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I am Devika actually I have updated the character sketch of l love u but I think that I won’t be able to update it regularly due to my exams so I have decided to write few shots .
My shots will be revolving around the current story of ishqbaaz.
All the characters will be the same .

And one change is that all problems of mallika got solved as sidharth and shivaye makes his mom realize mallikas value.And she leaved oberoi mansion with did and her would be mother in-law.

But what to do the real prblm begins now .

Anika and shivaye are seen sleeping on the bed together with a pillow in middle of both . They both are awake .The room is beautifully decorated with rose petals (looks like a honey moon suit ).But shivaye and Anika are not even looking at each other they are pretending to be in deep sleep . Suddenly shivay gets a call and he received it but gets shocked hearing something.

So guys how was it hope it’s nice .
I know it is not a good one but what to do .
This is my first ff so …
But plzzz give your valuable comments and suggestions so I can improve my ff.
And sry for the spelling and gramatic mistakes.

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  1. If you are busy in exams so why you are writing stories cheap

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