Mystery and love in the air (episode 1)

Hallo everybody !! I’m new here and i hope all of u like the story .. i would like all your comments and help in improving and finishing the story

His body lay in a pool of blood .He was clearly dead . The wealthy Avinash Sharma , CEO of the Jillu industries lay silent , unconscious to his surroundings and the uproar his death would cause .It was a well planned murder ………

Radhika turned off the tv , all there was were cooked up stories about Avinash Sharma’s death and she was tired , she wanted a first hand clear account of what happened . Her phone was ringing and she finally answered it knowing who it was nd what they would say . “Radhika , I need you here now .” said a gruff voice , a small smile creeped into her lips , “But sir, I was suspended due to my odd , wrong intutions” she replied . “Damn the suspension we need those intutions , down here.” The call cut and radhika smiled , of course they would need her….
It was a large office made with posh for the DYSP of Delhi ,The name plate was of DYSP Samrat Khanna ,

He was seated on his chair facing a well built police officer and was deep in discussion with him . “Arjun I need u to take up this case. But u will have a patner .” “ Why sir, I have proved myself a good police officer .” Arjun asked in his deep voice. “Im sure u are , but this case is of much importance and it is orders from above that I hire two of the best police officers” Arjun’s eyes narrowed , he never liked having a patner ,he liked doing everything alone . “Who is it sir, Is it Neil ?” “No , Neil will be accompaning u through the case but ur patner will be Radhika Mishra IPS” Arjun felt like rolling his eyes he was having a woman for a patner and wasn’t that the crazy woman who got suspended . He stared at Samrat as if he was mad “Sir, she is under suspension right?” “She was , but now we need her .” Samrat said with a small smile. Arjun was curious. “What Is so special about her?” “That which got her suspended , her guts and notions”Samrat said mischieviously. “You wont be meeting her today , she will be at the crime place tomorrow and I will officially introduce both of u to each may leave .”Samrat ended the conversation.

Arjun got up and slowly walked towards the door . This case was going to be a milestone in his work , and now he would have to share it . He had never worked with women before and though he was not so narrow minded he did have an inclination to believe that police was a work for the men , and this woman was not clear in her works , he would have to look into her. A part of his mind told him that he was having a patner because of his emotional slip in the last case . A beep in his phone withdrew himfrom his thoughts . It was a message from neil “Hey buddy , heard the news about the case , congrats , meet u at home , gotta celebrate.”it said , arjun grinned , inspite of being a police officer neil always wanted to celebrate . It would be a long night …..

2 hours later
“Where in the hell are we?” arjun screamed over the sound in the dance club .Neil sniggered. “dude, look around we r in a dance club and we r all drinking and celebrating to ur victory , and to ur fate of being stuck with a woman patner , lets hope she is hot guys, cheers” he screamed at their fellow friends “cheers!” they all screamed back .Arjun was shaking his head , he had never been comfortable in such loud areas , the sound blaring from the speakers was hurting his ears. “How dare u?” arjun looked to see a woman in her twenties wearing shorts and a half sleeved top slap his friend , George who was a little drunk . “what happened?” neil asked the girl . “this guy tried to misbehave with me” she replied . “oh buddy, I didn’t . I just tried to dance with this s*xy lass” George said in half stupor .the girl was fuming . Neil who knew clearly well that George had a bad record with women but who always stood for his stupid buddies , said “ u must have been giving him the wrong vibes”

the girl stared at neil as if he was stupid . “unbelievable , I have not seen such stupid men in my life , don’t worry I’ll manage this alone” saying so she removed her sandals and advanced towards George . George ran and hid behind arjun , seeing the girl move towards him he decided to take the matter in his own hands. “look , we r sorry for his behavior” arjun said calmly .the girl stared at him she seemed to be thinking . Arjun was slowly feeling relieved, the matter would soon e settled , if she wanted he would allow her to slap George again “Wait buddy , u have no reason to say sorry , women shouldn’t walk out wearing flimsy dresses if they expect men to behave properly.” Neil interjected . Arjun groaned , damn neil , he was drunk and didn’t have a clear head. The girls nose flared with anger , she looked as if she was ready to hit neil .

