Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 11th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 11th July 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 11th July 2013 Written Update

Ragini asks Dada if everything is allright as the minister called him out of the blue. Dada says everything is fine now as he told the minister that Beera is back. Beera comes there with Sharma and everyone is worried looking at his injuries. Dada asks who did it? Beera says it was Munna. Munna comes there and says he went to help his wife. Beera says he went to help Navi as he was promised that Mohan would be freed if she left Navi. Beera says Munna backed out of his promise.

Mohan comes and RJ is very happy to see him. Renu comes and taunts Mohan. Mohan gives her a flying kiss. RJ asks Mohan where he was as she kept calling him. Mohan says sorry to her and says he was stuck in an important work. RJ says no office for two days

and even if he goes then he should take her. Jiji asks Navi where Beera is. Even Tanu and Mohan ask Navi where Beera is. Everyone keeps talking about Beera and Mohan asks her where Beera is. Navi says she is going to make a call. Navi walks away

Dada tells Beera that he doesn’t doubt his intentions but he needs to stay away from Navi. Dada scolds Munna for hitting Beera. Munna says how can you trust Beera even after he went to save his wife. Beera says if he had wanted he would have revealed all his secrets to the media but he didn’t because Dada is his flesh and blood. Munna further taunts Dada saying Beera would handle your business and kidnap children. Dada is about to raise his hand on Munna and Beera comes in between. Beera asks Dada to tell Munna to find another way to split up grandson and grandfather. Munna says you live in the same house and you don’t even know what your grandfather does. Beera asks Dada to speak up. Munna reveals everything to Beera. Munna says how they kidnap kids and sell them for money abroad or make them beg for money. Beera is about to hit Munna when Munna shows his tattoo to Beera. Beera is taken aback. Munna says Dada was about to give everything to me but you are his family after all. Munna asks Beera to join them as it would be better with two people at the helm. Beera asks Dada if what Munna is saying is right or not. Dada says Munna is speaking the truth and he had wanted to tell him a long time back. Dada says he is his family and Munna is best worker. Dada asks them to work together. Beera shouts at Dada and says he will never become a part of this. Beera says he will neither do this nor let anyone else do this. Beera takes Ragini with him. But Ragini doesn’t want to leave because of Munna. Beera lets her be and says he won’t stay in this hell hole. He says he is going back to Mohan and if Navi forgives then to her as well. Munna thinks that MB thinks I lost but today I got rid of Beera and now there is another surprise waiting for you.

Media people chase Renu and asks her if RJ is MB’s adopted daughter. Renu says he doesn’t know from where Mohan picked up RJ from. The media person asks Renu if Mohan doesn’t have adoption papers. Renu says she doesn’t know. Renu walks away. The media person addresses the camera and says Rimjhim Bhatnagar is not Mohan Bhatnagar’s real daughter and what the truth really is can be revealed only by the two people concerned. Renu hears it and is worried.

RJ and Guru packing RJ’s back. Suddenly the media comes in and asks RJ if she is Mohan’s adopted daughter. They ask her if Mohan has made her work like a servant. The keep cornering RJ. RJ shouts out to Mohan. Mohan comes there with Megha and Navi. Everyone questions Mohan as to where he got RJ from and where her real parents are. Media ask Megha to answer. THe media keeps asking Mohan. The media tells Mohan that he cannot hide the truth from anyone as a member of his family Renu Vyas revealed that RJ is his adopted daughter. MM look at Renu in anger. Tanu says his mother speaks for no good reason. The media refuses to listen. MM leaves. Navi tries to ask the media to leave. The media refuses to leave but Beera comes in and makes them leave by force.

Munna calls up Mohan and asks him how it feels when someone close suddenly becomes a stranger. Munna says now you will understand how I felt all these years. Megha comes there and takes phone. Megha says the way he(Mohan) came out of jail this too would pass. Megha asks Munna how low can he possibly stoop. Megha says he is a bad loser. Munna says he is in a bit of a hurry and she can complain about him later.

Megha tells Mohan that the person who uses a little girl to gain his end can not be a human. Megha tells him that to save their family they have to do something, he would have to do something. RJ comes there and asks Mohan if she is not his son. Mohan is in tears and unable to say anything.

Precap: RJ tells Mohan that he is a liar. RJ tells him that when he hasn’t seen her mother then how can he say that her eyes and hair look like hers. RJ says everything you told me about my mother was a bunch of lies. RJ says one day my real mother and father would comes and take me away. RJ gets up to leave but Mohan holds her and says no one can take you away from me.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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