You N I Collide Swaragini S01E07

Scene 1

Swara: Tomorrow I will leave for Ahmedabad!
Laksh: I know.
Swara: Will you miss me?
Laksh: Not really.
Swara: What! This is the meanest thing I have heard.
Laksh: You are always with me. Here right in my heart. So how can I miss you?
They both hug.
Laksh: Kuch kahoon ya na kahoon tum mujko sadaa sunte rehna. Bas itna hai tumse kehna
(Main rahoon ya na rahoon song plays in the background)
Scene 2

Rithik: Sanskar be good! Party but focus on studies too. I will miss my little brother.

Just then their dad comes.

Dad (in an angry tone): Rithik and Sanskar! In my room! Now!

Sanskar and Rithik stare at each other in surprise,
Dad: I’m angry at both my sons. They have not only hidden something from me but also made a joke of all the values I taught them. You’ve put me to shame.
Rithik: Dad please tell us what did we do?
Dad: Rithik I’m surprised at your casualness!
Sanskar: Dad we cannot understand!
Dad: Rithik who is Tamana?
(Tamana is the Rithik’s gf who was pregnant with his child)

Rithik’s face turns pale.

Dad: Answer me Rithik!
Rithik: Dad she is my friend!
Dad: Just a friend?
Rithik: Dad she is my girl friend
Mom: And when will you tell us that she is pregnant! Luckily I met her before her abortion else it would be too late!
Rithik turns paler.
Dad: Rithik what is all this?
Rithik: I’m sorry everyone! I shouldn’t have done this! But right now I’m studying and could not afford marrying her and raising a child!
Dad: But after a year you will complete your studies! Then you will get a well-paying job and be able to afford the three of you!
Rithik: Yes dad!
Mom: Do you love her?
Rithik: Of course Mom!
Dad: Good then you will get engaged to her the coming week and get married to her before the child is born. We can afford it and after a year you can take care of your family. I’ve already spoken to her parents.
Rithik: Yes dad.
Dad: Now coming to you Sanskar! What were you thinking of hiding Rithik’s truth from us? On top of that a woman comes blackmailing to you and you accept her demands! Decide to play with a life of another girl!

Rithik think he could have not got a better brother than Sanskar.
Dad: I might not be spending good quality time with my family because of my duties to this city! Bt don’t think I do not know what goes on in your life! After all I’m the commissioner of this city. I’ve told the lady to not threaten my son anymore else I will arrest her. But next time you play with a girl’s life I will make sure you end up in prison.
Sanskar: Sorry dad

They all hug.

Scene 3

Ragini: Swara I’m having too many mood swings!
Swara: PMS?
Ragini: No! Swara please don’t go! I will miss my best friend badly!
Swara: Same here Ragini! But it’s just a matter of two years and I will come for vacations!
Ragini: Yeah when you come after two years you will get married and go permanently!
Swara: Raginiiiii. Don’t worry I will find some smart guy for you at IIM.
Ragini: Keep those IIM guys for you!
Swara: Please they are not my types. They are so geeky! And plus I’m engaged!
Ragini: You should not wear the engagement ring!
Swara: Ragini what are you saying!

Ragini: See there are very few girls in IIM. So guys will give you lot of attention!
Swara: Ragini!!
Ragini: I have melted chocolate lying in the kitchen! Lets go and have it on the terrace like old times!
Swara: Ragini since the past two days you are having so much chocolate!
Ragini: Because of the mood swings! Let’s not waste time!
Swara: Cool!

Scene 4

Rithik: I met Tamana in college. Who knows you might find someone there!
Sanskar: I find girls everywhere! But honestly I don’t think I’ll find only geeky and very irritating girls! You know Adarshwati girls!
Rithik: We will see that after two years!

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