Mystery of Love and War – Prologue


SS By – ♡ Ananna , Duggu & Zaira ♡

This SwaSan SS Concept is from ‪#‎Duggu‬, ‪#‎Zaira‬ & ‪#‎Ananna‬.

This is a concept of Two people & their life with some beautiful friends and some betrayers..Their Mystery..Their War & Love !!

So this is called…

“Mystery of War & Love”

‪#‎Characters‬ :

Main leads :

‪#‎Swara_Malik‬ : Daughter of Afzal Malik(KD Pathak from Adalat)..stunning girl..with brain n beauty..kind..bubbly..Joined Kashmir Science University in Chemistry department..

‪#‎Sanskaar_Maheshwari‬ : Son of DurgaPrasad Maheshwari..A responsible guy..Intelligent with secretive brain..Handsome..Khadus sometimes..kind with everyone..joined Kashmir Science University in Physics Department …

Supporting -:

Laksh Mathur : Elder Son of Rich father Raam Prasad Mathur..a 4th year student of Kashmir Science University..Department of Physics..Innocent with soft heart … naughty as well as ..friend of Sanskaar … lover of Ragini..

Naksh Mathur : Younger Son of Raam Prasad..Trouble king..Naughty..Dramebaaz..1st year student of KSU..

Ragini Kapoor : Daughter of Rich father Shekhar Kapoor..Beautiful..stylish..bubbly girl..4th year student of KSU..Department of Chemistry..friend of Swara..lover of laksh..

Sahil Uddin : New Student of KSU..naughty but stupid narrow minded..a playboy..

Kavya Sinha : Friend of Rohan..New Student of KSU..1st year..

Karthik Jain : Friend of Rohan..New Student of KSU..1st year..

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Prologue ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A guy was lying on bike. His head was covered wid his hoodie. A guy was standing besides him , he was Laksh.

Laksh : Sanskaar now get up !! It’s 9 !! Classes will begin !!
Sanskaar : Ha … !!

Sanskaar gets up. He was looking damn handsome. As if carved by God himself !!!

Suddenly Ragini comes running inside the gate.

Ragini : Laksh save me !

Ragini hugs Laksh. Laksh hugs her back. Ragini starts panting & laughing.

Sanskaar : Kya hua Ragini !??
Ragini : Woh … Woh … !

She points at entrance. A girl wearing black faded jeans with crop top came running. Sanskaar keeps looking at her. Ragini hides behind Laksh.

Ragini : Swara I’m sorry na !!

The girl was Swara …

Swara : Ragini ki bachhi … Tu to aaj gayi !!
Laksh : Oh hello … who are you !??
Swara : Who the hell are you to ask me this question , huh !??
Ragini : Laksh … She is my childhood friend !! Swara !!
Laksh : Oh !! Sorry …
Swara : Its ok …
Laksh : I’m Laksh …
Swara : Oh !! Jiju !! Maine toh pehchana hi nahi apko Well Rags nice choice ha !!
Ragini : Now please forgive me na !!
Swara : Ohk …

Swara gives a flying kiss to Ragini. Swara looks at Sanskaar who was looking at her mysteriously.

Swara : Who is he !?
Ragini : oh !! Swara Sanskaar … Sanskaar Swara … Laksh Swara … Sanskaar Laksh … Ragini Laksh … Sanskaar Ragini … (tongue slips) Swasan …
Swara : Kya !??
Ragini : Sorry … I mean … Swara Sanskaar … tongue slipped …
Swara : Hi I’m Swara … Nice to meet you !!
Sanskaar : ( coldly ) Hi …

Sanskaar shows as if not interested. Swara finds weird and keeps starring at him.

Ragini : Swara … I’ll show you the college !!

Suddenly a guy taps Ragini’s shoulder.

Guy : No need Bhabhi !! I’m there na !!
Ragini : Bhabhi ke bachhu !!
Swara : Who is he !??
Guy : Hey I’m Naksh !! Laksh ka younger brother !! And you …
Swara : I’m Swara !! Rags Childhood friend …
Naksh : Nice name !!

He forwards his hand. Both shake hands and smile. Sanskaar jerks and leaves from there. Swara looks at him.

Naksh : Leave him !! He is Khadus !!
Swara : Yeah !! Pakka Khadus !!
Naksh : So guys let’s go to class !? I mean u attend ur … I’ll attend mine !!
Swara : Bye !!


Sahil and his gang have bad eyes on all the girls of college. Sanskaar , Laksh & Naksh are against their gang. Like both are rivals …

‪#‎Precap‬ – Depends on ur comments & likes ☺

How Swara n Sanskaar will be one? How they will be SwaSan ??Why their doubtful eyes talks first before them..?? Wud they ever trust each other !?? How will their War turn into love..? What is the Mystery of their War & Love?? If you wanna know then wait for the journey of this story..!!

Give your views about SS … we wanna know about it …

Credit :- #Duggu #Zaira #Ananna

Credit to: Zaira, Duggu & Ananna

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