A mythic Luv 1 of 3 (KRPKAB) 1st part


Hope U like tiz Dev n Sona’s new Dimension.. Childrens r hearing the story in a class..A young Romeo actually in a kindergarden school makes the childrens laugh..by his cute n funny moves for a story..Helper comes towards him n said in his ears”Sir..Ur nxt program is ready to strt.”..
His eyes goes angry n said “Cancel It”..
Helper:”Bt Dev Sir..”
Dev:”Before this children’s happiness,nothing is important to me..”
After the story finished,Dev sent all childrens to their homes one by one..
School heads:”Dev Sir..Don’t Worry..We’ll take care of it..”
Dev hears tiz n said”I know it..”

After all the kids r leaving,Dev leaves from tat place..
Dev strts his precious old work-Trying to find long lost language..actually little extinct by some..
He takes his notes n in his jean clothes,he strts walking though cars r waiting..

Aftr a long time,he reached museum..Dev’s Angel Sona is also there..
While seeing Statue of a Dancing Apsara(in below the board shows before 5th cent..),Dev is interrupted..
A cute kid holds his hand n said”Uncle…”
Dev see the child n said”Hey Chocoleti..Aftr School,U r coming to Museum..Who brings U here?” with a smile..
The child signs Sona n said”My Aunty..”
Dev sees Sona also sees them n also sees she is coming towards them..
The cute said”Aunty..He is Dev Uncle..He comes to school daily..n told a story..”
Sona smiles n said”Tanq Mr.Dev..U makes Aara happy everyday..Always she said about U n Ur story”
Dev asked”How careless U r?Aara sees me..If not, U maybe miss her for little time..,If it happens,What ‘ll U do?”
Sona’s face goes to angry…”I know How to care..U don’t interfere in it”n holds Aara’ s hand n strts moving..
Aara turns back n sees Dev..Dev smiles..While he smiles,Sona turns back n sees Dev with angry..Dev also expressed his face angry n turns back..

While turning back,his memories go back n surprised by seeing Sona’s bangles..
Dev turns joy n thinks”It belongs to my family’s beginning..Surely I’ll find the long lost language earlier”n his mind insists to follow Sona..to find about her..
Dev follows her..with hearing flute tune of “Patakha Ghuddi(Highway)”
N finally reached her house..After the bell,someone opens the door..
While Dev seeing tiz,he was surprised..
Actually Sona’s grandma opens the door..Dev didn’t know she is the one who knows tat language..
Dev takes his notes in rush n takes 32nd page of it..

Hope U like tiz,frndzz..Share Ur cute thoughts…Tanq for reading..It seems little bore..Sorry for that..

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  1. This story really nice.. I am eagerly waiting for next..

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Aji.. It ‘ll be Tom?

  2. Very gud epi….new angel of story…continue it….

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Laxmi..Sure..

  3. Super. Waiting for next

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Devika..It’ll be on Tom?

  4. Please post next episode soon.. Harshan

    1. HarSHaN

      Sure Sruthi..

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