You N I Collide Swaragini S01E02


I know a lot of you are wondering about the pairs of this story…. Quite honestly I have not yet decided upon this so after a few episodes I will take a poll and based on that we all can decide the pairs of the story…. Thank you all for taking the time to read the story… Keep reading keep imagaing keep dreaming…

Scene 1

Swara enters her house with her hands behind her back. All of them rush to her.

Ragini: Swaraaa….. Where were you?
Swara: I had gone out for some time with my friends. 
Sumi: Don’t tell lies Swara
Swara: Ma how do you know I’m lying?
Dida: Release the suspense Shona
Ragini: Swara did that friend include Laksh too?

Swara starts blushing.

Dadi: See we caught you!
Ragini: Swara tell us what happened! Unravel the suspense pleaseeeee

Swara shows her right hand to everyone indicating that she is engaged.

Ragini: See Papa didn’t I tell you she will say yes!
Dida: Swara I’m very happy with you 
Dadi: You will now get married in such a big house! They are very respectable and rich people!
Dada: May God bless you laado!

Shekhar: Swara you have grown so big!
Shekhar and Sumi’s eyes turn watery.

Swara: I will always be your little Rajkumari (princess)!

Ragini tries to lighten the emotional mood!

Ragini: Swara now I will get the entire room to myself! Wow!
Swara: Ragini I’m going nowhere! There is lot of time and even when I go my things will stay in my room.
Ragini: Then what will stay in Laksh’s room?
Swara blushes and is about to hold Ragini’s ears but Ragini runs away.

Dadi: We should talk to Laksh’s parents!
Swara: Ma I’m very scared. What if they don’t agree!
Sumi: Relax dear! They know you since years and are very fond of you. I’m sure they will agree. 
Swara: I’m just scared. 
Dadi: its natural laado

Scene 2

Sujata: Laksh have you lost your mind?
Laksh: What is wrong with Swara?
Annapurna: Laksh there is nothing wrong with Swara but she is half Bengali!
Adarsh: But Ma who in this present time see caste n all!
Uttara: Yes Ma bhai is right… Swara is cool
Sujata: Keep quiet Uttara!
Parineeta: Ma please agree na! Swara is a really nice girl.
DP: Everyone keep quiet. Laksh do you love Swara?
Laksh: More than my life papa
DP: Will you be able to provide for her?
Laksh: Yes Papa
DP: After marriage you will have to work harder in office… You will have the responsibility of your wife
Uttara: Bade Papa you are agreeing for Swara! Yay!
Sujata: No he is not! 
DP: Sujata I understand Swara is Bengali but they both love each another… Laksh has already asked Swara out now we cannot go back on our words and I think that although she is modern she will be able to adjust in this house.
Laksh: Thank you so much Papa
Annapurna: Laksh if you marry her you have no clue how angry I will be!
DP: Annapurna please understand. Laksh if you marry Swara your mum will be angry but if you break Swara’s heart I will throw you out of the house
Sujata: Oh No!
Laksh: Love you papa

Scene 3

Swara is tensely walking in her room. Ragini is sitting on her bed and looking at her.

Ragini: Swara walking will only make you thin not take away your tension. Take a chill pill babe. 
Swara: I’m too tensed! I can’t think!
Ragini: Relax I have full confidence on Laksh sorry jiju’s capability to convince others. Didn’t he convince you to accept him?
Swara: Ragini this is very different.

Sumi comes running to the room. 
Sumi: They agreed. They have called us for dinner tonight to discuss the formal engagement date.
Ragini: Wow! Congrats Swara!
Swara: I can’t believe it.
Ragini: Swara Laksh Maheshwari! Sounds okayish!
Swara: Raginiiiiii

Scene 4

Annapurna and Sujata are in the kitchen.

Sujata: Didi I can’t believe bhaiya agreed!
AP: Neither can I. But to think of it I have always found Swara to be a sensible girl. 
Sujata: No one doubts that didi but you know na we cannot live with a Bengali girl. 
AP: Sujata she is Marwadi technically na and we are also living in Kolkata na
Sujata: I know but men don’t believe in castes and stuff… But you know that for family’s happiness it is important if girl is of the same caste. Swara has been raised in the Bengali way she will not be able to adjust in this Marwadi house and I can’t get my Laksh married to her
AP: Sujata there is nothing we can do dear!
Sujata: We can Didi
AP: How?
Sujata: Before the Gadodia’s come home we will bribe the Panditji and tell him to say Laksh cannot get married to Swara
AP: Sujata this is wrong
Sujta: I’m doing this for my family

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