Me n u makes us (Part 6)


the episode begins with shivaye witing otside his room

one lady doctor comes and says congrats mr oberoi you are soon going to be a papa

that was enough for shivaye he jumped on to the doctor and hugged her and said atleast a 50 thank yous
the lady doctor was ouite old so didn’t mind varna hamara shivaye ka kya haal hotha ek tharaf anika ek tharaf doctor

all the OM embers were delighted to haer doctor
omru with much difficulty made shivaye stand on his feet

shiv look all embarassedly

all laughs

shiv first i will go

he enters the room
anika was smiling at him

he directly hugs her and kisses her forehead and said a slight thanku near her ear
she looked him with love

she surprisingly said sorry to him
and she bagan to cry

he looked at her shocked
he saks anika jaan y r u crying did i heart u

anika no i hurted u i have make the bowl fell
i thought u will be angry

shiv looks her with an u are impossible wala look

shi u are bothered about that anika seriously yahan hum maa baap banne wale ho aur thum

anika par shivaye thumne use bohath mehnath se banayi thi
shiv melts at it he thought hw bad iam she cares for such a simple thing about him

shiv hugs her and says i will make that curry once again it is fun tocook

anik ssmiled and hugged him back

and then one by one all family members go inside n see anika
at last our rudy the boy enters

he falls on anika saying u made me happy bhabi

anika smiled at him

rudr bhabhi mujhe aapse serious baat karni hai
anika kya hai bolo rudy

rudr ;jab junior anika aayenge tho mujhe pehle dikhaoge
om shut up ru jab juniour billu ayenge tho mujhe pehle dikhayenge
rudr mujhe oi farak nahi patha billu ho ya billi mujhe pehle dikhaoge
om aur mujhe bhi juniou billu ho ya billi sabse pehle main dekhoongi

shv shut up guys sabse pehle mere baby ko main dekhoongi

om main dekhhongi
rudr nahi main
shiv nahi main

anika oooo shut up sabse pehle baby ko apni maa ko dikhayenge yaani main
tho ladai jhagda band karo aur doctor ji ko yaad karo

that time they noticed that the doc was still their smiling at act

doc looking at anika u are very lucky to have such a loving afamily
anika vo tho he

they give sent off to doctor

in ths way 8 moths completes wwith anika making shiavye cook her fav food at mid night and taking her for long drives at 3am
and bearing anika s mood swings this wsa the nininth month

one evenng shiv comes with a heavy mood

he looks at anika sadly who is busy with her ice cream

she was looking like a cute elephat baby with chubby cheeks a big tummy and beautiful yet big eyes

shiv says anika,
anika looks at him and smiles cutely thum aa gaye

shiv mujhe thumse kuch baath karni hein
aniika karlo shivaye

shiv anika mujhe ek business tour ke liye jaana hai ‘london for 2 week

smiling anikas lip curved down it was clear she was about to cry
she looked like a child
shiv couldn’t take it he quickly hugged hern said dont worry i willn’t go

anika shiv aapko jaan achahiye humari company ke liye zaroori hoga warna aap ye pehle hii mana kar dete
shiv par thume is halath main chokkar main kaise

anika aap jaoge but u will be there when i brin our baby to this world

shiv thum sach main yahin chahthe ho
anika haan
shiv tho main hospital ki delivery room ke bahar su husbands ki tharah tensedly wait karoongi
anika pinky promise ??

shiv smiles and says pinky promise

it was the day when shiv was laeving to london
anika was weeping

shiv consoled her he didnt wnt to leave her alone he felt some thing bad was going to happen
anika insisted him to go
he goes to air port

after i week
he would call her evey day and talks to her listens to hersilly sorrows as if it was such a huge thing

it was afine morning anika was sobbing

everyone was consoling her

anika mujhe golgappe khane hein

pinky beta hum abna dethhe hein

anika nahi mujhe gal mein jaakar khana hein

jjanvi beta is halath main thum kahin naa jao tho better hoga

anika shivaye hotha tho mujhe zarror leke chaltha

all feels bad

om anika main thume leke chaloongi
anika happily nods her head and looks everyone
all nod their heads she happily get ready

after sometime they were at golgappa shop she was eating it eagerly
om recieves a call which diverted his attention after the call he looked at anika

but she was not there

om gets jerked
he calls out anika

after some time he accept the fact that she i kidnapped
it was the day shivaye was coming

he unwillingly comes to OM

he enters only to find an anxious shivaye looking back of om for his beloved

shiv om where is she

all haan om anika kahan hein

om with tears anika laptha hai
shiv gets startled

om explain

i got a blank call when we were in golgappa shop when i looked for anika after the call i found no one

all the family member were crying

but om was looking at shiv who with silent tears stood there without any movement
om sorry shivaye
this broght back shivaye to the reality his anika was not there

shivaye comes to his obero roop and says shivaye singh oberoi can do anything

shiv om give me the number of that blank call
om gives

after some time shiv says i know were anika is

all where

shiv withtia tia kidnappher
he said with confidence but he truth was he was afraid he was broken inside to know tia kidnapped anika

some where
anika is tied to a chair

she is crying and telling the name shivaye continuosly

tia comes and slaps her hardly thume shivaye baby ko mujhse cheena tha ab dekho main thumse thumhari jaan aur thumhari baby cheen loonga

main wait kar rahi thi is moment ka jab thumhari is fully grown baby ko main apne in hathon se maroongi

tia laughs like mad person

precap the end good or bad god only knows

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