You N I Collide Swaragini S01E05

Scene 1
Ragini is sitting on the terrace in complete darkness. She looks at the stars and mutters:
Today I feel completely alone Ma. Ma something very bad happened today very painful. I was at Maheshwari Mansion today and I went to have a glass of water in the kitchen. Adarsh asked me if I could help him get some musical instruments from the storeroom. He said the servant was non traceable. I decided to help him. It was very dark in the storeroom. I could even smell alcohol on Adarsh. I felt scared. Suddenly Adarsh gave a smirk.

Adarsh: Ragini I have been longing for you and I know you want me too.
Ragini: What are you saying?
Adarsh pulled me towards him. I tried to escape but could not. I tried to scream but he put his hand over me. I tried and tried to push him away he just wouldn’t go. He threw away my dupatta. He tore parts of my clothes and he did it. He did to me what no girl would want to go through.
I breathed but I lay lifeless. I felt someone killed me. I died Ma. I died.
I thought of running to my father and getting this scoundrel punished. I felt like screaming and calling the police. I rushed to the hall but I saw my sister romancing with her fiancé. She was so happy to be with him. She looked so content with life.

I did not have the courage to break her happiness. For years she has been taunted to be a daughter of a nameless man. I felt responsible for that. For denying her my fathers love for almost twenty years. Now when happiness knocked on her door how could I take it away!
I ran away from that dirty place and came to my home. Ever since the incident I locked myself in the room. I could not let my family see me in such a state. My eyes are red and burning. I have cried so much Ma and I have to go through it alone. Please help me Ma. Please help.

Scene 2
Swara: Ragini are you ok?
Ragini seems to be lost.

Swara pats Ragini’s shoulder and asks her what happened.
Ragini: Nothing Swara. I’m just getting a headache.
Swara: Oh. Wait I will make lemonade for you.
Ragini: No Swara. I’m fine. I anyway have to rush to my music class.
Swara: Ragini we need to go and shop for the wedding. Your choice of color combinations is the best!

Ragini thinks to herself ‘Right now I know of only black’.

Scene 3

Sujata: Didi now what will we do? How will we separate Laksh and Swara.
AP: Sujata forget it and start accepting Swara. There is nothing that can be done.

Both go to their respective rooms.

Sujata calls up a detective and tells him that she needs help.

Adarsh overhears the conversation.
Adarsh: Chachi I don’t think you will get anything related to Swara’s past.
Sujata: How can you be so sure?
Adarsh: She is a decent girl and Lucky has been dating her since years. I don’t think she is the type of girl who will date multiple guys at the same time.
Sujata: Then what do we do Adarsh?

Adarsh thinks to himself ‘Sorry Swara! I do not want to break your engagement with Laksh but what to do I have to protect myself’.

Sujata: Adarsh what are you thinking?
Adarsh: Let the engagement happen. Swara is going away for two years.
Sujata: So what?
Adarsh: What if she falls in love with another guy in her campus?
Sujata: Just now you were praising her values.
Adarsh: What if we show that she has fallen in love with another guy?
Sujata: How will we show that? Which guy will help us?
Adarsh: You should ask your detective to do that work.

Sujata and Adarsh smirk.

Scene 4

Ragini is trying to play her veena but she cant focus. Her music teacher, Avanti, asks her what happened?

Ragini says nothing but soon starts crying. Her teacher takes her to a secluded room.

Avanti: Ragini what is the matter? I have known you since years. You are like my daughter.
Ragini: You wont tell anybody?
Avanti: I wont.

Ragini tells her everything that happened last night. Tears flow from both their eyes.

Avanti: Ragini you have to tell the truth to your parents.
Ragini: I told you I do not want to screw their happiness.
Avanti: Have you gone mad? They are your parents! Your sister’s relationship is not so weak that it will break with this.
Ragini: I cant take the risk.
Avanti: OK do one thing at least get a rape test done.
Ragini: Why?
Avanti: Because I don’t trust Adarsh. If he has done it to you he may do this to another girl in the future. That time the reports will help.
Ragini: Ok

Precap: Sujata blackmails Sanskar,

Credit to: XOXO


  1. manvi

    Yeah rosy u r right…..I kil u addarsh….and pls don’t separate swalak…
    Because they love each other so much…what hell is this sujhata yeh Q sanky ko blackmail kar rahi h…i hope tum two lovers ko separate mat karo…

  2. khusubu

    please don’t break Lakah’s heart please.I can’t see him in pain in serial he already suffer from in your ff don’t do this.

    • Plz yaar swalak ko separate mat karo plz again no swasan yaar plz dnt make a new story of swasan in IIM & plz dnt separate swalak as they love each other so deeply

  3. plss upload ur another fff im eagerly waiting for ur ff and ya pls don’t seprate swalak plss they are already seprated in swaragini serial so pls don’t copy them l
    make ragsan as a couple not raglak becoz ragini don’t love him nither he and she think him as jiju or brother
    i hope u will understand my point

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..