A mythic Luv 1 of 3 (KRPKAB) 4th part


“Granny..Granny..No one is playing out”Aara comes in her childish run..
Dev,Sona n Grandma sees her n Dev said”Granny..I think we make the story’s remaining in stop..I’ll come Tom aftr school strts..Now Itz Aara’s time..”
Grandma nods her head.Dev calls Aara n asked”Chocolatey..Now we r doing some magic here like in school”
Aara asked”Really Uncle?!!”with excitement..
Dev sees her eyes n said 3..2..1 by her empty hands…
A Lil Teddy appears in his hand..Grandma n Sona also surprised..with Aara..
Dev leaves aftr saying Sona n Sona’s grandma..

Sona thinks”Maybe I’m wrong..He is gud”…with a undefined smile like Vinci’s Monalisa..
Dev thinks”After a long struggle,I find the empty of that image..So,the image is not get in future..We made tat today artificially”..
Loc:Dev’s house..
Dev strted filling the image artificially in 32nd page..
Dev thinks abt the perfect Ijo (oldDev in tribal mode) for drawing..n said in mind “Sure the hanged clown man was Ijo if the flute also there with woman as like as Granny said”..
He closes the note n takes papers..
N strts to try the two diff images of Ijo..-Ijo with a flute in first meet with Sono (OldSona in tribal mode)..and hanged clown faced Ijo..
Taking the note,Dev strted drawing in new page..according to the story Grandma said..
Hanged clown faced Ijo with a flute n the petal of the flower on his another hand..
N with a smile with seeing Sono..

And also by using the image in 32nd page,Dev draws also Sono’s Image..
Sono with the flower n an eye tear like in the 32nd page n also the bird in her head..
Aftr finishing the image,Dev sees tat..
“I think it would be like tiz..Soon,I’ll find tiz mystery”
Loc:Sona’s house..
Sona thinks abt the little Ted..
N makes Aara sleep..
With another thinking”Y her name slightly like me..I ‘ll find tiz soon?”
Few hours passed..
Dev awakes frm his bed by some jerk..n sees the time..
A voice inside in his mind says”U said U’ll find tiz soon..Tiz min the next day born..U want to turn the next page”
By a flash in his mind,Dev opens the note n turns the next for the page in which Dev newly draws …

Loc:Sona’s house..
Similarly Sona also awakes after seeing the magic of Dev again in her dream…
“Idhayam Udaithu Ennai Vaazha Solgiraai”((“U said me to live with a broken heart”)(Kanimozhiye-“IrandaamUlagam”(SecondWorld)) in female voice plays in bg of Dev n Sona on their places..
Hope U like tiz frndzz..Tanq for reading n write ur cute thoughts..Sorry frndzz..for the late..Due to times of error connection in TU ,I m unable to post..Hope U read 3rd epi:


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  1. It is a lil confusing

    1. HarSHaN

      Ayushi..Acc to Sona’s grandma story,hanged man is Ijo (actually tribal Dev) n flute woman is Sono (Sona)..new Dev hears the story frm her n draw tat as a pic..Hope U understood n if u get the 3rd epi,U’l l got the story understood..Hope U get tat above..?

  2. Baapre it’s really confusing..but are u Indian??u seem telugu,Tamil or malayalee??

    1. HarSHaN

      Nishi..I think maybe U miss the previous epis..If u read,U ‘ll be out of confusion..Tatsy I included 3rd epi..n I m a Tamilian

    2. HarSHaN

      n also belong to majestic India

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