You N I Collide – S01E08


Scene 1

Laksh: What is you find a better looking guy in the campus?
Swara: Are you mad? We are already engaged! Nothing will happen! Also after seeing the engagement ring no one will hit on me.
Laksh: You don’t know college guys! Hitting on girls is one of their hobbies!
Swara: Oh is it? Cause from what I remember we met in college.
Laksh: I’m different.
Swara: Acha how so?
Laksh: I’ll tell you.

He locks the room door and things happen.

Scene 2
Shekhar, Sharmishta and Swara are in a taxi at Ahmedabad.
Shekhar: The campus is huge! Take care Swara. Don’t roam alone here.
Sharmishta: Yeah beta! Don’t know how the guys will be here. Beware.
Swara: Relax ma! Anyway now which direction to go to?
Swara gets out of the car to ask someone the directions.
Swara: Excuse me can you tell me where is A block?
Sanskar: I’m sorry. I’m trying to figure the same too.

They ask another person who happens to tell them the direction.

Sanskar: Are you a first year MBA student?
Swara: Yeah! What bout you?
Sanskar: Same.
Rithik: Sanskar sorry to disturb you but we are waiting!
Sanskar: Got to go!
Swara: Bye. See you around!

In the car

Rithik: Sanskar you just entered the campus and have started flirting with girls!
Sanskar: In case you didn’t notice she had a ring on her fourth finger?
Rithik: Oops better luck next time!
Geeta (their mother): Guys shhhh

Scene 3

Ragini is going to her musical school. On the way Laksh and Adarsh, who are in the car, spot her.
Laksh: Hey Ragini? Where are you headed?
Ragini: Hi Laksh! Musical school.

She notices Adarsh and feels uncomfortable.
Adarsh: Hi Ragini
Ragini: Laksh I need to go. Bye.
Laksh (in his mind): Weird!

Scene 4

It is Ragini’s first day as a musical teacher. She is sitting in the teacher’s staff room.

Teacher 1: Did you hear about the famous actress?
Teacher 2: What happened?
T1: She recently had an abortion!
T2: I think its alright to have an abortion than to ruin the child’s life!
T1: I think we are no one to decide to kill! We should follow Gods will! Whats your take Ragini!
Ragini: I think it’s a personal and circumstantial choice. Each case is different. However I don’t think I can kill the baby!

Scene 5

Swara: Baba and Ma stop crying!
Shekhar: How will we live without you?
Swara: You will still have everyone around! I’m alone out here!
Sumi: Will miss you!
Swara: Keep visiting me!
Shekhar: Yeah and everyday Skype

Swara hugs both her parents and they all cry!

Scene 6
Swara enters her room crying.

She sees a girl lying on the other bed and listening to music. The girl stops listening to music.

Girl: Hi I’m your roommate, Ananya.
Swara: Hi I’m Swara.

Ananya: Rule 1: You cant cry in this room! I hate tears! Waste of time!
Swara: Rule 2: You wont listen to music on your headphones. You will play it loud!
Ananya: Rule 3: Sharing of clothes is permitted!
Swara: Rule 4: No one comments on how messy the room is!

They both start laughing.

Ananya: Anyway get ready we have to go for induction followed by some DJ party for new students!
Swara: What are you planning to wear?
Ananya: Do you want boys to give you attention? Actually we will get it even if we aren’t that well dressed. Our beauty makes up for it! And girls are so few in this campus!

Swara shows her the ring!

Ananya: Married?
Swara: Engaged!
Ananya: Your guy is insecure?
Swara: No. Family sake….

Scene 7

Adarsh (to his friend): I’m missing Ragini! Have to do something again!
Friend: What if you get caught!
Adarsh: Relax nothing will happen!

Question for readers

What do you’ll think of Sanskar and Ananya’s pair?

Credit to: XOXO

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    1. Btw what is that “S01E08”?

      1. Season 1 episode eight

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