“whats the problem sam ?” a voice so stern and courageous was heard and they all turned to see another girl who looked hot in jeans that showed off her shape and a baby doll top on her curvy body . Arjun could see that she was well built and unlike other women she had muscles that perfectly fit her body making her even look more alluring according to him .Her eyes were chocolate brown and they radiated her attitude , her lips were red and full . He was instantly attracted to her, she looked a woman of substance. He saw the other men gaping at her and his blood boiled . “This guy tried to misbehave with me radhu , and his damn friends are supporting him” the girl addressed as sam replied pointing to George and neil . “Your friend is also hot” George said sneeringly . Thwack! Was all they heard and George lay unconscious on the floor . Her eyes flashed with fury . “Anybody else have a problem?” she asked her eyes scanning them .Arjun had to hold back neil .

he didn’t want to go home with 2 unconcious bodies. “oh radhu u r my hero!” sam said gleefully. Radhu , gave her a small smile and bend down ,she shook george’s head and he stirred and slowly opened his eyes groaning . he was catching hischeek where he had slapped and he slowly opened his mouth and took one of his tooth out along with a lot of blood.Everybody gasped and they couldn’t believe their eyes . Radhu smirked and said “I don’t think u deserve that wisdom tooth and I warn u another obscene word or misbehavior and u wont be having any teeth inside that mouth of urs.” She looked at all of them , grabbed sam’s hand and walked off .

This is all . Next time i will make it longer. Hope u guys enjoy and have a lovely day!!!!!

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  1. Sammy

    Wao ..this is something radhika get prenoms ….and that fight was awesome 🙂 🙂

  2. Rg2015

    Wow awesome

  3. Gummiebear

    First someone protrayed Radhika as rowdy becoz always arjun z the one who z the hero nd saves the day…..dear I loved your concept…. Now my fingers crossed and I am waiting for next one….. Be soon….stay blessed!!!….

  4. Wow…its different and i like it so far…waiting on next…

  5. Brin

    Awesome episode, I like the strong Radhika, well done Dawn, waiting for the next update. 🙂

  6. Amazing start just got drawn to it. Will be waiting for ur next update. Loved it very much

  7. Rossy

    The word of its title mystery n with mmz characters can glued me to end…m literally tiptoed to know what is going to happen nextt…i loved ur concept coz girls are strong n bold here…waiting for Arjun to see radz is the same ips with whom he is going to work…update sooon…u can’t back out now????…lol

  8. S.v

    Woo radhika with this rowdy style. I like that and what is that ??? Instinct ?? Lol but nixe start. So unofficial radhika and arjun met. Nice. Next part soon.

  9. wow..amazing episode………. interesting story………. i like bold radhu…….eagerly waiting next one………please update

  10. Sreee

    Sooo mysteries in hair ..pataka rads…am so loving it…..pls update next soon sweet dawny…

  11. Myra

    woah!! it was amazing…..radhika an IPS…that’s a really different story line dawn…and I must you that you rocked it…..loved your ff and loved your concept….it’s a fresh concept…..I have taken an instant liking to it….please update soon….am eagerly waiting to see Arjun meeting radhika in uniform 🙂

  12. _Ritu

    awesome start dear..totally different and interesting plot…Girls entry were looking ahead for nxt..plz be regular in updating..take care

  13. Lakshmi05

    Amazing start…wow…rads as IPS officer…this is really superb…update soon…

  14. Jessie

    Wah.. wat a Amazing start.. full power pack.. loved d fight…Ardhika police.!! Superb..crisp clear dialogues 4 Rads… so curious 2 read ur next update.. when is it..?

  15. Sweetie

    Oohoooo..Rads power packed lady..I just love such girls..Interesting plot dear.. 🙂 Waiting for next..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  16. Awesome, wowwww. ..plz continue dear. ..I loved rowdy rads here…love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug

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