Mystery #kanchi os# part-3 by vrusha!!


Hey guys I m vrushti now without my bakbak I will start the os…..

Lets start…

And she ties a long sari to the pillar and starts going down through the balcony! As due to her weight and weak knot the knot starts to remove !! finally the knot fully removes and she was about to fall on groung when two strong pair of hands
caught her standing exactly down her balcony…now she was in his arms and the sari flew and setteled on both of them…they had a intense eyelock!! (Background song- instrumental tune of johada akber serial) finally they both
comes in sense…
Swarda-leave me!!! How dare u touched me!!! Who r u?!
He was none other than yuraj vikram!
Vikram- I had not caught u to leave! Rajkumari swarda!!! And I m ur to be
Sawrda in mind- ooh so is senapati’s boy!!!
Swarda-leave me u monkey!! And u r not my groom ! I will not marry senapati’s boy! Leave me u fool!
Vikram was confused by her words as he
was a yuraj! And she is calling her a senapati’s boy!!!
When he got lost in his thoughts thinking about her words his grip became loose and she took chance of it, managed to land her foots on ground and ran away from there!!

In swarda’s room…
Swarda-thank god! I came back from that devil’s hands! He was stareing me like he is gonna eat me!!!
In vikram’s room….

His friend- friend why she was calling u senapati’s boy?
Vikram-dont know!! But i m feeling that she dont know the true meaning of love due to her such talks…if she would have
known the meaning of love then she would have seen the pure heart filled with love rather than any post!!! Dont tell her that I m yuraj till she get to know what is love!!
In swarda room…
Swarda to her mom- maa till when that
monkey is going to stay here?!
Jaya- monkey!!??? Who monkey?!!
Swarda-my to be groom!!
Jaya laughs and says- beta u must not say like this to ur to be husband!! They have stayed here for pooja! And will go after
deciding ur marriage date!
Swarda- maa I dont wanna marry that monkey!!
Jaya- every girl tells the same before her marriage but afterwards adjusts and also ur father is highly impressed with vikram!!

Swarda-(evily smirks) then I know how to highly dipress in the eyes of pitashree!!
With the passing days swaram was getting closer to each other unknowingly because of some following events like colliding each
other and mistakely while he caught her from waist and the flowers from her hands falls on both of them, doing pooja together and because of their good nature then too swarda dont want to marry senapati’s boy!!! One day while eating food(bhojan)
swarda mixes more chilli powder in his curry but mistakely she eats that curry and get burnt her tongue….she cant shout in front of everyone while eating so after eating it she went in her room and started shouting and drinking more water!! Vikram
understood what happened to her as he followed her!!! He went to the kitchen where the bowl of curry having chilli was kept and he took the bowl and ate the whole curry…this was observed by swarda who came to eat sweet to feel better! She was in a big confusion that why he did this!!
Vikram’s pov- if my love is suffering I too have to suffer!!!
Few days passed and swarda was started feeling a soft corner for him due to his helping nature for other peoples but the day came when tried to make her evil plan success!!
On that day she called him in her room tore her clothes herself and pulled him towards herself!! And started shouting for help!!
Everyone came running towards her room and was shocked to see the scene!!
She making him aside went running to her mom and started crying falsely …
Swarda-see maa what he has done with me…he tried to take my dignity away!! And hugged her mom!!
Maharaj sunil became super angry and went to swarda and slapped her!!!
She was in great shock and kept her hand on her red cheek!
Sunil-I m ashamed to have a daughter like u…I never wondered u will stoop so low! I have seen this innocent child growing in front of me and I know maharani kusum’s upbringing…he can never do such thing!! I trust yuraj vikram more than myself!!
She was shocked to know he is yuraj!
She felt shameful on her deeds and also was angry with her friends who told her that he is senapati’s boy!!
After meeting her friends in her room she got to know how misunderstandings developed! When maharaj was talking about vikram’s bravery and warrior tactic in the meeting of all the elders fro swarda’s marriage he said that in this small age he has became senapati of his kingdom but they got to hear only senapati and thought that they r making swarda marty to senapati’s son….
After some time…
In exercise room….
Vikram was practicing sword and swarda was stareing him lovingly from behind of one wall….
Sawrda in mind- he is a rajput and also a good hearted person thats why I was feeling soo much attracted to him!! She recollected her moments with him and thought he has made me understand love but what I had did with him!!
Tears started flowing from her eyes!! She again looked ay him but what! He was disappeared!! She was rolling her eyes searching hrr when she noticed a sword near her neck!! Someone caught her from her waist and pulled her towards himself and said-what punishment should I give u for today’s act….
She started crying and said – anything!!!
He threw his sword down and said that- ur punishment is to marry this senapati!!
She started crying bitterly and hugged him!!
After few days they married with the great pomp!!

Story to be continued….
Hey guys I will write the last part today so dont worry!!!
Love u all…

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