You N I Collide Swaragini S01E03


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Scene 1

Kitchen of MM…

AP: Sujata this is wrong!
Sujata: Didi I’m doing this for my family

Ram overhears this conversation and interrupts

Ram (in an angry tone): Sujataaaaaa
Sujata and AP are shocked.
Ram: Sujata how can you even think of doing such a thing? Don’t you feel shameful playing with two innocent lives…
Sujata: You don’t understand
Ram: I don’t want to hear anything. You will not do any such thing and give your blessings to Swara and Laksh. If you even try to bribe the panditji then I will tell my brother
Ram storms out of the kitchen.
Sujata: Didi now what will we do?
AP: We will prepare for today’s dinner
Sujata: But
AP: Sujataaaa

Scene 2

Swara: Laksh I cannot believe it! We are finally going to get married!
Laksh: I told you my family will agree for this… We are destined to be together Swara
Swara: Yes we are. Lucky I’m feeling very nervous.
Laksh: Why are you feeling so nervous?
Swara: I don’t know what to wear! Should I wear a sari or suit?
Laksh: OMG Swara! You are a typical girl!
Swara: I’m meeting your family for the first time of course I will be nervous!
Laksh: You have met them countless number of times!
Swara: Yes but not as the girl you are going to marry!
Laksh: Wear whatever you want you will look beautiful.
Swara: Ok have to go Dadi is calling me!
Laksh: Adieu

Scene 3

Dadi: Shekhar did you buy the sweets?
Shekhar: Yes ma even the dry fruits… Are we missing out on anything?
Dadi: I don’t know there is so little time to prepare
Dida: What gifts should I get for their family?
Dadi: Sumi and Ragini have gone to buy gifts for them. I am very nervous
Dida: Same here and you Marwadi’s are so particular about anything related to marriage..
Dadi is about to reply when Shekhar says ‘Please don’t start Marwadi-Bengali fight. We have no time for that!’
Swara comes to the hall.
Swara: Dadi you called?
Dadi: Don’t you have to get ready? When will you go the parlour?
Swara: Dadi its just a dinner not the actual engagement!
Dadi: So what you are meeting them for the first time! Please go and get your eyebrows done asap and get your hair styled too.
Swara: I can’t understand. Should I get it curled or the straight look!
Dida: Get little Bengali touch also
Ragini and Sumi enter and see the chaos.
Ragini: Swara you come with me. We will decide your hairstyle in the parlour and we have got a yellow heavy suit for you.. It will look very good on you
Dida: Yeah Ragini take her she needs your help

Scene 4

Two boys are running around the house.

Geeta: Rithik and Sanskar you’ll have grown so big and yet are acting like small kids running around the house!
Sanskar: Mom tell Rithik to give my I phone back… I have to check my results…
Rithik: Mom I’m his elder brother so I want to check his IIM results!
Sandesh: Rithik give Sanskar his phone….
Rithik gives the phone to Sanskar. Sanskar is very nervous.
Geeta: Sanskar just relax! No matter which MBA College you get into we will always love you.
Rithik: I hope you get into IIM Bangalore then I will be your senior… Just like school days
Sandesh: Rithik don’t make your brother nervous!

Sanskar checks his results and is so surprised that he drops his I Phone!

Geeta: What happened beta?
Sanskar: Mom I got into an IIM!
Rithik: Which??? Kolkata? Indore?
Sanskar: Ahmedabad!

Everyone is very happy and hug Sanskar.

Rithik: Dad Sanskar deserves an I Phone 6S
Sandesh: Of course I will buy him.
Sanskar: Dad I’m sorry!
Sandesh: Sorry for what?
Sanskar: Dad I’m sorry for choosing MBA over IPS
Sandesh: Chill beta. As long as you are happy I’m happy

Scene 5

Swara and Ragini are about to enter the beauty parlour when Omi comes running to them.
Omi: Swara results?
Ragini: Results for what?
Omi: MBA!
Ragini: OMG I forgot Swara you were applying to MBA colleges. I hope you get IIM C so you will be close to me
Swara: Thanks Omi for reminding. I completely forgot about that! Ragini I am very nervous. I cant see my results you know na
Ragini: OK wait I will check. Tell me your roll no
Swara tells her roll no to Ragini and closes her eyes.
Ragini: Oh No!
Omi: Show me the results.

Swara starts crying thinking she did not make it!
Omi: Why are you saying oh no Ragini this is great!
Ragini: Because my sister will live in another city! How will I survive without her!
Swara: Where did I get into? IIM Bangalore?
Ragini and Omi: IIM Ahmedabad!

Credit to: XOXO

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