You N I Collide Swaragini S01E01


Scene 1

Three four year old boys are playing on a beach in Mumbai. 
Adarsh: Lucky throw the ball properly. You are throwing it everywhere other than passing it to Sanskar or me.
Lucky: Bhai relax. Sanky catch the ball…
The ball goes near the sea.
Sanskar: Laksh what are you doing. You threw the ball in the sea. 
Laksh: Sorry bhai. I’ll go and get it.
Sanskar: You stay here. I’ll get it.

Sanskar goes to get the ball when suddenly a big wave comes at him.
Adarsh: Sanky watch out!
Before Sanskar could react the wave washes him into the sea. His body is untraceable.

The fishermen tell them that it is impossible for a young boy to survive such a big wave and therefore it is useless to initiate any search operations. Maheshwari family agrees with them and presume Sanskar to be dead. They decide to leave Bombay and shift to Kolkata. 

In another beach of Mumbai….

An Assistant Police Commissioner (Sandesh) along with his wife (Geeta) and his son (Rithik) are enjoying a beach vacation. 

Geeta (to her husband): Sandesh please take care. The waves are ferocious. 
Sandesh: Relax Geeta
Rithik: Papa I can be someone out there. A big fish on the shore.
Sandesh: Yes dear even I can see. Let’s go there.

The three of them go to see the fish,

Geeta: This is not a fish but a young boy. Sandesh see if he is alive.
Sandesh checks him. 
Sandesh: He is breathing. Let’s take him to a nearby hospital.

They rush him to a hospital. The doctors manage to treat Sanskar and he comes out of danger.

After a few days….

Geeta: Sandesh did you find out about Sanskar’s family?
Sandesh: No Geeta they are untraceable. The police force searched everywhere but we are unable to locate his family. 
Geeta: Sanskar is also just four years old. We can’t blame him for not remembering much about where he stayed or his house’s phone number.
Sandesh: We will have to find out about any orphanage centre for him.

Both Geeta and Sandesh turn gloomy. They go to the hall and see Rithik playing.

Geeta: Sandesh can’t we adopt him? 
Sandesh: I have no problem. I will figure out the paper work.

A smile lights up their faces. 


Nineteen years later….

Scene 2

The sun shines and lights up the Ganges. The breeze keeps the temperature cool. A girl stares at the magnificent Howrah. She looks peaceful. She looks content yet her eyes sparkle showing ambitions. 

A young and well-built boy comes and touches her shoulder. He moves her hair to her left shoulder and kisses her softly between the right shoulder and neck.

Girl: Laksh what are you doing?
Laksh: Just making love to my girlfriend.
Girl: Not in public dear.
Laksh: Swara I can’t stop loving you
Swara: I know and I feel the same.

They share an eye-lock.

Swara: So why have you called me?
Laksh: Lets go boating.
Swara: Not a bad idea. Never done it. I didn’t know we were allowed to ride a boat on the Ganges in Kolkata.
Laksh: When you are with Laksh Maheshwari everything is possible.

They both sit on the boat.

Swara bends to touch the water.

Laksh: Be careful.

Swara feels so happy that she starts humming the song ‘Yeh haseen wadiyan’…

Laksh: Swara I have a question to ask you.
Swara: Shoot

Laksh: Swara you are not just my best friend or love, you are my life. A part of me. You are my soulmate. You bring peace to me and there is no one I can see as my life partner. Swara will you grow old with me?

He takes out an emerald solitaire.

Swara can’t believe it. Her eyes turn watery. Laksh looks tensed.

Swara: Laksh Maheshwari I will marry you. I love you.

Laksh makes her wear the ring after which they both kiss and hug.

Swara: Will our families agree?
Laksh: I had already asked your parents. They have us their blessings. I have not yet asked my family though. I wanted your answer first.
Swara: I’m nervous Laksh. What will your parents say?
Laksh: I’m sure they will agree. They never tell me no for anything.

He gives Swara a shoulder hug and asks her to relax.

Scene 3

Swara’s family are very tensed.

Sumi: Do you think she will tell Laksh yes?
Ragini: Ma she has dated Laksh for almost five years. Of course she will say yes. 
Shekhar: What 5 years? She never told me once.
Ragini: Yes because you are her dad and will be over protective of her. 
Shekhar: Well I’m glad she chose a sensible guy like Laskh.
Dadi: I can’t wait. Let’s call Laksh.
Dida: Yes let’s call.
Dada: Ladies please relax. Let them be alone for some time. Maybe Laksh has not asked her yet.
Ragini: Oh God I’m too nervous

Credit to: XOXO

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