Me n u makes us (Part 1)


Hii guys so here begins the fist part of my ff.

So as u know all prblms got cleared and everyone is happy in oberoi mansion.

But one 5nn morning Tia entered shouting shivaye baby bahar aajao

Hearing her shout every member of oberoi family came to the hall including Anika.
Seeing Anika Tia goes to her and gives her a tight slap.
All were shocked and Tia said yo stupid girl you are trying to trap my shivaye saying this she started to give her another slap but she felt a strong force stopping her she looked and found shivay’s hand stopping her from slapping Anika
Shivaye :Tia are u mad ??
Why are slapping her without any reasons.

Tia :without any reason who told you news channels dekho shivaye than thumhe patha chalega
Saying this she took the remote from rudy and changed the channel .
In the news it was written shivaaye Singh oberoi even after being a business tycoon have relationship with Anika a middle class girl who came as shitia wedding orgaiser
A photo was also their in which Anika was in the arms of shivaye
All were shocked
Pinky: oh my Mata mallika gayi tho Anika
She started taunting Anika like anything and so does others except shivomru dad I soumu prinku .
Shivaye ;oh stop it everyone look at the photo its morphed ; even he remembers but tells this to save Anika
Tia:really baby so what’s this

She showed a vedio to shivaye it was an MMS of shivika .
Shivka and all others were shocked
All started taunting Anika but shivaye says I am also included in it then y u all r taunting Anika
Pinky:Oh the tho mera heera beta hai I know that this Anika trapped my son
Shiv:oh stop it mom
Anika was crying like anything after hearing what pinky said she took her bag and ran out of the mansion followed by shivaye shouting Anika stop
But shiv couldn’t stop her .
After that everyone became calm but shiv was restless thinking of Anika.
Just then dad I entered his room saying billu chalo hum Anika ki ghar chalthe he
Shivaye;yeah dad I even I was thinking to go

After sometime it is shown a car stops in front of anikas house and dad I and shiv comes out to see a large crowd in front of her home.
Shiv and dad I goes to Ani’s home
A man from the crowd says dekho Anika thumhari aashiq aaya hai dekho dekho

Shiv : just shut up and go from here
Man : no we will only go once this girl is out of our society
Shiv what the wack
Man :we can’t keep a girl who is characterless
Shiv couldn’t take it more and gave a tight punch to him and was about to say some thing but stops wen he listens anikas shouting
Dado and shiv rushes inside the house and gets shocked to see Anika lying unconscious on the floor

Without much thinking they took her to hosp
Doctor says it is due to shock or stress and she will get well soon

Shivaye felt restless and goes to window side thinking of ani
Dad I came to him
Dad I : marry Anika billy
Shivaye gets shocked
Shiv:what dadi how can say like that
Dadi: I don’t know anything abt prestige and business but I want my ani back
It is bcoz of u she is suffering ,she is called characterless and all
So u have the responsibility of proving her innocent to the world for this u have to marry her
Shiv:but dad I how can I

I can’t she doesn’t have any surname and is from low CLS
And above that I am engaged to Tia do u think that mom will agree to this
Dadi : u r saying did billy I thought u will not look at her cast and all but not u r not like that and ur grandpa was also frm low class and don’t worry about pinky she will get to know only after your marriage
Shiv but he dado
Dad I u will marry her now

Shiv what
Daadi yes
U shld
Shiv OK dad I as u say with a sad face but was happy in mind and WS in unaware of the feeling

Just then doc came and tell shiv that ani gained counciosness

Dad I and shiv goes to meet her

Dad I :ani puttr how r y
Ani I am 5n dado
Dad I without wasting time tells ani that today u will be marrying billu
Anika was shocked and asks whaaat??!!!

And the screen freezes with Ani’s shocking face

Precap :double dhamaka!!!

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  1. Nice episode continue in this way devikakrishna

  2. Priyanka.N

    Marriage ?
    Hw cool…nice prt yar

  3. Really cool in first episode talking about marriage you r like bullet train going really fast

  4. Awesome

  5. Devikakrishna

    Ac extually I am trying to end the ff with the next 2 or 3 episodes…so going fast

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