Mystery of Love and War – ( Episode 1 )


“Mystery of War & Love”

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Episode 1.

Swara attends her classes and was going to canteen as it was her lunch time. She gets a call from a person. She picks it and ons bluetooth and hides the bluetooth with her hair.

Swara : ( in low voice ) Yeah … I’ve reached here today itself !! Don’t worry … I’m safe !!

Suddenly Naksh comes across her.

Naksh : Hey Swara !!

Swara gets scared as Naksh bumps in suddenly.

Swara : Hey Naksh !! You here !??
Naksh : Lunch time !!
Swara : Oh yes !! Lunch time !! So let’s go to canteen !! ?
Naksh : Yeah sure !!
Swara : But where is Rags !?
Naksh : Oh Bhabhi !! Wait up ….. I’ll call her !! Till then you go ahead !!
Swara : Yeah sure !!

Naksh leaves. Swara relieves and walks ahead.

Swara : ( low voice ) Yes sir !! I’m doing what I’m supposed to …

Suddenly her eye locks at a CCTV camera. She quickly moves her eyes over other direction and keeps walking …

Swara : Wait up sir … Here’s a CCTV camera … Near Cabin of Principal … yeah … ohk you don’t worry sir … I’ll do my part well …

She enters the canteen. She sees here and there.

Swara : All clear …

She moves ahead and takes plate. She starts taking food stuff she needed in plate.

Swara : You continue sir … My attention is on your words …

Swara was all engaged in listening. But the students there wud think she is busy taking food.

Swara : But sir wud it work … !?

She starts walking towards the table.

Swara : I think we need … Oops !!

Swara’s plate falls from her hands as she collides with something … or rather someone … She looks at the person. He was Sanskaar ! Sanskaar kept looking at her wid horror.

Swara : I’m sorry …
Sanskaar : You should be … !

Sanskaar raises his eyebrow. Swara recognises that he is starring at her suspiciously so she bends down and picks the food stuffs and leaves. Sanskaar keeps his eyes on her. She brings other food.

Swara : ( low voice ) But are you sure !?? Ohk …

Swara smiles at Sanskaar. She comes near his table and sits there. Soon Naksh , Rags & Laksh joins them. Swara starts eating her salad.

Swara : ( audible to others ) Yes mumma !! Now bye !! Shall I hang up Now !??

Sanskaar looks at her wid shocked expressions.

Naksh : Your mom huh !??
Swara : Yes … you know na how mom are !!
Rags : Yes !! Sumi aunty is pretty worried about her daughter !!
Laksh : After all she is a mom !!
Sanskaar : So you were talking wid your mom since 20 minutes !??
Swara : How do you know I’m talking since 20 minutes !??

Swara & Sanskaar look at each other. Sanskaar forwards his hand.

Sanskaar : Friends !?? ?

Swara widens her eyebrow and smiles crookedly.

Swara : Not bad !! Friends !! ?

She shakes hands wid him … Both give a fake smile.

Rags : So how was ur lectures !??
Swara : Is this even a question to be asked !? ?
Rags : Oh sorry … ?

All were busy eating their food when suddenly something grabs their attention. The news on TV !!


Reporter : So as you are seeing there is again an attack over here in Kashmir market. Yes you heard right !! 50 people died and 25 are badly injured … Subah Subah market mein bomb blast …

Swara looks at Rags. All 5 look wid confused expressions.

Naksh : Bomb Blast again …
Laksh : Day before yesterday also it had happened …
Rags : Strange … who might have done it !??
Sanskaar : Obviously the neighbour country !!

Swara looks at Sanskaar quickly. Sanskaar looks her back but Swara avoids his gaze.

Swara : ( in mind ) I need to keep eye on him … & Be goody wid him to stop his eyes roaming around me !!

Swara : Let them do their duty … Why should we college students interfere !? Well guys I hope we are only college students … !!

She looks at Sanskaar. Sanskaar smiles.

Sanskaar : Yeah !!! We are only college students !


The market was all destroyed. The shops were closed and burnt. Some dead bodies were lying there on road. While some relatives were crying & weeping. Police men were shocked. And some military people were picking up dead bodies.

Reporter : Tu chaliye Puchhte hain Mr. Sahani se … Mr. Sahani wat do you think about this bomb blast !?
Mr Sahani : Well actually speaking we all are shocked. We checked the CCTV and are finding the doubtful person. This bomb blasted at 6 in morning … We are doubtful on Kalakhalid group … They belong to Pakistan … Now let’s see wat the department does …

Swara looks at Sanskaar. Sanskaar smiles crookedly.

Sanskaar : I said !!
Swara : Master mind !!

Laksh : Naksh … Dad has called us … We need to leave …

Naksh & Laksh leaves. Sanskaar’s phone rings.

Sanskaar : Important call … need to attend !! Excuse me !!
Swara : Sure !!

Sanskaar gets up and picks the call. Swara has her eyes on Sanskaar. Sanskaar was not audible to her but she still stares on him. Rags was busy eating food and watching news. Sanskaar was speaking calmly.

Rags : I’ll be back …
Swara : Umm ….. fine ! Come Soon …
Rags : yeah …

On other hand.

Sanskaar : (in low voice) Yes I have mingled here with students. No body has any suspect on me.

Sanskaar was talking and while he was talking there was a gaze on him of Swara. He looks at her. She suddenly looks elsewhere but still attention on him. When suddenly she felt a touch and she looked at that direction.

Sahil : Hey beautiful would you be my friend
Swara : (monologue)To know about the inner secret I need to do it !!
Swara : Will surely be.

Sahil forward his hand and Swara with hesitation shakes hand with him.

Sanskaar:(looks towards Swara) I may keep the phone.

And he cuts the call and moves towards Swara`s direction with furious eyes and red in anger.

Sanskaar : Swara may you excuse us
Swara : Sure you may carry on …

And she goes

Sahil : May I know why did you said that …
Sanskaar : Coz I want girls away from you …
Sahil : May I know Why??
Sanskaar : The reason is you itself.

And he goes away leaving him furious. And standing far away Swara gave an Devilish Smile who was in her own thought. She calls the same person & talks on bluetooth.

Swara : Yes sir … I heard the bomb blast news … Mr. Sahani said that it’s Kalakhalid group’s plan … So now where’s the next attack !?? Ohk … I’m trying my level best … I’ll do my best !!

She smiles devilishly.

‪#‎Precap‬ – Swasan fight over the bomb blast. Sanskaar doubts on Swara.

Credit : ‪#‎Duggu‬ ‪#‎Zaira‬

Credit to: Zaira Duggu Ananna

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