Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 10th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 10th May 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 10th May 2013 Written Update

Mohan lost in thoughts & he gets a call from RJ. She says I want to take gift for dance mam. Mohan says I can’t come you go with Guru…& cuts the call… RJ starts crying… Guru makes her understand & convinces her to select the gift herself.
Tannu sitting in the room. He doesn’t have enough money to buy mother’s day card. Renu & Aarti come. Renu asks him to taste pakodas. She is expecting a huge surprise from him… Renu guesses that he’s giving her a surprise foreign trip… Tannu coughs.. he says no… but I’ll give you a big gift.
Mohan sitting beside addu & recalls his moments with chota Addu. Mohan says it’s time to go back home.. he kisses him on forehead. Munna brings water for him.

Mohan aska how did this happen. Munna starts narrating how addu was kidnapped… he says I saw my parents dying in accident & then I fainted & when I got up I was in a ashram. I met addu there… he became my good friend… they used to force us to beg… & beat us.One day addu & I decided to run away… we didn’t stop … continously ran… we jumped from great height… Flash back of a man with stick ( seems like he was daddaji)… he saved us… but addu got severe injury on head. Mohan asks who were they… munna says I was only 7 I don’t remember…
Nanhi asks what are you doing… Jiji says we are going to donate old clothes to kids… beera’s idea is good… Beera comes… Nanhi asks Megha what you want on mother’s day… megha shows her ghunghru & says these gave me hope… I know whatever you’ll give me will be great.
RJ waiting for Mohan… she calls megha & complaints about him… Nanhi says usko toh spiderman ki kadar bhi nahi hai… Jiji says kids are like that…Megha asks RJ what he did… Guru reminds her surprise… RJ deviates from topic. Megha says to Jiji he is not back home yet… I know he is going finish the work which was pending since 12 years.

Mohan wants to take away addu from asylum… munna says you won’t be able to handle him… mohan says he is my son…he’ll be better with his family… doc says he’s not a kid…it’s a different case… we have to think before discharging him …Munna says you might not be able to handle him.. he gets violent at times…
Beera sitting on sofa & watching tv… Nanhi thinking about mother’s day present… Nanhi is not able to think what to do for mother’s day… beera says let me give you idea… he says go & say I’m ready for marriage… Nanhi gets annoyed… beera says real idea is become mother of your mother for one day… he explains her…

Munna walking in asylum corridor… Munna comes & says I’ll stay here… Mohan says you were taking care of him all these years… I want to give a surprise to my family… I’ll stay here & take care of him… Mohan calls Megha… Megha says I know where are you… You won’t forget one kid for other… Mohan says you are with her… Munna comes & mohan says I’ll call you back… Mohan says I’ll take addu to my home…. Munna asks do you have other kids also… do you think your wife will be able to take care of him… Mohan says 1 mother equals to 100 docs… (ek ma 100 docs pe bhari padegi)

Sorry. I couldn’t watch the precap properly… ….

Update Credit to: misty85

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