A mythic Luv 1 of 3 (KRPKAB) 2nd part


The new dimension of Devshi..Dev is trying to find a long lost language which is used as extinct one by some..Sona’s grandma is the one who knows the language..While seeing Sona’s grandma,Dev takes his notes in rush n takes 32nd page..

On 32nd half horizontal page,
A girl in a tribal dress playing oldest form of flute with a tear n the same bangles..
A bow n arrow in her back of the left shoulder..
Another half page is empty..
Dev’s mind insists to meet Sona’s grandma…
Dev going towards Sona’s house..
While closing the door,Sona sees Dev is coming..
Sona thinks Y he is coming n trying to close the door..
Bt,Dev stops the door..
Sona asked”What do U want.,ha..AngryB?”

Dev face goes angry n said”What say?me..U mean AngryBird”
Grandma hears n asked”Sona..Who is he?”
Sona turns back n said”Granny…He is the clown.. Aara said about him to U daily”
Grandma turns joy n said Sona”Sona,Welcome him”
Bt,Sona obeys granny n opens the door..
Dev enters via the door n sees Sona..
Sona’s eyes seems something like anger..
Dev’s eyes copies that..
Dev touches Grandma’s feet..by his fingers..Grandma blessed him..
She asked”So..U r Dev?my Aara always said about U daily..Can U tell me one of ur stories”
Sona tries to stop”Granny..”
Dev turns n signs Sona to stop with a smile..
Dev:”S..Granny..With Ur blessings..
Once upon a time,
A man who is a clown was living in Banaras..
He was famous for his games,comedies n funny dances..”Grandma interrupts Dev n asked”Aara said U r saying stories daily with funny plays..Bt now..?”
Dev turns Shy n said”Granny..Bt..”
Dev with a smile waves his hand like a clown continues the story..
Dev describes how tat clown tries away from a forest..
Sona’s lips smiles with out of her control..

After the story is finished,Grandma thank Dev with touching his head by her hand as a blessing..
Dev smiles n said “Granny..Tanq for enjoying..I asked U something important..”
Sona’s grandma asked with a smile”Is that very important?”
Dev:”Granny..I was surprised while seeing ur grand-daughter’s bangles..I m sure it belonged to U before..Can U told something about that..”
Granny with a smile”Nothing Spl,Dev..It belonged to my mom..”
Dev takes his notes n turned the page into 32nd..
Dev:”Granny..I searched about a spl..Maybe I’ll find tat if U help me”
While seeing the drawing on tat page,grandma was shocked n her memories goes back to her childhood..

The moment when Her great-grandma was telling a story of a flute-woman n also itz a hidden story about a language kept as a secret in old times..
Grandma asked Dev”R U want to know about the fill in empty place in tat page?”
Dev with a hurry”Grandma..Plz tell”
Grandma’s head sees down n she said:”It’s a clown faced man hanged in a rope”
Hope U like tiz,frndzz..
Tanq for reading n for ur thoughts..The end in tiz epi seems something depressed..Bt,for a twist,made tat..Sure tat U guess the twist..
Story of DevShi-3 is waiting to create..

Write Ur cute thoughts after reading..

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    wow nice update next part soon 🙂

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