Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 12th February 2013 Written Update

Guru walks away from the corridor. RJ asks Megha if they’ll start learning how to dance at least tomorrow. Megha says no we’ll play stapu. RJ says I know you are not a good teacher and I will tell my father. Megha says it is my wish what to do and you can tell your father or your mother. RJ looks sad and runs away. Megha wonders why RJ ran away.

Guru and RJ in the car. Guru has FB of Mohan praising RJ’s teacher. Guru asks RJ if Mohan has met her teacher. RJ says no, I think I need to make Papu meet her soon so that he can scold her. Guru says no need to make them meet. Guru says there is another way.

Mohan comes home and Guru tells him that from tomorrow RJ won’t go to school. Mohan asks why?

Guru says she doesn’t like her new teacher. RJ says all she(Megha) does is play stapu and not teach. Mohan says your teacher seems sensible why don’t you try a little more. RJ shows Mohan new forms for new schools. Mohan says changing school is option 2. Mohan says let me talk to the teacher . RJ says ok I give you another chance and please ask the teacher not to ask too many questions about my family life.

Megha in the kitchen when Mohan calls her. Megha asks Nanhi to check and Nanhi says it is Rimjhim’s father. Guru looks at Mohan with worry. Megha comes and just as she picks up the call Mohan disconnects from his end. Megha talks thinking the call is still on. RJ get angry and walks away saying she won’t go to school.Guru is relieved.

Megha tries to call back but Guru switched off Mohan’s phone. Nanhi asks Megha why she is so worried. Megha says RJ is very sweet but with a attitude. Megha says she feels RJ is someone very close. Megha says she sees a lot of Addu in RJ. Megha and Navi continue talking about RJ and her family.

Mohan tries to pacify RJ and tells her that he will personally go & meet her teacher. Guru is worried. Mohan asks RJ to give the school another chance. RJ agrees and Mohan is happy.

Nanhi tells Megha that she has to go away for two days for a sting operation. Megha says I hope there is no danger. Nanhi assures her. Megha says if there is any danger I will go and confront your Editor in chief. Nanhi shocked and asks Megha not to go to her office. Megha says she was joking and Navi asks her to trust her. Megha walks away.

Navi gets a call from Beera. Beera says he was making preparations for the interview so that she can portray a good picture of Dadaji. Beera addresses Navi as Rabri Ji and asks her when can he come to pick her. Nanhi says she will come by herself. Beera is upset. Beera sees a worker with a gun in his back pocket and scolds him

Beera’s sister asks him why he is so worried? She advices him on how girls like men who are gutsy, who can declare their love openly. Beera says I know only off my feelings but not hers. Beera’s sister says she is going to be here for two days so you can declare your love in front of her. Beera asks her what Valentines day is. Beera’s sister says it is the day of love and when something has such a good beginning then all will be well. Beera is super happy.

Tanu is sleeping and dreaming of Aarti. He keeps mumbling I love you. Renu hears it and is worried who he is in love with. She notices something on his chest. She brings a torch and checks out his chest. She thinks it is a number tattooed but cannot read the name. She takes a note of the number. Suddenly Tanu’s phone starts ringing and he wakes up with a start. He gets scared looking at Renu. Tanu picks up the phone and the guy on the other said there is a hockey match. Tanu agrees to come for it as long as he gets paid for it. The guy on the other says they need to stop a bus from going to “Rewa”

Nanhi arrives the bus stand and her colleague asks her to come into the bus as it is about to leave. Suddenly a bunch of goons including Tanu get into the bus and threaten the passengers. The bus starts and leaves. Nanhi misses the bus. Suddenly Beera comes shouting “Rewa” “Rewa”( the place where Nanhi wants to go). Nanhi walks up to him and asks if she can get a ticket? Beera is impressed and motions with head for her to sit behind him.

Precap: Navi talking to Beera saying do you really trust me. Beera and Navi on a bike. Beera covers his eyes and starts riding his bike. Navi keeps shouting at him. Navi asks him what he was trying to do. Beera says he blindly believes people and if she wants she can call it his maddness.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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