You N I Collide Swaragini S01E04


Scene 1

Ragini and Swara are extremely happy as Swara got into her dream MBA college. They finish their beauty parlour work and rush home.
Swara: Baba…
Shekhar: Swara why are you shouting so much!
Swara: I’m very happy today
Sumi: We all know you got engaged.. But right now get ready we are getting late
Dadi: Yes they must be waiting for us and your Dida might just come in a few minutes
Ragini: But at least listen to what we have to say
Dadi: Ladoo tell us on the way. Now both of you go…

Scene 2

Adarsh is talking on the phone with one of his friends.
Adarsh: I’m so fed up of Parineeta. She is such a bore. I just married her because my dad asked me to.
Friend: Relax yaar find some other girl for time pass. Want to go to some disc and check out chicks?
Adarsh: Not today! Today Laksh’s fiancé’s family is coming home for dinner
Friend: Does the fiancé have any sister?
Adarsh: Yeah a younger sister.
Friend: Then you are sorted bro. You can have fun with her…
Adarsh: Are you out of your mind?
Friend: Arey you never know she might be desperate too… Whats the harm in trying just have a drink and approach her
Adarsh: Let’s see

Scene 3

Rithik is talking on the phone with a mysterious woman.
Rithik: Are you sure about it? Re-take the test?
Woman: Yes I am.
Rithik: How can this be possible!
Woman: It is!
Rithik: If anyone knows about this I am dead! Dad is the commissioner of Mumbai imagine if the press came to know about it! You meet me there I will come soon.
Rithik marches out of the house.

Sanskar overheard the conversation and was disturbed. He decides to follow his brother to find out the truth.

Scene 4

The Gadodia’s reach Maheshwari Mansion.

Utara comes running to Swara to congratulate her. Swara touches the feet of all the elders to take their blessings. Adarsh has his eyes on Ragini. Ragini warmly smiles at his for curtsy sake but feels a little uncomfortable. Adarsh misinterprets her smile and thinks of what his friend told him about.
Laksh signals Swara that she is looking very pretty. Swara blushes. Everyone go and sit on the sofas. Laksh is about to sit with Swara when Utara and Parineeta quickly sit near
Swara. Utara winks at Laksh and teases him. Laksh whispers in her ears that he will soon take revenge. Ragini laughs and asks Laksh to sit next to her. Swara feels very shy.

DP: Shekhar ji we should decide on the engagement day.
Shekhar: Yes DP ji.
Ram: Pandit ji please tell us an appropriate day
Swara: Sorry to interrupt but I have something to tell you all and It’s important.
Shekhar: Beta at least let us decide the dates.
Sujata whispers in AP’s ears that Swara is such an ill-mannered girl.
Swara: No Baba this is urgent.
DP: Ok Swara say
Swara: I have got admission in IIM Ahmedabad

The Gadodia’s are very happy. The Maheshwari’s do not know how to react.

Scene 5

Sanskar follows Rithik and reaches the place where a woman is waiting for Rithik.

Sanskar hides behind a tree.

The woman hugs Rithik.

Woman: What do we do Rithik?
Rithik: We have to abort the child. I cannot marry now. I’m studying right now. You know I cannot afford marriage.
Woman: What is the fault of the child?
Rithik: It is our mistake but you know we can’t tell anyone that you are pregnant. I will marry you someday and we will have our children but now we cannot. We have to be strong.
Woman: Ok I will undergo abortion.
Sanskar thinks ‘Rithik bhaya what did you do? I hope this mess does not reach Dad’s ears’

Scene 6

Sujata is very happy to know that Swara got into IIM A.
Sujata (whispers to AP): Didi our problem got sorted. Bhaisa will not agree for Swara to study further and Swara being determined will break the engagement.
AP: Lets hope so.
Laksh: Wow Swara! Your dream has come true. I’m lucky for you!
Sujata: Yes Swara this is lovely news. But bhaisa how can Swara go to Ahmedabad for two years!
DP: Sujata is right! Swara you will have to make a choice!
Laksh: Dad this is not fair on Swara. I have no problem with my fiancé studying further.
DP: Laksh but she will be our daughter in law.
Laksh: Dad I love Swara because she is a very determined and intelligent woman. I would love Swara to be independent and would encourage her to study further as this is important if she has to stand on her own feet. I even encourage Utara to do so. I have no problem if Swara has to go for two years to another city. What we can do is get formally engaged soon and marry after she finishes her studies.

Swara just looks at Laksh with tears in her eyes. She feels proud that Laksh loves and supports her so much.

DP: Ok Laksh if you are fine then I have no problem. Pandit ji please finalise the dates.
Panditji: Next week I can see few good dates. You can choose any date.
DP: Fine next week we shall have the engagement.

Sujata and AP look at each other in despair.

Precap: Ragini shouts “Help Help!”. Sujata blackmails Sanskar.

Credit to: XOXO

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