You N I Collide Swaragini S01E06


Guys I have decided to make my fan fictions more interactive. So starting from today’s episode, I will post a question for you’ll at the end of the post. Do share in your views and hopefully, I shall be able to incorporate the same in the next episode.

Scene 1

Ragini writes in her diary

It surprising what life throws at you. You think you have it all planned. Life will turn out the way just like you expected. But no. God just has other plans to you. Ever since that incident I feel lifeless. Its not like I don’t try. I try to feel happy, to smile, to be same again but nothing works. I have no feelings now. Days come and go. Yesterday was Swara’s engagement. I saw that dirty man again smirking at me. I felt so helpless and ran away from there. My whole life I have dreamt about three things:

1. My wedding
2. My sister’s wedding
3. My musical career

I think I will never marry. After what I have gone through I don’t think any man can make me feel secured. I don’t think I will be able to commit or understand the sanctity of the relationship marriage gets you in. I don’t think I will ever be able to be all honest with my husband. About who I am what happened to me. Honestly, now I do not know who I am.

Coming to my sister’s wedding… Yesterday she got engaged. In a few days she will leave for Ahmedabad. Whenever I looked at her I always felt life is all about balance and about fairness. She never got much love during her childhood days. After we accepted her, she has been lucky to not just get the love of my family but to get the love of a man. I am very happy that she has Laksh with her. He will protect her at all times. You should have seen them yesterday. They looked gorgeous. But sadly I was too consumed in my bitterness and the hate of the world I could not enjoy her engagement party. I still remember the days when we use to sit all night planning our wedding. It used to be hilarious. Castles and horse carriages… God knows what all… Now the time for execution has arisen and I cannot help her. I know its my fault. I am too distracted with everything that is around me. I only hope I have not pissed her. Even if I have I really don’t care much. As I said I have no feelings anymore.

Third is my musical career….. My dadi told me that my mom was a brilliant singer. This was what got me into music. Every time I played the veena I thought I connected with her. For me music has never been about the fame and money. It has always been about the emotions and the connect. Music had always given me a voice but lately I’ve been sticking to silence. The only thing I can feel right now is anger and I fear if I start singing, it might just show to the outside world. I still go the music academy. I don’t want anyone to worry about it at home and Avanti ma’am gives me my space. She understands.

I feel tired now. I think I should go to bed and pray that I don’t get horrendous dreams of that man again.

Scene 2

Sanskar’s dairy

I don’t know what is happening in my life. I am supposed to go and party right now but I do not feel so. Today I experienced something very astonishing. A very strange man approached me today at the gym. He showed me a pic of a girl who is supposed to be my classmate at IIM and asked me to make her fall in love with me. I asked him if he was crazy. Love is one of the purest feelings that can be experienced. You cannot manipulate such things. He then asked me to just take intimate pictures with that girl. Just to make it look like an affair. I was about to punch him but he caught hold of me. He then blackmailed me. He knew everything about Rithik’s act. The whole abortion thing. If I don’t do what he asked me to he said he would leak it out to the press. I agreed to his outrageous demand. Did I have any option? No. Sure I could have gone and told dad bout this. Dad is the Commissioner of Mumbai. He can get this guy arrested. But imagine the pain and embarrassment he will have to face. I realized today that it is not easy being a public hero. I cannot let my family go through this. They took me in and made me a part of their family when I had nowhere to go. They could have just ignored me. But this family loved me like I was their own kin. Rithik never ever made me realize I was his step brother. Few are lucky to have such a family. When I needed them they were there. Now that they need me I have to be there. I feel disgusting. I hope that girl forgives me though.

He shuts his diary and places his head on the table.

Question for the day: How should Ragini move on?

