. Aai tells Megha that the first time she came the situation was different. Aai tells Megha that she will give her a tour of the house. Aai gives mishri to Megha. Aai takes Megha on a tour of the house. Aai shows a picture of her and Vasu and tells Megha that it was clicked a few years back when Vasu took over the post of Bhau. Aai tells Megha that she must be wondering that even though the picture has been taken a few years back…Megha says she has no confusion. Aai tells Megha that she has more experience in age and life.

Aai takes Megha to her room and shows a bunch of pictures of Vasu to her. Megha says she believes that it is Vasu and not Mohan. Aai tells Megha that her daughter thinks of Vasu as her father which is wrong. Megha asks Aai what she wants. Aai says she wants distance between her-RJ and Vasu. Aai tells Megha that Vasu sympathizes with her. Aai asks her if she knows when a man sympathizes with a woman. Aai says before sympathy turns into love.. Megha tells Aai that she is misunderstanding. Aai tells Megha that it is not about her but about Vasu’s heart. Aai says she cannot control Vasu’s heart. Megha says she understands what she is saying. Aai asks her not just to understand but also do something. Aai basically threatens Megha and tells her that she will show her out of the house. Aai grabs Megha by her hand and leaves.

Uncle looks at the pictures and thinks that there the pictures tell a completely different story. Uncle thinks that there must be some reason because of which Vasu is attracted to Megha. Uncle thinks why someone like Aai has to go to such lenghts to prove a point. Uncle tries to remember Megha’s husbands name and thinks that the matter needs investigation.

Precap: Megha arrives home and calls out for RJ. Ruku’s father tells her that RJ has gone to meet Vasu. Megha tells him that he shouldn’t have allowed RJ to go. RJ comes home covered in mud when Megha asks her to go home, bathe and come. Vasu comes there and asks Megha if she cannot recognize her own daughter. Megha realizes that it is RJ and asks he why she is in such a condition. RJ tells Megha that Vasu pulled her into a puddle. RJ tells Megha that she is dirty but she enjoyed a lot.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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