A mythic Luv 1 of 3 (KRPKAB) 3rd part


Tanq frndzz for reading n ur thoughts abt story of Dev-Sona’s new 2 dimensions…
Dev is searching a long lost language..
He finally meets Sona n her grandma who knows the language..
Dev asks “What was there on tat empty of image actually?”
Sona’s grandma says”A clown faced man hanged by a rope”..
Dev n Sona shocked..
While saying,Grandma see Aara is seeing them from steps of upstairs..
Grandma calls Aara n tells her go to play outside..
Grandma continues the story afr Aara leaves…
“Long time ago,at the time of continental migration of human,a crooky n handsome magician-like clown also traveled..
His name is not known bt Ijo,a believed name….
…..”Story comes as FlasHBack…

The people with their families migrated to other land..by a long journey…
A long hair n bearded man performs magic for childrens in his way..Actually,*Ijo..
(*Ijo is none other than Dev)
Childrens were surprised while seeing a bird sitting on his flute also follows his flute music by its imitate..
“Parade De La Bastille(Instr version)(Tamasha)” in tribal style plays in bg..(Sona’s Grandma says its a tribal music?)
While playing the flute,Ijo also surprised..Bcoz,He saw near tat bird ,a petal of a small flower also there on flute..actually on his hands in playing mode..
N saw the bird again..
The bird saw him n was strting to fly..

Ijo (Dev) stopped his flute n took the petal on his hands n saw the bird..
The bird reached a girl’s flower on her head,*Sono(*none other than Sona) in tribal style,colored beads n feathers attached on her dress..
Ijo saw her n thinks”Like her beauty,Maybe She had gud hearted”..
Again the same bg music played..Ijo
saw some people playing musical (old) instruments n thought”Like this music,She looks..”
Sono(Sona) accidentally saw Ijo (Dev)..
“Nana..na..na(frm same bgmusic)”people’s musical voices make the eyelock magical…
Hope U like tiz frndzz..Tanq for reading n write ur cute thoughts..

Frndzz,just only A End part( bt doesnt know the end now ) remaining as actually said,..Bt,I made it as long episodes if U like tiz..Hope U like tiz..Tanq..frndzz

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