Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 12th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 12th September 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 12th September 2013 Written Update

Last episode here we go….

Megha and Mohan are in front of computer talking to Jiji. Jiji tells Mohan that it was her who first saw their dilchasp story. Jiji says she is talking about 2 years back. Jiji says there is no day when they don’t talk about him. Nanhi comes there and Mohan says this must be Nanhi. Nanhi recounts how she made a wish years back about how someone should come to fill their lives with happiness. Nanhi says that ever since he came their lives have been super happy. Nanhi cries and says that she misses him a lot. Nanhi says that this time she thought she lost him forever. Jiji asks them not to cry and says as long as they have hope there is nothing to worry about. Jiji says that she did not tell anything

to Renu else she would have spread the whole news in the mohalla. Renu comes and says she knows already and already spread the news. Renu calls Mohan “Bhatnagar”. Renu calls him Laphanga. Mohan says this must be that item. Renu says she always knew he is a “laphanga” Renu says he must have surely chased a woman. Renu asks Mohan to come back so that they can fight. Renu asks him if he would go now that she is calling her. Renu, Jiji and Nanhi bid adieu. Mohan is emotional.

Mohan tells Megha that there is an entire family who loves him but… Megha asks him if he can remember anything. Mohan shakes his head. Mohan is helpless and hugs Megha. Mohan cries and Megha tries to soothe him. Mohan says love cannot be seen but only be felt. Megha says love is our only hope. Megha says love is near yet far but always with you. MM talk about two people being separate sharing the same soul.

Bala setting up Mohan’s luggage. Bala tells RJ to invite them to Indore. RJ asks Bala to first invite them for his and Ruku’s wedding. Mohan is about to get into the car when everyone starts chanting his name. Mohan tells Bala that it is time for him to leave. Mohan and Bala hug. Mohan asks Ruku to take care of Bala. Ruku asks him to the same. Megha and Ruku. Mohan asks Megha if he should tell everyone that he is Mohan and not Vasu. Megha asks him not to do that as people still think of him as Vasu. Megha says they will keep coming every 6 months to solve everyone’s problem. Megha thinks that she came to this place in search and has gotten a great deal more than what she wanted. MM along with RJ leave.

One Year Later – Indore

Megha buying vegetables when Mohan calls her “Ae Mirchi Madam”. Mohan is shown on his bike pulling a chewing gum out of his mouth. Megha looks at him in disgust. MM FB shown where Mohan tells Megha that his bike has been stolen. Mohan is about to stamp on a tomato when Megha shouts at him. Megha asks him what it is. Mohan says it is tomato. Megha says sh eis not talking about the tomato but askign why he is not in office. Mohan says he is having fever and cough. Megha tells him that they ought to go to the doctor. Mohan says there is someone else who can make him feel alright. Mohan tries to romance Megha when she tells him that everyone is watching. Megha runs away and Mohan chases her into the house. Mohan catches Megha. Megha asks him to let go of her as someone would see.

Megha runs away into the balcony. Mohan comes and grabs her from behind. Megha asks him who he is . Mohan says he is someone who loves her a lot. Megha asks Mohan to let her go else her husband would fall in love with someone else. Mohan says that’s good as he would then get her. MM dance. Puchunga haule se dil playing in the BG. Megha tries to run away and Mohan gets upset. Megha goes to him and forces him to dance again. MM and fall on the floor.

Megha tells Mohan that she loves him. Mohan says that it is hard for him to believe that an imperfect man like him got a perfect woman like her. Megha says she cannot believe that she got a man who loves her so much. Mohan says he cannot help it as she is so perfect. Megha asks him if he would love her so much always. Mohan syas he would love her even when she becomes an old woman.

MM imitate how they would talk when they are old.

Megha says she forgot that some special guests are coming.

The whole team of NBT comes there. MM do aarti and rest of the crew are standing at the back. SS and a whole bunch of people do Aarti . MM do the aarti again. MM around and fold their hands(as if thanking viewers)


Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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  1. please dnt end show start the new season plz.luv u megha mohan.plz plz start a new season

  2. I have a good storyline in which Kunal and akankansha can enact and do justice to the story.

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