Credit to: XOXO

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  1. omg……..emotional …..emotional

  2. xoxo I want to see ragini happy mode plz update daily your plot is nice

  3. I feel sanky is the right person to rags

  4. With the help of laksh

  5. Yr why r u not uploading your another ff I love that so mch nd plz make swasan in this

  6. Actually a girl who has gone through this cannot move on so easily n only when ragini will get justice she will lit OK so if u want u can do as if ragini saw adarsh misbehaving with another girl then she decide to disclose wat adarsh did with her nobody will believe her then she will get prove adarsh will be arrested n then dadi will cry n say who will marry her lado then laksh decides to marry ragini

  7. May be somehow laksh come to know about everything and he will help ragini to forget the pain and move on

  8. Xoxo where u gone & where is ur sanswa & abhigya ff waiting from long days please update it na..

  9. Make swasan raglak

  10. I thnk instead of swara ragini should go to the iim.plz dnt sprt love bird’s.I alsothknk sanky s a nice man fo ragini

  11. Now swara will go to ahmdabad make swara and sanskar fall in love and ya sanskar should reveal his truth after that in the meanwhile laksh comes to know about adarsh truth what he did to ragini and cares for her and they both fall in love . I fell rags should move on like this

    1. no .. i want it to stay as swalak ….

  12. yaar plz swalak are d best pairs dnt change them instead of changing pairs make ragsan meet in dis incident they wil help each other lyk dat something plzzzz

  13. Adarsh tried to misbehave with her…. Ragini kept it as a secret….. as faima said let ragini go to iim ….and the boy who threatened sanky shows the pic of rags becoz he is taking revenge from her 4 some reason….sanky strt falling 4 rags & she denies his proposal tht someone try to misbehave with her& she cannot move on & our sanky will find out the person & give her justiceeee….

  14. pls make raglak and swasan

  15. Wow… Interesting…I think Laksh ll help to ragini to move on n eventually they ll fall in love n Laksh realize that rags oly his true love n Swara is his infatuation…

  16. Nice and different… Hope sanky really fall for Swara… Laksh support ragini…

  17. I just wanna say, as ragsan is already suffered, and I dont think they can make perfect pair in this ff. and they both need prsn who rnt suffered to relief their pain.. and its better if it would be swasan and raglak.. the non suffered supporting to suffered… and for ragini, laksh should get clue abt it..

  18. ragini can tell everything to lucky they can have argument lucky will notice adarsh behavior towards pari n can see him wid other woman then will join hands with rags to expose him

  19. truth should be come out how adarsh misbehaved ragini…
    laksh should get to know truuth n tell his family with some proofs.
    n rags guilt punished slowly rags can move on. .

  20. Instead of swara let ragini go iim and sanskaar falls in love with her and then ragini also falls in love with sanskaar but she feels scared to express cos of the incident and sanskaar somehow finds it and helps her to move on and give her justice. Pls don’t separate swalak that doesn’t sound good and it won’t be nice . Let it be ragsan please. Many are requesting for ragsan but no one bats an eye how many swasan ff will u ppl will write?? What about swalak and ragsan fans then??? Please do consider us and don’t separate the love birds swalak please

  21. As swara is not here laksh will feel lonely and will get befriend with ragini slowly slowly he will fall in love with her and one day he will read her diary and tell the whole family about it. In meanwhile they will also get to know about swasan closeness. Laksh will ask Gadodia to for ragini’s hand to marry cause he’s in love with her and both raglak will fall in love and get married. In meanwhile sanskar will really fall in love with swara and reveal his truth in front of the Maheshwari and Gadodia family. Swara will melt with his innocence and will fall in love with him. Later on Sujata will see an locket in sanskar’s neck which she has given to her died son and will recognise him.

    These are my view but your imagination is more nicer than mine xoxo so do your own it will be the best. Keep it up and all the best. God bless you 🙂

  22. Im my point of u
    I think ragini should told what happen to her to her family and there by they help to ragini to move on her with strong and brave woman
    To achieve this she would some moral support by any lead hero but i pefer laksh
    Coming sanskar u already said that swara is going ahmedad so she could for sanky. Sanky should tell all turth to swara after knowing her careing nature

  23. I think rags and sanky will be perfect.. as u had shown how much swalak love each other.. and ragsan will understand each others pain.. and plzz don’t make fun of first love .. yrr pehla pyarr bhi to importance rakhta hai…

  24. yaar let raglak be the pair supporting each other meanwhile swasan falling for each other truly after knowing the laksh and ragini’s love toward each other after disclosing the truth of adarsh in front of the whole family bcoz afterall true love happens only once in a lifetime with trust and supporting (in this case it’s about raglak). …

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