Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 12th August 2013 Written Episode Update


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 12th August 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 12th August 2013 Written Update

Megha is walking with RJ through the chawl when someone on a cycle stops and starts ringing the bell. Megha imagines it to be Mohan Mohan smiles at Megha-RJ (Alvida playing in BG) Megha imagines Mohan coming closer to her and riding the cycle around her & RJ. Megha imagines Mohan making RJ sit in the front and motioning for her to sit in the pillion seat. Mohan rides away and waves goodbye to Megha & gives her a flying kiss. Vasu comes there and picks up RJ in his arms and Megha is confused. Megha sees Mohan b Mohan with RJ and Vasu with RJ at two ends. She keeps looking at one after the other. Suddenly she notices that Mohan is no longer around and imagines Vasu picking up RJ. Megha wakes up next to RJ.

Megha gets up

from the bed to see Aai, Uncle, Ruku, Ruku’s Family there. Aai shows MM’s picture to Megha. Megha asks how they got her picture. Ruku says they now know that he and Vasu are having an affair. Megha is shocked.

Vasu brings food for Aai and asks Bala to get Aai. They both start searching for Aai.

Aai asks RJ who the man in the picture. Megha tries to intervene but Aai and Uncle shut her up. RJ says he is my father. RJ says first he used to live with us but now he lives with us. Uncle exclaims on what Vasu is up to. Megha says they are misunderstanding. Ruku continues to accuse Megha of having an affair and lying. Megha tells Aai to come out of the room and she will tell her the truth. Ruku starts bad mouthing Vasu about how bad he is. Aai slaps Ruku and then hugs her. Aai leaves along with Ruku. Megha runs after them and stops them. Vasu comes there…

Megha shuts the door to the bedroom. Vasu motions for Ruku to show him the picture. Ruku shows him the picture. Vasu brings food for Aai and asks her to sit down. Vasu asks for tea. Vasu asks Aai if she will insult him in someone else’s house. Aai sits down but uncle protests. Vasu tries to feed Aai. Uncle asks Vasu to reveal the truth to Aai. Vasu says what truth do they want to know. Ruku starts ranting. Vasu asks RF what Megha’s husbands name is . Megha says Mohan Bhatnagar. Megha goes inside and brings Mohan’s driving license. Vasu asks RF to read what it says. RF says it is Mohan Bhatnagar from Indore and was made 12 years back. Ruku says it is all a lie. RF says Megha is not lying and Megha’s husbands name is in fact Mohan Bhatnagar. RF says it is a twist of fate. Bala is shocked and exclaims it to being double role. Megha says this is why RJ calls Vasu, Papu. Vasu asks Aai if she trusts him now. Vasu asks Aai if she has ever let him go away from her. He asks her if he has ever lived apart from her in another city. Aai lost in FB’s of RJ claiming Vasu to be her Papu. Megha says she can bring in more proof. Aai stops her. Vasu asks Aai if she is hiding anything from him. Vasu asks Aai if his father had an affair. Aai gets up to hit him. Aai asks him if he will not feed her. Vasu feeds her and asks Ruku if she knows how to apologize. Ruku apologizes. Vasu force feeds Uncle. Vasu asks Aai if he can feed RJ. Aai allows him. Vasu asks Ruku and family not to trouble Megha anymore. Uncle wonders how the story of double role be without any twist or drama. He thinks there is something fishy.

Vasu goes inside. RJ is happy to see him and says that everyone scares her and her mother. Vasu assures her that now no one will scare her and her mother. Vasu tries to feed her but RJ wants a hug. RJ hugs Vasu and Vasu doesn’t know what do with the pao Megha comes and takes the pao. Vasu pats RJ’s back and tells her to eat else her mother would eat everything. Megha says she doesn’t eat Vada Pao. RJ eats it and says she will eat it everyday. Vasu says if she eats everyday she will become fat. RJ feeds Vasu. RJ and Vasu eat together happily. Megha looks at them and imagines Mohan-RJ. Mohan motions for her to wipe her tears. Suddenly Megha comes out of her dream and Vasu asks her wipe her tears as it doesn’t look good on her face.

Precap: Ruku tells Vasu that it hurts her when he makes fun of her love. Vasu says he doesn’t love anyone. Ruku pours kerosene on herself and threatens to immolate herself to prove a point. Vasu says he will help her and lights up a match. Megha walks by and looks at them. Megha shown with Aai and Uncle. Aai tells Megha that what Vasu feels for his sympathy. Aai asks her if she knows when a man feels sympathetic towards a woman. Megha shown looking at Vasu & Ruku. Vasu looks at Megha and drops the match.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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